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The Latest in Laboratory Design Trends with Jonathan Lyon at Lab Design

The reality is there’s lab work everywhere. I mean, a lot of people kind of forget exactly right.

I’m Jonathan Lyons. I’m from Lab Design

A lot of the companies have labs within them that they make something. If they test something, you know, any of these questions that that if they’re doing something within the facility themselves, they probably have a lab in them and then you’re doing already shelving work with them. So if you find out about that opportunity, if you bring it to me, it gives me a chance to get involved. And and as Ben can tell you, that is from Utah. He sets up probably I’m going to be seriously, I’m not joking when I say he probably sets up a meeting for me or at least a conference call, I’d say once every two days and every opportunity. I think I don’t think we’ve lost an opportunity yet. Actually, once we get on that call, I do my work, then sits there and he he starts off the meeting, he says hello, and then we hear Ben say goodbye at the end of the meeting. But then outside of that is really just the the guy who starts it all off by finding the opportunity. That’s what we want to do because we know our business better than anybody else. So if you haven’t done a lap before, please don’t shy away from it, because once we can get on that kind of call, I do all the question and answering with the customer. I’ll do all the drawing work. I’ll do all the quality work and send it directly to you then to present to your customer.
So it’s a real simple format. We just need the opportunity to get on with your with your customer. One of the reasons why we’re so busy and I was telling Terry when we first started last year, twenty twenty three covid was a great year for us. It was a really good year. We hit our numbers from twenty twenty on June 19th. So we are six months ahead of last year’s numbers already. And a good part of that is due to Justin, Jim and then from Labs USA, AOS, a few of the other Gary Hart Field out in California, the other guys. So we’re doing some work. But one of the biggest reasons why we’re we’re so far ahead of last year’s schedule is that the pandemic has been has affected a lot of people of different states in different ways. But we ship we’d normally ship in five to six weeks. Right now, we’re shipping in eight weeks or less. My competitors ship in 20 weeks each. So I apologize if we have to sign that ship in 18 to 20 weeks, which is about another three months beyond what we do. A lot of people, especially during this time in the world, they just can’t wait that long. And, you know, based on our our lead time, based on our product, which is very good in the industry, but also our customer service, which I think some of the people on board today can tell you we really care about what we do and we want to do what makes we want you to be as successful as we are right now.
So basically, like I said, I don’t need to know everything. I just need you to find opportunities because the more successful you are, obviously, the more successful I am. So the more opportunities you bring in gives us more chances to do work together where you learn about it. But also it based on everything that’s going on in the world right now, we are at it at a level where a lot of people cannot get to. You know, we’re hitting a lot. We’re we’re having a lot of the problems that everybody else has. But somehow we’ve been able to fight through those and still ship quick, still ship on time, still have a good product, go out the door. And plus we also project manager job and install it for you. So we try to do everything under one umbrella so that you can then go ahead and do what you do. And that’s find US opportunities. So that’s basically my little spiel, I guess, if you want to call it, I mean, obviously when we get to Puerto Rico, you hear a lot more, you’ll see a lot more photographs. But we do the design drawings, the quoting, the installation, the production and even the shipping. In most cases, we do it on our own for you. We just want you to be the face of to the customer. And yet. So if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call them out, Niyi.
Jonathan, this is Ben. How you doing?
Hey, Ben,
I just wanted to see if you got that yesterday because we’re doing another lab down in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I did get the one from yesterday. I emailed you back. I thought you do that.
Yeah. Yeah, I just make it sure. And then we have that call for Bolivia on Monday to me. So it’s it’s shaking. We’re loving it.
I tell you, I love Ben called then calls every day at noon my time just what I’m doing for lunch. So lunch gets taken right out the window and I’m on the phone with Ben Adams most of the time. But, you know, the good thing is, you know, Ben really seriously starts the meeting by introducing himself, introducing me. And then the next time I hear from Ben is when I say, Ben, you have anything to add? And he goes, no, we’re good.
So I always say, thank you. I got to go. Thanks, guys, for getting on the call. I appreciate the jump in and we’ll be in touch.
