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Material Handling USA is proud to be an ISDA member. Phone 800-326-4403

ISDA Boasts over 40 members coast to coast in the USA and over 43 vendors that we collectively represent. This allows an ISDA members the resources for your project. 

As of January 2022 the ISDA Vendor List incudes these awesome manufactures:

Material Handling USA is the number one dealer for ISDA in 2021! We Got It All!

Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

Acceptance Leasing and Finance Service – ISDA Member Since 1997

We can provide leasing on any product we offer thru our partner Acceptance Leasing….read more

Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

American Locker – ISDA Member Since 

Welcome to American Locker!!….Read More

American Locker:

American ingenuity, it’s a certain kind of innovation that we, as Americans, are known for. The kind of innovation that comes from boldly attempting what no one else has ever done before, which basically describes our entire company history.

Welcome to American Locker!!

After 120 years creating innovative security solutions, American Locker can honestly say they have done it all. Hell, they invented half of it to begin with. When American Locker started their business, they accomplish things that no one else had ever even attempted, like inventing the first coin operated locker right from the start.

American Locker has continually led the locker industry. American Locker invented an unstoppable series of innovative solutions, innovations, which gave them a high appreciation for the companies that do things a little different, companies like yours.

American Locker specializes in customized solutions, because they love those little differences. American Locker has tooled our U.S. based manufacturing facility to handle all kinds of customer requests.

The story begins with high tech locker manufacturing automation that cuts the metal locker parts using nitrogen powered lasers for unparalleled precision and accuracy. Then highly skilled American Locker technicians shape and form these parts, welding them together, forging them for strength and durability. Color makes a difference and American Locker makes it permanent by electrostatic charging the metal parts and negatively charging the colored powder. This forces the color to be applied evenly, smoothly to the entire part before it’s baked on as a high quality finish. Then the parts get inventoried for a day or so until they’re ready to be assembled.

These lockers can have technology that allows some to accept credit cards, while others are able to charge laptops and cell phones. Some of these lockers will even be able to send text messages.

All of these lockers will kick ass! American Lockers find their homes in places like amusement parks, apartment buildings, retail, casinos, universities, police stations and ski resorts. It’s all these years of experience and innovation that allow American Locker to create the widest range of applications and customized solutions in the industry. Learn More..

Amscor – ISDA Member Since 

Aurora Storage Products – ISDA Member Since 

Barbican – ISDA Member Since 

BASC MFG – ISDA Member Since 

Bulbman – ISDA Member Since 

Camrack – ISDA Member Since 2020

Charnstrom – ISDA Member Since 

Colorflex/EDP – ISDA Member Since 

Concord Products – ISDA Member Since 

Cotterman – ISDA Member Since 

Dahle North America – ISDA Member Since 

Datum Storage Solutions – ISDA Member Since 2018

Eagle Group MHC Division – Member Since March 2021 

The Eagle MHC Division manufactures a wide range of products for the material handling, healthcare, life sciences, laboratory and cleanroom equipment industries, including wire shelving and carts, stainless steel worktables, stainless steel countertops, lab sinks, stainless steel cleanroom equipment, storage and transport for materials management and healthcare, stainless steel sinks, hand sinks, wall shelves and custom fabrication.  Eagle MHC also manufactures a wide range of sink products for the wholesale plumbing industry including hand sinks, drop in sinks, scullery sinks, mop sinks and a wide range of sink accessories. 

EffiMat USA – ISDA Member Since 

E-Systems Group – ISDA Member since March 2021

E-Systems Group product lines span industries and applications including custom engineered control room consoles, data center racks, technical workstations, security reception desks, surveillance consoles and more.

Fasco Inc – ISDA Member Since 

Fenco – Member Since March 2021

Fenco provides under counter & teller counter products to the Financial Industry

Fugi Film North America – ISDA Member Since 

Hallowell – List Manufacturing – ISDA Member Since 

IOPC – Modular Millwork – ISDA Member Since :

In today’s world, you can’t stand still, change and innovation are constant and necessary for progress. Workrooms are the engines of productivity in today’s labs, schools, health care facilities and in the corporate marketplace. Workrooms have to change frequently to keep pace. Modular Millwork as the one truly modular system designed to change readily so you can effectively optimize efficiency and your active interiors.

We constantly find in these interiors, that the primary requirements for success boil down to workflow, efficiency and ergonomics so that people are well supported in these high transaction interiors and ultimately to flexibility to allow them to change is needed to continue to update with changes in technology, processing all types of machine changes that are ever present in these environments. So what IOPC Modular Millwork offers to the marketplace is the premier modular millwork for these high activity, constant change interiors.

IOPC Modular Millwork invented Modular Millwork as a flexible solution for active work room interiors, while competitors manufacture a series of furniture modules, Modular Millwork is based on a structural frame which provides virtually unlimited possibilities to reconfigure your millwork moved across the hall or across the country.

Modular Millwork incorporates environmentally sustainable green practices into every facet of our product and manufacturing process from using 100 percent recycled, locally harvested wood and a 100 percent recyclable plastics to employing geothermal cooling and heating in our injection molding facility with modular millwork. It never costs more to choose a green solution for your work room interiors.

IOPC Modular Millwork feels that the greenest aspect of the product, in addition to the recycled materials, the low emitting materials that we use, the green garden certification and the other green features of our products, is that it can be purchased one time and then reused again and again in a number of different operation and, also in a number of different environments so that you don’t have to repurchase that product to fit the changing situation in your workplace.

Do you need a safe space to improve workflow, enhance ergonomics or team performance, we design your Modular Millwork Solution to support your specific space process and objectives even before your modular millwork is ever manufactured.

IOPC Modular Millwork’s primary markets are in the learning environments, the technical or the more laboratory markets, which include a lot of medical and a lot of corporate and government and research interiors. And finally, in that original market they serve, which is the mail in document markets, modular millwork design experts have provided efficient work room solutions for organizations in virtually every industry, from Google to United Health Care to Duke University. Modular Millwork as the provider for the General Services Administration, the central procurement arm for all federal agencies.

IOPC Modular Millwork delivers unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, durability and a very green solution to these various workroom interiors in the markets.

Normal ship time is four weeks after receipt of a confirmed order.

In keeping with their commitment to sustainable reusable workspace interiors, IOPC Modular Millwork guarantees all modular millwork products for the duration of ownership by the original retail purchaser.

So the advantage of modular millwork is that it’s a very durable, very structural, long lasting interior component that can be changed and reused as necessary because you want to bring in properties. And also it allows you to have an asset that will be usable in the changing interior as we go forward.

The only constant is change. And only modular millwork can adapt to your ever changing workplace needs, delivering unmatched cost efficiency, long term value, and a truly modular, sustainable workrooms system.

Lab Design – ISDA Member Since 

Metalia – ISDA Member Since 

Metalware Corp – ISDA Member Since 

Microfilm Products – ISDA Member Since 

NEXTEL Industries – ISDA Member Since 2021

Palmieri Furniture LTD – ISDA Member Since 

Panel Built – ISDA Member Since 

Pegasus Medical – ISDA Member Since 

Pro-Line – ISDA Member Since 

Ridg U Rak – ISDA Member Since 

Smead MFG – ISDA Member Since 

SpaceGuard – ISDA Member Since 

Star Filing – ISDA Member Since 

Storeganizer – ISDA Member Since 2021

STS Inc  – ISDA Member Since 

Techibuilt – Wanzl – ISDA Member Since 

Tennsco Corp – ISDA Member Since 

The Folder Factory – ISDA Member Since 

Turn 10 – ISDA Member Since 

Vidir – ISDA Member Since