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10 Benefits/Features

1. Improved Efficiency: Allows for improved organization and maximizes efficiency of product stocking and ordering.
2. Smart Layout: Can be configured to maximize space in order to present products effectively to customers.
3. Increased Visibility: Strategically placed signage and labeling can help to increase visibility and draw more attention to products.
4. Variety Program: Can be reconfigured to accommodate different types of products and still maintain an organized, eye-catching display.
5. Easy Access: Features angled shelves, allowing customers to conveniently grab products without reaching or stretching.
6. Durable Design: Made from durable materials, ensuring it can withstand regular use without requiring replacement.
7. Versatile System: Can be used to showcase virtually any type of product, from small food items to large electronics.
8. Stylish Presentation: Can be combined with creative displays to create an interesting and visually pleasing presentation for customers.
9. Safe Operation: Is designed to be stable and secure, ensuring product safety and minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.
10. Time Savings: Utilizing gondola greatly reduces the time required to restock and manage products, creating more efficient operations.

The main problems we solve.

At Material Handling USA Company, our mission is to provide our customers with the best products and services to help them maximize their point of sale performance. Our line of gondola Product offers a uniquely designed solution that solves a range of common problems associated with the management of merchandise.

Some of the frustrations that gondola can help solve include inefficient stocking, cramped layouts, and lack of visibility. Product stocking is made much more efficient and organized, allowing customers to easily navigate the store. Furthermore, gondola shelving can be configured to maximize space and create attractive displays that grab the attention of customers. Labeling and signage can be strategically placed on the shelves to allow for easier visibility and identification of products.

Also offers a highly versatile system that can accommodate different types of products. Shelves can be angled and adjusted to make product dispensing easier, while still ensuring safety and stability. The sleek and modern design of the shelving also provides a stylish presentation that helps to further capture customers’ attention. And with quick and easy assembly, gondola can help to save time and reduce the costs associated with managing a retail store.

At Material Handling USA, we strive to provide solutions that simplify and improve the overall point of sale performance. Our gondola system provides a product guaranteed to help tackle common problems and enhance the shopping experience for both customers and store owners alike.

What is a gondola?

It is a type of retail shelving that is double-sided and designed to provide product display and easy access.

Why is it called gondola?

It is called gondola shelving because of its resemblance to the gondolas in Venice, Italy.

How much weight can a gondola shelf hold?

The amount of weight a gondola shelf can hold depends on the size and construction of the shelf, with larger shelves typically able to hold more weight.

What are the sizes of gondola shelves?

Gondola shelves come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small 4-foot shelves to large 12-foot shelves.

who buys it?

Often used by retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocery stores. This type of shelving provides an efficient and effective way of displaying products and maximizing space. Additionally, it is often used in warehouses, libraries, and other industrial applications.

Retail store shelving is an important part of any retail space. 

It provides functionality and organization for store displays, merchandise, and customers. Shelving systems come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, which can be adjusted to suit many spaces. Different types of shelving include wall-mounted, gondola, static, and mobile systems. Retail store shelving should be designed to effectively display goods, maximize space utilization, and enable customers to easily access products. Additionally, adequate lighting and clean, organized shelving can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.