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The other option from the Vidir Pan Carousel is the Vidir Shelf Carousel. I would say sort of the budget option to this automation in this fancy carousel is what we call a shelving carousel. So a few differences in design. This is more like a wire carousel or a road could scarcely seeing Lowe’s or Home Depot. The only difference is we’ve swapped out that wire carrier to hold wire and now it’s a shelf to hold boxes, parts. Basically, anything that you would put in this pan carousel can also go in the shelving carousel. The shelving carousel is just a little bit more industrial design.


So on this pan carousel, we have a track mounted design and it allows that unit to be more dense, say, in twenty feet you can get eighteen to nineteen carriers where the shelving here. So we don’t have a nested design token chain on either side. You would get about 14 and 20 feet. So it’s a little less dense. There’s no automation standard on it. We can add the like curtains and the full enclosure that you see on the pan carousel, but from the factory it’ll come just like this. There’ll be a wire mesh on the front of this unit just like this. And it’s about half the price, I say. So you’re looking at the shelving, so you’re anywhere from twenty five to thirty five thousand dollars. So obviously I usually start with the carousel for customers and it comes back to expensive more and they’re looking to spend. I dropped down to the shelving carousel is if we’re ever doing a custom unit. These are the units where you normally start with as a base of built shelving carousels. I’ve done projects up to twenty seven feet wide for a carrier. So the carrier we utilize and I Beam design then and the carrier can get really long. We can get these up to two thousand pounds per position, so they’re very they’re very easy to to change up the depth so we can do the depths, the height that with all of that can change on this carousel without too much engineering time. So if we work on a custom project or to store something odd, you know, we’ll usually start as a show sell and we’ll move from there.


So keep that in mind. The pan carousel is little bit harder to customize because of the next contract design, but that’s showing care. So we definitely have a lot of options to customize it to drop down here. Here’s just a few capacity options here. Typically, we’re around a thousand pounds per carrier, but we do have that two thousand pound option as well.


And here’s just a few of them in the field, so again, we do have the option to divide the carrier in half. Normally the carrier is 18 inches, 18 and a half inches high. But if you see in this top left picture, that carrier was divided in half, giving you two, it ends up being eight inches because there’s a little bit space wasted to eight and a half inch sections there. So instead of having one big shelf at 18 and a half, that carrier will provide you to an eight and a half inches high. And then we have two options for these. You can do an eight foot or 12 foot. So if you do the 12 foot, you can get one hundred and forty four inch carrier and 18 and a half inches high, 20 inches deep. And then obviously, like this one is divided up. You can you can do that however you please. Those dividers are bolt in so you can add them later. You can you can take them out later to sell customer shelving carousel and you divide all of the carriers and they only have eight and a half inches per position and they change their product. You can go back in and just unbolt those shelves and then you have the four, 18 and a half inch high carrier again. So those aren’t permanent. They’re easy to pull out. Like I said, for options. We do the full enclosure only to keep costs down out. We can add lighter and we can get pretty, pretty crazy with them.


We’ll even do a loading knows on this carrier. So that’s a disruption in the chain path and will actually bring the carrier outside of the machine on the chain still. And that can be accessed from an overhead crane. So there’s a lot of customization that can be done with these units, especially with the shelving. So.


There’s a shelving carousel, these are in a warehouse and our factory, as you can see, there’s a huge array of parts on here. I mean, the storage pools, molds, we use them for inventory, for warranty parts, control’s absence plates, everything.


We have all kinds of different parts on ours. It literally has hundreds of different anything that makes us on our shopping carousel. So controls like curtains, every single thing I can think of goes on in our shopping carousel. So I have enough guys to put five gallon buckets with stuff in. The possibilities are endless for these two. So this is our most flexible car. So it’s used so much for custom applications. And you can think about just about just about anything on a shelf. So especially with the dimensions of it, it comes in at a really good cost. So we sell a lot of them as far as competitors go for the shelving care.


So that isn’t really one. If you look at the pan carousel market, the one with automation that we just looked at, there’s Heinl codecs remaster. Modula There’s definitely competitors in that market for this budget carousel, for the shelving system. We really don’t have a competitor, so we sell a lot of them and it’s a good design. They run forever. That’s very simple. They only maintenance on it. We ask that you keep the chain oiled.


And other than that, and somewhat in balance and other than that, they run for a really long time, so great luck with this product. One of my favorites to sell it. Super simple. Everybody has something that can get put on a shelf and get stored higher as long as they have a good feeling. Right. This unit is is a really good has a really good thing for them to add for as far as capacity and efficiency. Another thing I wanted to mention on our carousels, they are running twenty six feet per minute. So they do move pretty quick just just to someone else. That’s how fast they do move. So that’s the shelving here. So I think I might have another page down here. This is a good one here. This is this is an example of a custom one. So I believe that one is in a company called Truxillo in South Dakota, but they have 20 foot bar stock extrusion on there. So that’s what they’re using. And they get that out of there on the side loader. And that’s that’s what they’re looking at those carousels for. So they’ve got and I think probably 15 or 20 of those from us now, all our facilities have them.


And that just shows sort of the capabilities of what we’re able to do with that same design and how custom we can get. So instead of a twenty five thousand dollar carousel, thirty five thousand or less care, so those are ninety thousand dollars apiece, but there are two thousand pounds for position there, 20 feet wide. There’s an IBM design that you can see under that carrier right here. March 12, that’s an IBM design. So there’s no deflection across that. It’s a really heavy duty system and still the same simple design. So super easy to work and super reliable. So that’s a system, custom system. That’s good picture to show, sort of if you think outside the box what the capabilities are. Also for shelving carousels, too, if you had a mezzanine here somewhere about halfway up, the shelving carousel can be accessed upstairs as well. So some customers by shelving carousels and use them strictly as elevators to get product up to the next floor, each putting an elevator in so you can get creative with mezzanine. Second level sold Kasota service, three levels of basement, first level and the third level. To keep that in mind is a ton of possibilities, what they sell in carousels.


Any questions on the shelving or the Pancasila up here? I know I get the questions on that one.


They’re pretty simple, designed to show the pancreas. We’ve got a little bit more going on because there’s some automation. So customers will ask you questions like about your software and can you tie into their ERP system or S&P or whatever. They’re running WME. So you can throw those questions to me. I’ll help you answer them and I’ll help you quote them to again, if you can give me the rough dimensions for either one of these carousels, for the product.


And I can tell you exactly what that system’s going to hold and and how much room for growth you’re going to have and all that for the system.