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Why Choose Panel Built?

Honestly, customer service is a big one. Panel Built can customize their buildings so that ever building is exactly like you want it to be made. Everything Panel Built builds is pretty much custom. But I think one of the big things to cover here is how Panel Built can control the lead times so much more, be more flexible than a lot of their competitors. That is simply because Panel Built produces every product for sale here on site. Manufacturing is per order.

So often we get the expediting calls. Can we ship sooner? Or sometimes even can we hold it for awhile because some other aspect of construction is behind. Yes, obviously, that’s what we’re here to help you out with those leads to offer you some maneuverability. You know, obviously, there’s those offices, there’s mezzanines. So many times folks either want to relocate them in their plant or maybe change the design, the layout. We can do that for you. I know. I’ve seen it. I think most folks are kind of familiar with an employment office, maybe mezzanine type system.

But maneuverability is obviously a big advantage for Panel Built Products as far as being able to disassemble, reassemble in another configuration or even relocate to another plant. You know, most of the time most of these folks are thinking stick built. We all know, you’re going to move it. With stick builkt you are going to have to reinvest in another type structure when you move. With Panel Built Modular construction so we can really accommodate all that by just moving what you have invested in.

Office on a Mezzanine

Office on a Mezzanine

This is a really sweet spot for Panel Built as they are a one stop shop for both the mezzanine and the modular office that is placed on the Mezzanine. Add more space with an in plant office on a mezzanine. A “raised office” allows you to see what’s is going on on the floor. a birds eye view and the space is just there waiting to be utilized in your warehouse.

Panel Built Literature:


Panel Built Projects:

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]Panel Built Guard House 


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Going into 2022 Panel Built has a lot of work in making Modular Swab Booths because of everything going on with the need for Covid and Variant Testing at business and government offices at the city, county, state and federal levels. Everybody is trying to open back up right now. So they kind of need a swab booth at the front of their facilities, somebody to be inside and kind of taken everybody’s temperatures swab and the necessary precautions. 

Customers are already preparing for the next pandemic because you never know what’s going to happen, so clients are still looking for those isolated rooms and the swab booths, just to have them on hand when when something like this happens again. And obviously right now, we’re we’re still in it. So people are still asking for it. In general the uses for modular building is pretty broad. Clients mainly use them for office, some use them for equipment that goes inside the modular building, so they have a little workshop. Other common uses for Panel Built Modular Buildings are break rooms and office space. Panel Built can put a sound panel in any modular building  so you can’t hear anything going on on the outside.

Some selling points

over stick building and conventional construction methods: Often times modular construction is just pain less money. Just the economy of scale in purchasing massive quantities of the same size parts over buying special sizes just for one tradition construction style building. And Panel Built uses many types of automation making the products fast and perfect every time. A huge benefit is the ability to move modular buildings around or take them with you if you move all together. 

You can also expand modular construction so easily. You can add more walls. You can add a second story. Once you erect a stick built building then it’s it’s pretty much there. Once you tear it down, it’s not going to be able to be built back up. But that’s covered with Modular Buildings. The difference in Panel Built Modular Buildings is you can move it. You can move it to a different location,  add on to it. You can do two stories. It’s pretty much do anything with it versus the stick built that’s there and it’s going to stay there or you tear it down and build a new one.

Lead time stick vs modular building:

A Panel Built Modular building is going to get delivered and installed before a contractor is going to build something. That’s all. Absolutely.


With Modular Building there are tax benefits. Modular Building has a lot more tax benefits with it like depreciation. And sometimes with massive jobs, that’s a big selling point.

Panel Built has six facilities

and planning to add more! They are growing by leaps and bounds at about two hundred two hundred folks employed. They opened their first facility in Tennessee in 2021. It’s about it’s about half an hour below Knoxville on the seventy five corridor. They are doing doing a lot of panel production there right now. They also do alot of that in north Georgia about an hour and a half from that facility. There are five facilities there. Manufacturing everything from mezzanine, in plant offices, guard booths, barrier rails, welded booths. Panel Built is growing exponentially!