Exactly. But now it works out well. It really does. Ben has done a lot of work with us. He’s brought us a lot of opportunities through Jim’s Internet programs that he has set up at his office. And even with Justin, it’s really been well done. And I never understood how companies could be successful that way, because most of the people I work with are dealers who are constantly going in the lab buildings. They’re going there every day. That is, I’m starting to change my whole mind about how this works because how Jim’s company does it with Dan and Justin, it is amazing. And I’m seeing more and more of it where it’s more through the Internet. And then you build that relationship on the phone, that relationship on the phone instead of in person. So it’s really been well done. I mean, I’ve done work with Ben from Puerto Rico to Utah to California, back in my own backyard in New Jersey. Know, it’s really been incredible.
So we’ve also done a lot of work with some incredible organizations as far as like UCLA, University of Utah, Mittie, we’re in some big colleges. That’s one thing that I feel really comfortable with when having Jonathan represent our company is that I represent me in these sales causes. He he has a plethora of just fantastic work on his website. And so if you want to take a look or or show your clients what what he’s capable of doing his website, that’s an awesome job that they’ve done. And just a way for them to kind of expand and understand what the what they can get with working with our organization.
I appreciate that. Plus, we’ve done work all over the country. So if they ever want to see an opportunity to see what we’ve done on somewhere nearby, I can usually get them in somewhere to go see what we’ve done relatively close.
Then what would you say? You became a lab guy. What did you learn how to tell a lab? Honestly, Jonathan’s not being facetious when he’s speaking. I really I’m just kind of like the middleman. I set it up and I’m a prospect there, really. And that’s what our corporation, our organization is built around is really reaching out and finding those opportunities. Once they come on, I literally say, hey, my name is Ben Johnson on the phone. He’s going to walk you through your lab design needs. And then I, I, I sometimes feel bad when I call Jonathan and ask my questions. I came in. This is what it is always nice and I wear a prospect machine. That’s what we do. And so the knowledge is and I leave that to the man on the screen know, maybe that was my question, but I think what you’re saying is there could be really doing a lot of lab because once we figure, yeah, yeah,
It’s a good commentary because, you know, basically Ben or any other a.D.A dealer, you know, they’re in a sense the quarterback, you know, they go out and find that prosperity, prosperity, opportunity. But then when he sets up the call with me, I become the running back and I just take it from there. And again, you know, obviously I’m asking all the questions. Hopefully, Ben is, let’s say, for example, is listening and not eating or going to do something. But he is learning it on his own at times because, you know, we do so many together. And I’m not joking when I say that and I easily do three calls a week, sometimes more with his customer base. And seriously, some of them are small subset, could only be a few thousand dollars. But he says, hey, I’m sorry to waste your time. I always say the same thing. Don’t apologize, because that couple of thousand dollar job will lead to that one hundred thousand dollar job down the road. And we’re seeing that kind of work now. I mean, right now we’re doing an install, which they put off another week. Unfortunately, a Cresco, which is a company, I guess, marijuana, CDL, whatever you want to call it, out of Chicago area. And that job is up to close to one hundred thousand dollars. And but every job usually starts with something small, like at University of Utah. Was this some real easy shelving? And then we got on the phone with our biggest customer and you start laying out the whole research lab at the university for their for their students.
It worked out real well. I mean, I think I know Mel almost as well as Ben does now, but it’s it’s just, you know, he is a prospecting machine. Their company finds opportunities, which means Terry’s right. Any dealer can do this. I mean, to group up and up in the Boston area. I’m sorry, I can’t follow up down again. Thank you. They really haven’t done laps with us, but they saw another opportunity with us where we did Jerm Shields for the pandemic. They were buying a lot of germ shields from us and we were quoted and they were doing a lot of them. They’re all just opportunities. I mean, every opportunity you get, I can either help you with or unlike AOS, who they have lab people. We just do the job of Folgers coffee with that. We’re installing it right now with Rebecca. She knows what she’s talking about. They seem to have that that lab set up or redone. But any estate dealer can do this because I’m available or I can. You know, if you want to go to the JV team, I give you my brother Adam. I’m just joking. Adam’s really good also. But if I if I get to if I get too burdened with. All the calls from Ben or Justin or anybody else. I’m doing phone calls with I have my brother Adams available to help me out. He runs the engineering department.
