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Mobile Shelving for Retail Stores

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Tecovas installs mobile shelving for their retail and online stock products. the reason is to use their retails and space as effectively as they possible can. With so many items to store ranging from men’s boots to woman’s boots, to bags to men’s apparel,  men’s jeans, wallets, belts, to accessories. Like they, say if your just not sure get a gift card! 

Mobile Shelving For Retail Stores

Retail Stores

Mobile shelving is an innovative storage solution that has become increasingly popular in retail stores. Mobile shelving systems consist of rows of shelves mounted on carriages. Carriages move along tracks, allowing them to be easily repositioned and providing increased flexibility in the use of floor space. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of mobile shelving for retail stores, as well as the importance of efficient storage solutions in retail.

And they are also not the only one! 

We have installed mobile shelving in so many retail stores! Nike, Ann Taylor, and many of your favorite stores. Why install mobile shelving in a retail store? Because you cant sell it if you don’t have it on hand in a brick and mortar store. Also Mobile Shelving allows retail outlets to have space for as much inventory as possible. What do you have shoes? Dresses? pants? wallets? guns? knives? yeah we have design systems for just about anything you can think of that a store would sell! Dishes, plates, silverware? Yeah you name it and mobile shelving will allow you to keep more inventory on hand so that you may sell it while the customer is standing right there with their wallet open!

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving For Retail Stores

Features and Benefits of Mobile Shelving for Retail Stores:

1. Firstly – Increased Storage Capacity:

Mobile shelving systems provide increased storage capacity by maximizing the use of floor space. By allowing shelves to be moved easily, these systems can also store more goods in a smaller surface area. This is especially important for retailers operating in smaller spaces.

2. Flexibility and Customization:

Mobile shelving systems can be customized to fit the unique needs of each retail space. Retailers have the flexibility to adjust the shelving units’ placement, height, and configuration to accommodate the storage requirements of different products.

 3. Mobility:

The mobility of mobile shelving make it easier for retailers to reorganize their merchandise and stock products efficiently. In retail environments where seasonal products and promotions require quick reorganization, mobile shelving systems facilitate the necessary reconfiguration.

4. Improved Accessibility:

Mobile shelving units provide easy accessibility to products, as they can be moved and repositioned to bring the shelves closer to customers. This can help to increase sales by allowing customers to browse the products more conveniently.

5. Finally Save Money:

Mobile shelving systems can prevent the need for additional storage space expenses, allowing retailers to make the most of their floor space. The cost of mobile shelving may be higher than conventional shelving, but the increased storage capacity and flexibility make for a better return on investment long term.

Importance of Incorporating Storage Solutions in Retail:

Efficient storage solutions are used in retail environments to maximize the use of floor space, create a better customer experience, and increase productivity. With the increasing competition in the retail industry, retailers need to maximize the use of their space to accommodate merchandise, storage, and foot traffic. The use of mobile shelving systems can help retailers optimize their space and create an efficient workplace that maximizes the potential for sales.

The use of mobile storage systems can also have an impact on customer experience, with a well-organized store appearing more attractive to customers. Easy accessibility to merchandise ensures customers can find what they are looking for quickly, encouraging repeat business.

Effective storage solutions also contribute to a more organized store, saving time for employees who may spend several hours searching for misplaced items, and making the workplace an overall more efficient operation.


A critical aspect of retail operations is efficient storage solutions. Mobile shelving systems can help retailers optimize their storage space, providing increased accessibility to merchandise and ultimately increasing sales. Advantages of mobile shelving include mobility, increased storage capacity within a smaller surface area, and customization.

Incorporating efficient storage solutions such as mobile shelving can save retailers time and money, streamline processes, and improve customer experience. By creating a more organized store and easier accessibility to merchandise, customers are more likely to return, and employees are more productive. A well-organized store with efficient storage space not only improves the retail experience for customers but also serves to the retailer’s benefit in terms of stock control, quick stock rotation, and ultimately, the bottom line.

Mobile Shelving for Retail Stores

Closet rods allow for clothing to be hung up in regular boltless shelving or on mobile shelving.

Mobile Shelving for Retail Stores

Go from taller to shorter in one row!

Mobile Shelving for Retail Stores

White boards on the front of the shelving also allow staff to write notes about inventory and communicate to make sure they know what they have and where it is.

Mobile Shelving for Retail Stores
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