Mobile Shelving For Storing Stuff In A School District Office

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Mobile Shelving For Stuff at School District Office

It is not hard to imagine stuff piling up at a school district office is it! We all got it – stuff. And here is a great was to store it out of site out of mind but well organized at that! Yeah! Want free help organizing your stuff? Call us at 800-326-4403 and talk to an expert at Material Handling USA today!

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving did the trick for this school district and will for yours. Well even if your storing stuff and you are not a school district this moible shelving product we have for sale will work. Store more and have what you need when you need it. Plus you can keep stuff you might have to dispose of and need to buy again! lol. but the biggest reason is it is just better to use your existing space more efficiently than move to a larger space. I mean just logically you will be more profitable.

Mobile Shelving Stores Stuff

Regular old stuff can get out of hand making you feel stressed out and disorganized. We can help you. We have helped thousands of customers just like you organize stuff since 1997!

Check out the composite edge hiding chains used for moving the shelving carriages.

The variety of things that can be stored on mobile shelving range from doll parts to dinosaur bones. Yeah so the things in a typical office are no problem. In fact most of the products you see in this picture are available on our site. Plastic storage boxes? yeah we got them. Carboard bankers boxes? yeah we got them. Think the boxes have paper file folders? Well if they do we got paper file folders from all the most popular brands like Smead File Folders!

Mobile Shelving can be installed right over existing flooring if you need. it needs about 2 inches or so on the back so it will not rub on the wall.