Panel Built provide flexibility. 

whether it be an employment office or an exterior building. You might have an application for mezzanine. They bring all the materials in, but do manufacture here. So it gives a lot of flexibility with lead times and pricing. As far as lead times, we’ve got about the best in the industry. Still trying to stick to those six to eight week lead time. There is a full quality department.

a one year warranty

on old product and workmanship, whether it be in an office mezzanine or both, where the product may be. So and we have extended warranties on that to do so need an expertise. We’ve been doing this for twenty five years plus. So, you know, it’s interesting. We do it, we do a lot of different products here and folks do question that sometimes. What’s your expertise? And just one as we do it a long time, we know what we’re doing and we’re here obviously to provide you with a service economy, which is the next one right there. 

One thing I like about the guys we have at the helm, they’re Mike here, who’s our president, but also Dave Arnold. He’s our general manager. And both them guys have been here since day one. And they they they believe in the the old adage, you know, we’re not going to overwhelm or fail, folks. So we’ve got it. We’ve got a department for every side of the business. Would it be run from marketing all the way into installation, which we go for that service? You’re shipping and accounting. So we when you call in, you’re going to get the right person that can service.

Good photo there of an implant office

the implant system we’ve done with a customer the next one. This is a great slide, guys. Yes, I think it really encompasses some of the more custom products that we’ve done with our interior type application. You can see just right across the border in this that, first of all, the top left there, that that type of custom. We did that for Suzuki here quite a few years ago, interior type structure enclosure. But with those sliding doors guys, you know, you’re going to get those type application. I think one of one of the big things that comes out of this is that we want to be your first go to Thumper, give us that first refusal. I mean, I’m pretty amazed that over the twenty five years we’ve been in business where you’ve taken that

 There are two stories, applications that we can do with.

It would be one mezzanine system or some sort of support beams. You don’t always need any to support that second floor. You know, you cannot use maybe a roof support beam system to where you don’t have all the columns in there, you know, to satisfy that customer’s application, depending on the floor of the. The stairs, we manufacture all that here on site, and it’s got a couple of other good applications here, you could see this one right here. 

If you look at I guess it’s on the bottom towards the right there. Second from the left. Very popular project for school Accenture, and it’s got a really contemporary look to it, really modern look, we’ve had a lot of good feedback on that. It encompasses our steel type panel, which we’re going to talk about later. And we have teller windows, just a just a really neat looking building. So I guess they would fall back on give us the first refusal. We can help you out on that. Talwar systems, we can accommodate that, we can pretty much a good rule of thumb, guys, is. 14 foot, when you get to about 14 foot, maybe 16 foot, we’re going to start stacking those panels and we’ll talk a little bit more about that later.

 The heights we can do.

And they’ve got one right in the middle there, you know, custom custom type applications. You know, that’s a very high end type that we did. I believe this for over North Carolina. I’ll if we can do that. Give us that chance. And with photos there. Superheat. Applications. Typically, we can take really that in all this really and branch off into just about, just about any interior application you could probably come up with from your customer experience, relatively clean rooms.

We’ve done our fair share of clean rooms!

Chris Rogers and another fellow there from his group working on a sizable clean room there. One of our sales guys working on a large clean room. We can accommodate that, guys. What we try to do is we try to encourage they let us build the structure for you. We all know, obviously, with a clean room, it comes into a lot of filtration, which can be can be difficult and challenging sometimes. So we but we want to be there to help you out so we can accommodate clean rooms pretty much all the way down to probably a class, really. One hundred, maybe one thousand. And we can get some more information on that many airplane offices, the next one over our Wheelhouse products.

We’ve been doing this for twenty five years.

We can accommodate just about any size, any application you got with that, with our our product, which we’re going to get more to the panels, nearly multilevel with it. But I said, let’s say whether it be a mezzanine or roofs or beams, we can accommodate that for you. We’ve actually done three story buildings. We’re not far from Warner Robins Air Force Base, about three hours south and about, I guess about six years ago. So we actually did our first three story and plan the system. 

So we got a project going on in Texas right now. It’s where we’re outfitting a large hangar for a clean room type application. We actually took the panels of forty five floats, a four stacked panel, first time we’ve ever done it here. So I just want to put that out there that we could do that. Let us let us give you give us a shot of the. Break rooms, that is the actual interior of that building we just talked about that central building, you know, very, very high end, kind of a very modern look to it, but obviously a way to do the furniture in there. But we did it supply them with the taller windows and the structure. We can do that for you. Give us a shot in the conference rooms.