I have a couple other people can always sit in, but they’re going to ask him questions I’m asking. And I think the lab person I don’t think any lab call that we’ve been on so far and we just did two of them last week before I came down here. And I’m working on both. It hit a bench jobs. Now, both guys said this exact same thing. You asked me questions that nobody else has. You made me think about some of the answers. So and now changing the layout, which when you hear those kind of things, I know we have them. I mean, the one guy that we’re working with, Ryan Lentz, he’s actually pushing us now to get them to drawing and to quote, just so he placed the order because it isn’t so much a rush and it goes your questions and your participation in this process for how distance the other group they dealt with so that they can already out of it then. And I dealt with a young woman out in California, in San Francisco, which looks like getting that order. And that’s a very large order. And again, we had to review the drawings three or four times with her make changes, but. Basically, her comments were nobody else was doing this with me, so that kind of participation that that we do with our estate dealers has really been fruitful for everybody I’ve worked with. Does anybody have questions? I only see four people up there, so. Besides Marion.
We had at least we probably about 30 people that have been watching for one over, OK.
I can’t see everybody on the right. You see Jim, I see Justin and I see a gentleman with glasses, but I can’t make out his name on the other.
Jane McManus, the you know. Oh, hey, Jane McManus.
Ok, how
Are you related to Herb? Herb realized he was now Remington Rangi.
No, no. A lot of a lot of people from ISDN. You know, my brother Mac, actually, Mac is my company. There’s three brothers now who want my brother Adam, my brother mad at myself. I think at the NCO, they’re a bank company. They make bank cabinetry. A lot of the guys had worked with them in the past and now they just joined the USDA. So they’re part of the part of this group also. But no, I run the hospital lab division because they make pharmacy and laboratory case work and then we also make that case work. And my brother Matt runs that division well.
So I know nothing about labs whatsoever. And I’m getting some of the work that you’ve done. Is it all case work? I mean, when I look at there’s a lot of stuff in these labs. Yep, it’s in the lab. And if I see something going on and I call you part of the lab, I’m going to find other stuff or you the whole thing.
We’re going to pretty much do the whole thing. The only thing I don’t provide is equipment. And I’ll do all the case, work all the countertops, all the fixtures, like plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, the sinks. And I also do the hoods, the film hoods and also the biosafety cabinets. That’s the only equipment posi equipment is. But since it’s hooked up to something, normally they don’t consider that equipment. I don’t do let’s say spectrometers, gypsys autoclaves, things like that. I don’t do that kind of equipment that sits on top of the countertop, but few words and biosafety cabinets and everything else. When you look into it, when we walk out of there, the only thing the end user has to do is the final connection to the plumbing and the electrical electrical. And we’re making all that in New Jersey
And then any other specialty they just get from somebody else and that gets put into the design.
Exactly. They’ll go to Thermo Fisher or somebody like that to buy it. So that’s the only thing I don’t do things that you could pick up and actually take with you. I don’t do that work. But anything that’s going to be part of the bench, part of the lab itself, like in the universities, we do adjust height workbenches at a pre plumbed and prewired, all that stuff we do all of that. Our catalog, our website is pretty well well positioned to see everything that we do. But we basically try to do everything within the lab itself except for that explo.
Ok, you did the naval hospital in Hawaii. Interesting, because I take care of Bremerton Naval Hospital here. I got a lot of equipment in the hospital, but I’ve never looked in these areas. So what am I looking for when I go there? And who do I talk to?
You know, when you go to any of the Navy, any of the bases, any military bases, they all have laboratories in them because some are training medics. Almost every base has some kind of hospital lab anyway, because obviously they have a hospital right on base. But you have to talk to the facilities guy. You have to find somebody within facility, somebody a lab manager, the pharmacy directors, you know, just by meeting with them or talk to them. But, you know, I wish I could tell you how to find some of these people right now. But seriously, I used to think that you had to go out and see these people. I really did. Before I. I was part of to almost everybody I dealt with the dealer went out and found his customer base. And, you know, they go maybe cold, cold, call a knock on a few doors. You know, that has changed the group like gyms where it’s all based on the Internet. Now, they don’t go knock on doors. I work with a large dealer called Holleyman Homie, which they’re the same way. They have a very large Internet, you know, influence out there where people are coming to them now instead of you going to find them. But I mean, seriously, I always say start with the the develop any of the any of the lab or pharmacy directors, but anybody within the organization who does any kind of construction within the within the facility,
You know, just on their own. If you don’t want to do it all on a Web site, you can also do it through email marketing. Lots of e-mail that I allowed Jim Galt’s group there with Justin. And then they kind of do their own thing. But we’ve got lots of other ideas. You take this email marketing stuff. We built the labs and then I’ll even get you the contacts in your area and say, I want pharmaceutical and health care facility manager. You want to start targeting those people with emails on labs. And then that’s one way to be more proactive. If only you in one to chat with them and you get different ways to do that. That’s still all on the marketing side. It’s not personal. Banging on door that
I think Karen and Mary Grace are discussing that program now to get it activated here.
