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Transforming Your Storage for Success With Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving, also known as rivet shelving or rivet rack shelving, is a versatile storage solution that is commonly used in various industries. Some of the industries that utilize boltless shelving include:

Boltless Shelving for Utah 3PL

Manufacturing and Industrial:

Boltless shelving is commonly found in manufacturing facilities and industrial settings. It offers a cost-effective solution for storing tools, equipment, spare parts, and materials. Its flexibility allows for quick adjustments to adapt to changing storage needs.

Rivetier Boltless Shelving

Automotive Boltless Shelving

Automotive garages, repair shops, and car dealerships often utilize boltless shelving for organizing and storing various automotive parts, such as tires, batteries, filters, and small components.

Bin Shelving

Warehousing and Distribution:

 Boltless shelving is widely used in warehouses and distribution centers for organizing and storing a wide range of products. Its adjustable shelves and easy assembly make it ideal for accommodating different sizes and types of items.

Boltless Shelving

Retail and E-commerce:

 Boltless shelving is popular in retail stores and e-commerce fulfillment centers. It provides efficient storage for products, allowing easy access and visibility, which is important for order picking and restocking operations.

Lab Shelving


The electronics industry utilizes boltless shelving for storing components, circuit boards, cables, and other electronic equipment. The open design of boltless shelving allows for better ventilation and easy cable management.

Jaken Boltless Shelving

Archives and Records Management:

Boltless shelving is suitable for organizing and storing archival documents, records, and files. Its versatility in terms of shelf adjustments and customization makes it convenient for managing and retrieving important documents.

Storage Ideas For Moving Companies

Food and Beverage:

Boltless shelving can be found in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food storage areas. It provides a clean and hygienic storage solution for dry goods, canned products, kitchen supplies, and even perishable items in refrigerated environments.

Mobile Library Bookstack Shelving

Libraries and Educational Institutions:

Libraries and educational institutions often use boltless shelving for book storage. Its adjustable shelves can accommodate books of various sizes and provide easy access for library patrons.

These are just a few examples of the industries that commonly use boltless shelving. However, due to its versatility and adaptability, boltless shelving can be found in many other sectors where efficient and organized storage is required.

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Boltless Shelving

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Boltess Shelving Project For A Distributor of Water, Sewer, Storm Drain and Fire Protection Products in the United States

Boltless Shelving Project For A Distributor of Water, Sewer, Storm Drain and Fire Protection Products in the United States

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Transforming Your Storage for Success


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Boltless shelving benefits and applications

Boltless shelving is an economical and versatile storage solution for any home, office, garage, or warehouse setting. This system requires no nuts or bolts for assembly, making it easier and faster to install than traditional upright and shelving models that require drilling and anchoring. As its name implies, boltless shelving uses a simple slide-and-lock technology to secure shelves and posts to a frame, making it ideal for temporary storage applications.

The primary benefit of a boltless shelving system is its ease of installation.

Since no nuts and bolts are required, the entire storage system can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to assemble traditional shelving systems. Additionally, the shelves and posts of a boltless system are designed to snap together in a corner-notch configuration, allowing large units to be quickly and securely assembled without the need for tools or hardware.

Boltless shelving systems are also an ideal solution for larger warehouses and other industrial spaces as they can facilitate a high level of structural rigidity and stability when loaded with heavy items.

By utilizing a series of rubberized feet, the shelf unit can be leveled for maximum stability and to prevent any damage to floors or the shelved items. This wall-mounted system can also be easily expanded, making it perfect for growing warehouse needs.

Another advantage of boltless shelving is its modular design.

With nothing to fasten and unscrew, this style of shelving can be rearranged, expanded, and reconfigured quickly and inexpensively. Shelves may also be adjusted up and down with clips and pins in a variety of slot positions, allowing the user to customize the storage unit to meet specific needs.

From home organization to warehouse storage and retail applications, the advantages of a boltless shelving system are far-reaching. They provide a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective storage solution, while also being easy to install and customizable to meet an array of storage needs. With features such as no-tool assembly, wall-mounted stability, and lasting durability, it’s no wonder that boltless shelving has become such a popular choice for industrial, commercial, and home settings.

Boltless shelving for automotive applications.

Automotive boltless shelving can help make it easier to store and organize automotive parts and supplies. These shelving units are designed to last and can provide secure, adjustable storage for those that require the basics of automotive storage. Shelves can be moved around to ensure the needs of both the customer and the business are met. This type of shelving is also designed with a high-capacity weight rating, making it great for storing heavy and bulky items. The slide-and-lock mechanism used to attach the shelves to the post also keeps everything securely in place. Automotive boltless shelving is ideal for parts and supplies, providing quick access and easy organization for common automotive projects.

What would an auto dealership store on shelving?

An auto dealership could store a variety of items on shelving, including cars, parts, supplies (such as windshield wipers and oil), and tools (such as wrenches, ratchets, and screwdrivers). Automotive boltless shelving is a great choice for any of these types of items as it provides secure, adjustable storage and can hold heavier items. Additionally, items such as cleaning supplies and office supplies can be stored on shelving, making it a great one-stop shop for all dealership needs.