In plant Panel Options

you can see. Perfect example right there of a nice two story about a twenty five by twenty five story building, the IVC stairs, the windows all around. A bit more of that later. I think one would touch base on your real important is the type of panels we can do our value core panel or go to panel. Is that first one there on the left. The value for panel. As you can see, we pretty much everything’s based on three inches thick, all our extrusions, which are color matched to your building. 

We keep those in stock and that value system pretty much based on a phone call, whether it be a vinyl covered gypsum board, which is very popular, maybe a steel skin panel. We can choose. We do we do offer MRP for those applications, maybe get a restroom type application. We can incorporate that type skin for you there if you need. But really, everything’s built around that and it is a binder post system. And what I mean by that is all the panels are four foot wide at the most. And if you have a if we need to cut them down, we can we don’t charge for that.

But every four foot panel joint,

you’re going to have what we call a binder post. It is simply a vertical aluminum post, but it’s got a it’s got a void in there. You can run all your electrical and you’re going to see more on that later. Kind of move it to the right there. A little bit firing. Now, typically right now, I know we’re only one of two two companies in the industry that actually have a certified one. Our panel that’s that’s pretty that’s pretty big, you know, when our panels are expensive. But from time to time, you’re going to run into you know, we do run across our customers, dealers. Such you yourself have an application request for one outbuilding building. 

You just got to keep in mind, you’re probably looking guys at about a 50 percent increase from that value for class A panel. You know, and really, there’s no in between. They do we do make a non possible panel, but we don’t get into that a whole lot. It is the same core as the one hour, just a little bit less of a bill. So I do do note one hour is pretty expensive. If you need it, we can provide that for you. And then really just that last slide there, you can see kind of touches on some alternative panels with with with with like, let’s say the value core panel there with a class that you typically get about an R11.

Our value now that that works for most interior applications.

But if you’ve got a exterior application to where you might be some higher values, obviously most most applications country most permit all our 19 or better. It’s almost it’s really difficult getting over the three inch panels. So we do offer some core alternatives, like a poly ISO you can get in or seventeen and we can make some hybrid panels with that. So you got an application like I’m sure probably life form global maybe. 

So there are a large insurance carrier and they typically require more than a film call. So you might run into that from time to time. We can accommodate that for you with our either a one hour or maybe a non-combustible. So let’s keep that in mind toward you see a good application there. Guys, this next slide really just kind of focuses hones in on that one hour, four don’t need to touch to put too much on it, but you could just start to kind of see the breakdown of it. Little detail there, I think. I just say I want to reinforce that we can do that for you. We can do it one hour. But that’s about the extent to our involved. You probably have to go out to find a different provider for that. But we can do the while. I’m moving down to that next slide.

One of the things I want to touch base,

too, on is kind of your electrical, how that works on the right there, you can kind of see the breakaway. That’s that’s the binder post. I talked about every forefoot. You’re going to have that binder posted in there, tying the panels and just aluminum extruded post. But the but the real advantage of that binder those is that you can run your electrical inside that post makes it really easy and flexible for your customer to be there, whether it be an electrical later or just when you’re when you’re going through that approval process, you can make sure they got that electrical in there. Would it be a receptacle light switch? We can accommodate that for you. 

You can kind of see on the left there, we’ve got a couple of different ways we can do that standard is that we would provide your package with what we call a standard electrical package. And every eight foot or every every other binder post, we’re going to include receptacle for you, duplex, 120 volt sceptical and pretty much throw in a couple of data that switch perhaps in there for you. We can do that and then they wire it themselves. We ship all that to the site with the kit. The other way will be cause major ones, and I’m sure some you folks have heard about this, it’s what we call in the industry to plug and play.

And we can pretty wire pretty much mostly everything

One temple, whether it be all your lighting in the end facility, your receptacles or switches, we do offer HVAC system, which we’re going to touch base here in a minute on the next slide is going to drive a lot of this home, but we can pretty wire all that to the breaker box inside the building that we’ll provide and we’ll provide the world that for you. What it really does, guys, is it we all know it can be it can be pricey to hire an electrician. 

