Vidir Garment Carousel


Next in line we have here is a garment carousel. I’m just going to be real brief with the garment carousel because we don’t do a ton of business for one off jobs. We have started picking up out west more with colleges, colleges, professional teams.


I just did a high school theater department put this carousel, basically the garment carousel, and it’s just holding clothing. We do these units are most in Kohl’s Cabala clothes, the clothing store there in the back Cabala space, pro shops, Wal-Mart, and those guys have all bought them for the backs of their stores.


They’re usually not in display for the for the retail customers, but they’re usually in the back.


We also do a lot of work for the military with these four uniforms. We do a lot of work with colleges for the marching band uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, football uniforms. We didn’t do this for theater departments in high schools. Anybody just trying to cintas. We do work with anybody trying to hold a bunch of uniforms and and a bunch of different outfits can get one of these. They’re very customizable.


There’s all sorts of different models. We start with a 12 foot carrier and go all the way up to an 18 foot carrier so you can get a ton of garments on on the carousel itself.


We’re just to send one to the Miami Dolphins for their football team so we could paint the color, do some custom colors, make them look fancy. But it’s a really simple it’s a really simple design.


And we don’t we don’t do too many in process or second at selling carousel. So if you get the opportunity, someone’s looking to store clothing of some sort, uniforms of some sort. Bring it to me. I’ll help you out. Maybe I’ll send you guys one and we’ll work on it.


But the opportunities are a lot less wear than the island. So keep in mind, it’s an option. We do it. I’ll walk you through it. If you get it, you get a good opportunity for it. But it’s not something you’ll see too much of.


He’s a couple of pictures is actually at a dry cleaner, so sometimes you get that opportunity, it’s rare, but this is a dry cleaner’s doing a bunch of suits there. There’s the theater department we sold. They asked for the black. So it’s it’s a black unit with gray carriers. Looks looks nice that way, but there’s all sorts of costumes on there for their theater department, so.


It’s not a dry cleaning situation.