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Navigating the Complex World of Smart Locker Systems:

Don't let disorganization hinder your success!

With the latest Smart Locker Systems technology or old school we can guide you to the best solution for you available today.

Sports Lockers

From high schools to colleges to pro teams and fitness centers. All use Sports lockers with different requirements!

Fasco Evidence Lockers

Evidence Lockers

Evidence comes in all shapes and sizes and each law enforcement agency has different Smart Locker Systems requirements. We can help you find what is perfect for you!

Smart Lockers For Co Working

Smart Lockers For Co Working

Any application for locker can be fitted with “Smart Locker” technology. It just plain makes sense in today environment for security and safety.

There are so many types of Smart Locker Systems today!

Plastic Lockers

Plastic Lockers

A common tool for fast an accurate picking today.

Bar Code Scanner Storage For 3PL

Networked Lockers

At any level we can guide you to lockers that integrate  and work with your systems!

Uniform Lockers

Uniform Lockers

Your staff need a place for their uniforms. Help them look the part by having a place for them to be stored properly.

Tenant Storage Lockers

Tennant Lockers

Because todays tenants need a personal and secure storage.

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Lockers before COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our guidance for smaller locker installations typically involved suggesting either non-battery-powered spin dial locks or hardwired smart lockers. One of the main reasons for this recommendation was the sustainability of power sources. In systems using battery-powered locks, the batteries don’t run out simultaneously, making it difficult for facility managers, who are usually unavailable after 6 PM, to handle issues. Moreover, these smart lockers come with the added advantage of a full audit trail, which allows administrators to track every interaction with the locker.

Now, let’s discuss the Smart Locker Systems user experience. 

Each person usually has an access card, which may vary in security levels. After acquiring sample cards, we configure our software to accept the technology embedded in these cards. These cards not only allow entry into buildings but can also be used to reserve desks or conference rooms.

The user-friendly design of these smart locker systems extends to touchless technologies.

For instance, merely touching the RFID reader with an access card enables all the lockers to spring open. This minimizes contact points, an essential consideration in a post-COVID world. Additionally, users can also operate the lockers using a four-digit pin or even a mobile app. Furthermore, our system offers flexibility in locker assignments to accommodate different work schedules.

From an administrative perspective, Smart Locker Systems are highly adaptable.

Administrators can have varying access levels, depending on their role and location. For example, an administrator based in New York could easily unlock a locker in Denver if required. The systems also maintain a complete audit trail for every locker, making tracking and management incredibly efficient.

What about contingencies like power outages?

Well, if the lockers are connected to an uninterruptible power system, they will remain operational during an outage. Alternatively, small chargeable backup systems can also be installed within the lockers. This ensures that even if the power goes out, the lockers remain secure, and no administrative data is lost.

Lastly, many clients inquire about the possibility of using traditional keys as a backup.

While we don’t offer a key option for individual lockers, administrators do have the ability to open all lockers at once with a single command from their desktop or within the locker system itself.

In summary, our smart locker systems provide a flexible, secure, and efficient solution for managing personal storage in various settings like workplaces, universities, healthcare facilities, and apartments.

Whether it’s the sustainable management of power sources or the ease of administrative controls, our systems are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern facilities.

This is a comprehensive topic, so let’s break it down into key areas: user management, locker functionality, data analytics, and customization.

Firstly, when considering user management. As an administrator, I have access to his email and can readily see that he uses a symmetric key for locker access. If needed, I have the capability to assign him a new locker, say locker number four, for a designated period ranging from a few hours to a full year like until 5:00 PM in 2024.

Smart Locker Systems functionality

Net Locks is highly adaptable. I can allocate lockers for different periods—perhaps eight hours for one group of users and a more extended period for others. This flexibility is particularly useful in dynamic environments. Additionally, I have the capability to view various reports, like usage and locker occupation, providing valuable insights into how our lockers are being utilized.

This leads to data analytics.

Robust reporting mechanisms are integrated into our system, allowing administrators to tailor locker numbers to suit their specific needs. For instance, if an organization starts with 350 lockers for 400 employees, continuous data collection over six months would provide invaluable insights for future planning, potentially leading to locker additions or subtractions.

Smart Locker Systems in Healthcare, banking, or educational settings.

Given the rising importance of data-driven decision-making, we encourage organizations to start small, understand their needs through data, and then expand accordingly.

Next, we have integration capabilities.

Our software supports open APIs, which means it can seamlessly integrate with existing reservation or access control systems. This enables you to utilize a single platform, enhancing operational efficiency.

On the topic of security, our software is designed to sit on your server.

This ensures that sensitive information remains within your control, which is often a requirement for many of our banking clients. Unlike other Software-as-a-Service models that involve continuous costs, we establish a direct service contract with you, devoid of ongoing software fees.

Finally, let’s discuss Smart Locker Systems customization.

Our partnership with various locker manufacturers allows us to offer a wide range of materials and designs, from sound-dampening doors to see-through panels. Whether you want to showcase your brand’s logo or align with the interior aesthetics, our lockers can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

In summary, Smart Locker Systems offers a powerful combination of flexibility, robust data analytics, seamless integration, high-level security, and extensive customization options.

This makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking an efficient and tailored locker solution.

Companies interested in outdoor rental solutions, particularly for beach activities like surfboard rental.

They envision lockers on the beach where customers can use an integrated app to unlock and rent equipment for a specified time. I find this exciting, especially since similar models have already been successfully implemented in ski resorts.

In addition to that, we’re collaborating with a university to customize lockers that can store different types of sports equipment.

Customers can rent these online and pick them up on site. Christian and the Metro team are exploring solutions to meet these unique needs, which aligns with our overarching goals.

Furthermore, our software manages payment processing and locker reservation.

The lockers are weather-resistant and come with a limited lifetime warranty. We have a showroom where partners and clients can get hands-on experience with our products.

Transitioning to broader applications, we’re in workplaces and universities.

Our lockers can accommodate various security requirements, including storing human organs. Thanks to our partner network, we offer facial recognition and handwave technology in some installations, enhancing the reliability and sustainability of our solutions.

On the technical side, our systems are highly customizable, featuring various screen sizes and functionalities.

We can adapt to different environments, even wet or damp conditions.

This adaptability opens up avenues in sports and leisure markets as well.

Importantly, our lockers are future-proof, compatible with emerging technologies like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

We have the ability to tie multiple credentials into one phone application, which is a significant advantage for real estate firms and landlords.

Finally, in terms of design, our lockers offer a wide range of customization options, from vinyl wraps to end caps and more.

This flexibility makes us an attractive option for clients with diverse needs.

So, whether you’re starting from scratch or have a unique requirement, we also offer comprehensive solutions to address your locker needs, differentiating ourselves as a full-service organization. For more information, you can visit our website, It’s worth noting that for many, the concept of a locker has also evolved significantly since high school days, and we’re excited to be part of this transformation.