I mean, we’ve had luxuries as much as two hundred dollars an hour. Well, what we like to do is to make your process more seamless with our package is to prewired that so the customer doesn’t have to hire an electrician just to wire the building. They can pretty much just say, well, you can say this, Bob, whatever it is, or we’re going to provide that package for you. Pretty wire it and install it as one unit as you got to do is bring power to break the box. Makes it real simple, basically, although sometimes they got facilities, maintenance shop, they can bring power. That makes it real easy for so. So, yeah. That modular wiring. Well, we can option that stuff out for you guys in the quotes we provide, but it’s a very, very popular popular type of application for us.

what a finished office is going to look like

drives it all home. You could see just the breakaway. It’s got a nice little legend there on the side is kind of breaking everything down with what that finished office is going to look like when it’s all said and done. It even it even sets it up on a steel base there. One of the things we do, all of your panel built with with our our buildings is we can pretty assemble them for you like our garden houses. We don’t just limit it to our guard houses, our exterior buildings. 

We can preassembled those in plain offices to you. You might have a custom application where, hey, you know what? We need to put some managers out of some small offices, but we want to relocate it from time to time around the facility. Not a problem. We can reassemble that, put it on a political base and make that possible. You can see just some just some of the parts and pieces, just number one, they are standard three, 700, or we keep these in stock doors and frames, comes in the kit. We can do half glass or flush. We’ll provide we pretty much provide all the hardware with the package, the hinges, the lever set, sleep threshold, all things that need to come along with that that door that the doors, doors and windows are color coded to match the wall.

We’ve got three colors, white, gray and like an off-White champagne,

almost like a. You can see the corrugated metal roof, pretty much standard corrugated metal roof on all or Implanon offices, just industry wide standard. Provide that and then you drop ceiling your lighting in there a window and you could see it. Get a good picture there, too, of that window. You want to touch a little bit on that? Our standard bad guys. Obviously, we’re not that technicians by any means, but we do offer that through the wall type window unit Manek is just a great price.

 We keep them in stock, been using it for years and what you call a Sullinger unit, you’re probably going to run across time. So your customer says, hey, I don’t want the exhaust. I don’t want to have to deal with condensate in my in my facility, even though it’s climate controlled. And there they’re still going to get some condensate from time to time. Well, Mannah provides us with what we call a Slingo unit. What I mean by that is the system inside the unit. It’s got a fan in there. And with the condenser they kind of combine together, they make sure to limit that condensate. It almost blows up the atmosphere. So it kind of a forward you not to have to run high, costly condensate pumps, drain lines.

You know, most of those plants

you go into are going to be climate controlled most of the time. So that does kind of all of that will then help out. The limited conversation in it shows it shows a good picture of a window back there, just some of the parts and pieces, components that go along with that system. And everything you see there, guys, is all provided in your kit. And we can piecemeal it, too, if you need us to. You might say, hey, you know what, I don’t. 

I can provide my own drop seal. I got a I know a guy that just drops ceiling. He’s going to give me a great rate on materials and labor and you got to get out. Yeah, we sure can. Hey, I got some I don’t need lucky. I don’t need the fact we can truly do that for you on what’s. Moving on to the next slide here. Want to get in to mezzanines, I think, Terry, if you would, Jessica, I think this is one of the one of the big items you guys really want to focus on. I know we do have some competition out there out west, but that’s OK. We can accommodate any any type of application, although you might have. You’re going to see you’ve got some great pictures there of some different applications, different ones we built over the years, just showcasing all kinds of different colors.

Everything we do here is powder coated.

Everything is built together. It’s a fully pre engineered type system. So you don’t have to worry about, hey, Adam, are you going to provide the fastener? So you’re going to. Are you going to provide the decking for. Yeah, we can provide that as a turnkey type solution. Plus, it helps where you don’t have that. There’s no one seat on site. Well, everything is pre engineered here as a kit for you to put together as your installer can do the process as opposed. But I just showed you some great photos there, some different ones we provided and different states actually that one of the far right, far right corner, those from the left and multicolored one, that’s actually a mezzanine we did in Hawaii a few years ago. So you name it, we can do exterior type application and we can accommodate, whether it be interior or exterior. 

