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Well we couldn’t get a picture of the Miami Dolphins using of one of the Vidir Garment Carousels,  but they are popular at colleges and with  professional teams.

A high school theater department put in a garment carousel, and it’s just holding clothing. We do these units are most in Kohl’s Cabala clothes, the clothing store there in the back Cabala space, pro shops, Wal-Mart have all bought them for the backs of their stores. They’re usually not in display for the for the retail customers, but they’re usually in the back. 

Vidir Garment Carousels are popluar for the military with garment carousels for uniforms. 

We do a lot of work with colleges for the marching band uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, football uniforms. We  do this for theater departments in high schools. Anybody just trying to cintas. We do work with anybody trying to hold a bunch of uniforms and and a bunch of different outfits can get one of these. They’re very customizable.

There’s all sorts of different models. We start with a 12 foot carrier and go all the way up to an 18 foot carrier so you can get a ton of garments on on the carousel itself.

We’re just to send one to the Miami Dolphins for their football team so we could paint the color, do some custom colors, make them look fancy. But it’s a really simple it’s a really simple design.

 someone’s looking to store clothing of some sort, uniforms of some sort. 

He’s a couple of pictures is actually at a dry cleaner, so sometimes you get that opportunity,  but this is a dry cleaner’s doing a bunch of suits there. There’s the theater department we sold. They asked for the black. So it’s it’s a black unit with gray carriers. Looks looks nice that way, but there’s all sorts of costumes on there for their theater department, so.

Vidir Garment Carousels: Applications, Who uses them

Vidir Garment Carousels are a highly innovative storage solution designed to cater to the needs of various industries. Vidir Garment Carousels allow for efficient and effective storage of clothing items, making them highly versatile and practical. The Carousels are designed to organize and store large quantities of garments, providing easy and quick access when required.

Vidir Garment Carousels are used in diverse applications ranging from military uniform storage to professional team jersey storage.

The highly customizable designs mean that the carousels can be tailored to meet any unique industry or user requirements. The range of garment carousels is highly adaptable and modular, making it easy to configure them to meet specific storage needs. Vidir Garment Carousels are an ideal solution for applications that require a highly organized storage space, where space utilization is essential, and quick access to garments is crucial.

The military is one of the largest users of Garment Carousels.

Military organizations worldwide require efficient storage of uniforms and associated gear. Garment carousels provide an ideal solution for such organizations as they are highly efficient, adaptable and can be made to fit within almost any facility. Vidir’s garment carousels are versatile in nature, meaning they can accommodate both active and reserve member’s uniforms as well as a wide range of additional gear. The carousels offered by Vidir are designed to accommodate a range of items, including jackets, pants, shirts, boots, and hats, among others. The carousels are highly efficient, allowing for rapid access to a garment without needing to move other items.

Professional sports teams also make use of Garment Carousels to store team jerseys and other equipment.

Professional jerseys are valuable and need to be organized and cared for efficiently. Garment carousels provide a highly organized and efficient storage solution for sport organizations. The customizable nature of Vidir Garment Carousels allows for teams to store different clothing items in a single carousel, thereby reducing the amount of storage space required. Many of the carousels feature automated controls which enable the team to access jerseys easily, reducing the risk of damage or wear and tear.

Medical facilities also utilize Garment Carousels frequently.

Hospitals and medical facilities require efficient and effective storage solutions for clean and sterile uniforms. The concept behind Vidir’s garment carousels is ideal for these applications. Personnel can easily access clean garments, and at the end of the day, contaminated clothing can be easily stored until it is safe to be processed. Vidir Garment Carousels are highly scalable, and multiple carousels can be placed within any healthcare facility to meet the storage needs of staff.

Vidir Garment Carousels also provide an ideal storage solution for commercial dry-cleaning companies.

Carousels can be customized to fit specific requirements of the client, reducing capital costs compared to purchasing an off-the-shelf unit. The highly organized and customizable design of the garment carousels allows for easy management and identification of garments. The carousels allow for efficient processing of garments, increasing productivity and efficiency, and providing a better quality of service for customers.

In conclusion, Vidir Garment Carousels provide an ideal solution for organizing and storing a range of clothing items in various industries.

Their highly customizable design and versatility make them suitable for use in a vast range of applications, including military uniform storage, professional team jersey storage, medical facilities and commercial dry-cleaning operations. The carpels help to promote a highly efficient and organized storage environment, greatly improving productivity, reducing operational costs and providing significant benefits to users. Vidir Garment Carousels are a highly innovative solution that brings significant benefits to all who uses them.