We can also accommodate galvanizing. Our standard process is Perico, which we do on site. We’ve actually we just put in a new oven. So we’ve got actually another one. So we got to on site to go to ovens to accommodate your needs. But we can do galvanizing. Also, if you folks need that, you might have an exterior application. So we can do we can accommodate just about any level Pattakos, whether it be food grade, maybe it’s different levels so that we can provide that for you.

Custom colors

We can do that. So not a problem. Moving on a little bit here. Some of the type of applications you’re going to see with those mezzanines going back to the first slide we looked at is elevated offices, very popular inside of most of your larger facilities, your plants. They got plenty of room to move up, build up, and they just got no room to move out. And they got so much plant operations on the floor. So is popular application. They were that mezzanine office system. Viewing platforms, you know, we’ve we’ve built those I’ve got those sent those out, would it be for the taller outside or inside application for storage? 

We could accommodate just about any style decking you guys would need to. And I think we’re going to touch base a little bit more on that in just a minute. Catwalks were very popular for the second viewing platform, narrow catwalks to get between operations, different equipment and then sports facilities. You can see that last one right there, the actual to boost on the top of that, they’re actually press boxes that we did for the University of Kennesaw State just south here in Atlanta. And we actually built the whole measuring system below there and augmented with the university to develop some buth for them, the press box with a few years ago. So, yes, we can do that.

 We manufacture all the idioms

all the stairs to handrail here on site. But one thing we do incorporate that you can kind of get a good view of it there. On the on the on the picture is the open, which steel bar we found that we can span a lot farther and get a lot heavier loads with the largest and most most of the industry. That’s what they utilize to just to the left of that. We do it from time to time to where we do need to do a full EBX system. So you get good, real good photo there. Snapshot of how those beams come together and all the bolts ambassadors we provide. So we can’t provide that for you. Just keep in mind that the larger system is a more affordable economical system beam to beam. It just takes a lot more fabrication. Time to do that. A lot more plates, see the connections, different plates and type that type fabrication that we have to do so. And then just and then there just to the right, just showcasing. Like I said, that actually was a project we did for a company called WSI Hawaii.

And it just gives a good representation

of how we can mix and match those colors. If you need that for your custom. You know, you see, I think we’ve got Maslon take this next one and we OK, we’ll get into some other steel products. So like I said, I wanted to showcase to want to just highlight real quick the types of fluorines that we can do for your business. Our standard for flooring is inch and a half corrugated metal, to be exact, same type of Porgie that we use our airplane offices. It is a galvanized fish. But on top of that, we’ll put a three quarter inch tongue and groove Avantika product. 

And I’m telling you guys I know, I know we’ve probably a lot of resin deck, which we’re going to talk about in a minute. But advantage 50 year plus warranty. It is a pretty good but it’s a tongue and groove product, very low cost very for it’s going to give the customer a great storage base for them to do with their storage. We put some offices up there. Most folks are going to want to do their own flooring anyway. So keep in mind that advantage is a great product. We keep this stuff in stock and I’ll be honest with you right now, Deck does have a pretty long lead time. We’ve got a few projects on the books to a resin deck there.

advantage is a great alternative for a storage Presland ready?

Actually, if we do, I do need to probably update this slide. We we do offer BARBREE as one of our finished surfaces. It is our highest cost type service. But if a customer wants to utilize, let’s say, maybe the sprinklers in their existing plant, one thing we’ve come across over the years is that a lot of folks, once they build a mezzanine, the city might come in and require them to put sprinklers underneath them as well. BARBREE is a good, economical, affordable option for to use their existing sprinklers in the plant. It could be, hey, Terry, I’ve already got sprinklers in here. I’m not going to pay a lot more money to utilize sprinklers underneath a board. 

Could be a good viable option for you. Utilize what you already got. Now that it does talk about press lock, we actually don’t utilize that anymore, it just to tell you the truth, guys, the lead times get too far out and you couldn’t modify press lock in the field the way it was designed and manufactured. It does not lend itself to be cut or modified. And I’ll be honest with you, that’s one of the biggest selling points of BARBREE it’s being able to modify it in the field, whether to notch around something or to just be just be able to modify it. So utilize the good old nineteen W4 Barbe. 

True BARBREE been around for years. That’s our go to recoded. Nice finish. We do like I said we do over the resin deck. We can, we can show you that as an option if you need to upgrade over the Atlantic. the lead times, in may of 2021, in it on deck right now or probably two or three months out before we can get it even more in you guys. As dealers, you might have a better lead time on that type of product. 

Resident doctors recommend we sell a lot of it over the years so we don’t get a better discount price, but we can show you a price. We do have another product we’re working with right now called Triptychs It Resine deck type manufacture product, very comparable to the index. So if you guys do need that, you might see a little bit something different on your phones. It will provide to you. But rest assured, it’s just as good as the old cornerstone used to. And then last but not least, the dimond plate is standard for all our trips on our stairs, but some folks might have an application, set yourself and needs it on the plate floor.

We can provide that.

It does computer code and we Patika at the top of the service to keep from any type of roster corrosion forming on that. And we can also do smooth plate. Our standard is eight inch. We can do a quarter inch also. We can accommodate that. But most of the time it’s triple-A. But we can also do smooth plate with that. No additional cost to keep anymore. 

And then some of the other some

of the other products that we do provide here, a panel built that we do get sometimes are sponsored. We can we can manufacture that for you in the first one is Barrero. We can we can accommodate, like you see there, the forty two inch tall double Rayle. We can also do the eight inches tall single. We’re all here on site. Guys, I know there’s a lot of companies out there that do provide this, a lot of catalog companies. I just like to put it in my presentation and let you know we can we can provide that for you. Great, great system to guard against those inplant  offices going to those those facilities from forklift traffic, you know, that type of equipment, you know, provide you protect it from equipment. It is it is a slide in and out type application. we’ll provide all the fasteners anchors that you’ll need, like on a Misty to install the system.

The the good thing about it is a slide in and out.

You don’t have to use a lot of bolts and fasteners to put that those horizontal rails in does help out with install cost, you know, fumble around with a bunch of tools and bolt. So just good product to keep in mind the extra right there. 

Panel Built Stair Systems:

even if you don’t need a stair system for mezzanine, we can provide stair systems for many different applications, whether it be you can see right here, this is actually for this is a government military type installation and they just needed some good stair system and landy’s to access egress for that second floor. We can provide that for you. I mean, we’ve even manufactured stairs for housing, whether it be different apartment buildings, things like that, maybe inside stairwells. We can provide that for you and we can accommodate all the all the Kotite different applications, whether it be OSHA or IBC, different types of handrail, things like that. We can provide that for not a problem. And in the last what you see right there, ladder’s don’t do a whole lot of these, but those ladders straight and that ladder matter, whether it be a cage or just a regular straight ladder, can provide that for you. Can accommodate that. He had that application. A lot of folks want to be able to access typical access to the rooftop, and we can do that.

Powder coat finish.

As I mentioned before, everything we manufacture here, with the exception of the bar joists, because we do outsource those, they actually have a great prime great finish. We powder coat everything, whether it be that the beams, the columns, the stairs, the handrail, everything gets a two part process. Patrick Thohir, if if, for example, you get an exterior type application, guys, that customer doesn’t want to pay the high expense for galvanizing. 

We we’ve got a to a two part process for doing exterior work out where we actually dockside all the steel come back and hit that with the powder we can we’ve got we work with Tiger Dry like they got thousands of colors out there. We do have about five or six standard colors. If you get a color that is special for you, let us know we can accommodate that tiger dry. Like I said, they got many, many colors we can we can give you for your service, your custom touch base, feel the joy. As I mentioned, they come Shopko. Great. But if you got me, I have a request where, hey, can I get the Joyce. Patrick, we can do that. We can go to create a deck for you. Just about anything metal we better go for.

exterior buildings

and we don’t do a whole lot of these guys. I’ll be honest with you, it is a pretty competitive market up against companies like Nucor with that supply, the typical red iron steel buildings. I’ll be honest, we are exterior buildings are not the most the cheapest, most economical on the block, but they are made to withstand elements. We put a lot of time and pride into these buildings. So we have an application like I know there’s a popular application for us as those we’ve all seen them, those maybe an EMC or like a electrical type application you should be aware of, of the of the highway, their generating station. 

We can put the buildings in for that to house any kind of equipment, houses. And you can see we can we can do just about any application with our buildings. You can see on here a lot, a lot of Garbo’s preassembled. But you can also see we’ve got some strange towers on here. One of the industries we’ve really tapped into is these arranged towers, whether it be observation towers, papel towers, you have that type of request. We can accommodate that for you is a bit it’s a pretty big, lucrative product for us. And we can manufacture all the steel here on site. You can see just some other that you can really see some of those high end towers, if you look at that top row there next to that brown preassembled building, that’s actually Camp Pendleton in California.

Civilian guard houses that we provide.

You can see actually to what we get, we move on. We can we do a panel ISTEP roof structure on our building standard, but we can accommodate metal roofs, standing roofs, just about every application you can you could come up with. We could do mixed in with our exterior goons that we could do rock work, that if you on that top row, that that brown building right in the middle with the brown roof, that’s actually right here, Blairsville. And it was for the National Park Service. That’s about as custom, guys, as you can get and through rock work on it preassembled. It had some special Dutch doors and windows, special roof. You get that type application. Let us know. We can help you out with that. This kind of slide down there, the number 19 just kind of driving home some of the the applications you might run across with your our exterior buildings range towers would be press box, your storage buildings. We could put the roll up doors on there if you need to do that.

 our welding division

and we can accommodate pretty much any ballistic style building from three to eight. You might have been on vacation from government, military or something like that to where we can weld that building together and give it a ballistic rating. That’s that’s a that’s a big industry for us. You know, we can do that. I made that and it does touch base that next slide you see slide number 20 there just kind of drives home that welded style building, you name it. We’ve had a customer call in, manufacture a building for you. See, it’s got a high carpet. A lot of these applications come in. Folks might have a bag or some on the top. They want to hide that. But when exposed, we can accommodate that for you. Keep that in mind preassembled or even knock down the building to be. Some of the custom products, again, excuse me, just driving home where we’ve got twenty five years, we’ve taken that Tantalise product. And really morphed into to do a whole host of different products for folks like yourselves, you can see in the top right corner we’ve got actually one of our welded buildings on a trailer. Pretty, pretty big industry. I’ll be honest with those mobile booths they call.

And that package right there

you can see is a whole kit comes with a generator, will mount, it will go and build it mounted on the booth for you include stairs and rail, whatever you need. But then that can come as a package right there for you. If you have a requirement for that, you can see down in the middle and second row there, we’ve actually got stainless steel. We’ve done some stainless steel buildings for folks. You know, if you have that application, we can do that. You got a clean room type, almost a full explode, supposed to be clean room there above that. And then one other I want to touch on before we move on to our time. 

We actually had a little bit into solar and that right there, that’s actually the front. If I was to look out my window, guys, I’m looking at that canopy. That taxi is right outside our facility here, what we call PBI one with our executive offices. We actually have a full solar canopy panel. Will we we’re not allowed we’ve pulled too much KVA to use the solar, but we actually sell it back to the local VMC and so make a profit on it. So we good showcase there and we can manufacture the canopy’s if you ever come across something like that. And we actually do partner with a solar company that right at the end of that canopy right there, does have an actual charging station, solar energy station we put in.

 part of our Awilda division,

we’ve actually branched out into some other applications that you might never even really think of that you could provide for your customers. And this is a good showcase of that right here. Vestibules, pretty popular, pretty big industry folks coming into their funding facility. We can provide that for you, whether we’ve even preassembled assembled most of it, get it on site and tie in the roof with it. And the other parts we can do that. Bus shelters, we’ve reached out to manufacturing them. And I know it’s got it’s got a little blurb on there about jail cells. We have a soul any of those yet. But, hey, we’re we’re eager to in our business. 

You know, it does seem kind of far fetched, but we’ll try it. It’s got to be it can incorporate a pantelides product. We’re going to do in just a couple of good other good representations where the containers make sure most of you are very familiar with those sea containers. And there’s millions of them out there, guys. And there’s companies that actually they they build them out and provide that. We can we could build out the sea containers for you if you need to.

 canopy’s canopies are there kind of in a world that are really big,

there’s some companies out there that do pretty well, but we have ventured out to do some canopy’s here and there. You got that. We can we can help you out the. And some of the stuff just moving on here, we getting a little bit of Q&A, you guys kind of want to touch base on how the process would work for you folks. And then right, that next slide really getting started. I know what most folks are very experienced in the industry so far with a lot of how this works once we get it. 

Once we get an RFQ from you, we’re going to go ahead and get that to our engineering department. You guys, we have a large engineering department that does all the way from sales drawings to a the fab drawings bill of materials, you name it. They do. And we actually have a division that is solely set. It’s all they do is to do our sales drawings, put those together for the package that we’ll provide to you, not only with a full a full quote, spelling everything out. We’re also going to provide you with floor plans, a PDF from a Badrawi, but we also provide ice drawings or what I mean by that is a 3D printer.

 We don’t charge for the quotes.

No matter how many revisions we go through. We’re here for you to obviously partner with you to to service your customer properly once after you received. Kind of fast forward and a little bit here, let’s say, hey, hey, Terri, say, hey, Adam, everything looks good. Here’s a video. Once we get that pop, we’re going to turn that over, make it a job in our system. We’re going to turn that over to our engineering department. They’re going to generate a full approval package with you. 

Typically, you’re going to see that within two to three days based on the size of the project. Once we get those approvals received back from you guys to pick colors, you get your floor plans, everything you need. Once we get those back, that’s going to start the lead time for your project. You’re going to get an email from our engineering department giving you a lead time, a ship date. You’re actually in the queue for a ship that you can receive that you obviously based upon that purchase order. 

We don’t charge for any changes. 

You might get multiple different times are going to change those. So we’re here to work with you and your customer. And then bring it across the finish line. We do actually have a full project management group now, obviously, that passes the location. We provide a service to you and we all sit out on our quotes. We do also option freight and shipping. So if you guys need that service, I know some of you folks have seen that on your quotes. We can provide that to you as an option. And then you’ll get across the finish line, like I said, we’re going we’re going to provide all that service to you, whatever you need. T

hat package. Additional payroll services as far as drawing’s obviously sometimes your customers say, hey, I want to make sure that if he has review this stamp with a SEAL, it’s code compliant because we don’t have a. We don’t have a P on staff. It can be costly. We’ve got about six pages that we work with. Two of them are licensed in 50 states. So we can provide you with that service once we get assigned approval from you, our engineering department. It takes about a week to get all the drawings, all the package together for the P e.

the P e

usually takes about two weeks to get back. So it’s about a three week process, two to three weeks. But we can provide that service to and site visits. A good rule of thumb is about fifty thousand and above. And what I mean by that is let’s say you got a project that’s a large project. You might need a site visit, you might need some distance there in the field to take measurements, maybe work with your customer to assure them that you’re doing the right product. We can good rule of thumb. Fifty thousand dollars in. But we’re going to provide you that Sivas anywhere in the country at no cost to you. We do have a quite a few folks here that are capable. 

And one of the thing you might hear about guys with our preassembled buildings, your you might hear something call a third party inspection and a touch base of. Real briefly on this, a lot of the states out there now are adapting a program to where they want to make sure that if they get a preassembled maybe a booth or office or something along those lines, they want to make sure that what’s built in that building and on those drawings is what is what they’re getting. So we would partner with the states to provide a third party to come in and inspect that whole project.

And more and more states are getting on board with it.

It is a timely, costly process. So if you do have something like that, your customers mentioned something like that, just keep in mind, you do have to get we do have to get state approval or we’re currently approved in 12 states because our floor plans. Everything above and beyond that is custom to each specific project. We can help you out with that. But just just keep in mind, it is kind of a costly process, not a problem. We can surely assist for that. And then on that last slide, we want everyone to understand, too, that when you call here and I’m sure most folks have experienced this, you’re going to get a good, warm voice. 

You’re not going to get an automated e-mail. We’re not going to you know, I can get confusing. We’ve got every department man here for your service at your leisure. So you’ve got to got a great, great sales group like, say, we’ve got about 15 folks, sales y all inside sales folks here to help you out and out of the way. We take it, guys, real quick is we take we take the country, we break it up into territory. So based on where you’re at, your location, what state you’re in, you might work with a different sales salesperson. So but rest assured, we’ve got to cover. 

working on that plant out west.

Bill Mezzanines was mezzanines out west. I remember correctly that

 Well, we are looking at now getting manufacturing and plant offices out there. And that’s when I get real excited because we we are just about the low cost leader you see when it comes to offices

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