Terry, this crew actually came out with a great like just a sheet of what we do. I, I now I now utilize it because it was doing so well. It really was.
I’m the guy that keeps complaining about your catalog saying, don’t you think since nineteen eighty five you recover. I’m the guy said
Come on, the lady next to you did all the work. I know
That I did
So but seriously I use, I use her her form that she made up. It’s very well done. So.
Where do we find that foreign terrorist?
We have a market we can set, you can personalize it for you. OK.
Yeah, I know. Karen and Mary Grace are working on that. And we’re going to bring in another person to do a lot more email type marketing.
Are you on the West Coast? I am.
To state in Southern California, OK?
That’s right. We talk about Wall Walla, didn’t we?
Yeah, OK. There’s another gentleman out in the world which I don’t like finding out. I’m going doing so well.
That’s the way I do a fair amount of work in Oregon and we’ve done work at is it Tripler out in Washington. What’s the big piece on Washington? Been able Ramattan,
You’ve got Joint Base. Lewis, you’ve got Fairchild’s. There are a lot of places out here. Actually, we’re loaded.
I yeah, I’ve done I can’t think of the name right now but but we’ve done Lendee Electronics in Oregon. I’ve done work along the Hood River with some of the the beer companies out there, which is amazing because I love when serving on the river
But much in the marijuana
Production. That’s what I was just talking about. This Cresco Cresco is located. Men can probably tell you a little bit about them. I work with Cresco in Pennsylvania and another job in New Jersey. But then Cresco became Deben in Chicago and we have a pretty nice relationship with them now. I think we’re going to have more opportunities for them. But I do a lot of work with the marijuana companies. They all basically have the same kind of lab they have. They have a need for like a small clean room in a sense which we use, which we make a large walk-in hood for them, and then we outfit all the other rooms and they have money to burn. I hate to say it, but that’s really what they do. They have money in the bank, so they just keep it somewhere on site.
So but so, so in that vein, because there are a lot of them out here we want to start going after, do you have I’ll just call it a cheat sheet where you’re talking about where they normally want a little setup like this, where we have this lab for them, then they’re going to want this type of room. I don’t know a whole lot about it. I had a guy working on it
And anybody and seriously, you don’t need to I mean, once you have an opportunity or a person who’s interested, if you just give me a call, somebody say, John, hey, do you have time on this day to get on a three way call or conference or resume or whatever? That’s how I jump in. And seriously, I like Ben said, I can’t I tend to take over the meeting and I start asking all these questions and then I send everything to you to send it down, whether it’s to quote the drawings, whatever it is. I said everything to the estate dealer and it’s worked out really well. I mean, there’s been times where Ben has been busy juggling mutual people say where I think he was on San Francisco or something like that. And this other person that he and I had talked to made complete and utter total changes to what we had just talked about the day before. So he said, John, do you mind just talking to him on his own? And then that’s where we’re at now. I’m reviewing revising the drawing into quote and sending it to Ben for him to to deliver it to the end user. So but yeah, I mean, that’s the best way to do it, because, you know, like you said, you don’t do a lot of this work. A lot of the estate groups have not. But it’s it’s real simple. I mean, it’s not space planning because I don’t it’s not like putting in office furniture, for example.
Labs have a flow to it, you know, especially it depends on what type of lab it is. Like out your wait, for example, I do a lot of the soil testing with I’m trying to think of the name of that company. They’re all over it all over the world. But they soil testing companies do a lot of research, do a lot of outside testing. It’s a testing lab. Testing labs are different than research labs, which are different than microbiology, which is different, more genetic. You see lab, for example. But there’s always a flow to each one. And that’s why I need to understand the flow a little bit by being part of this cost. So I guess I don’t expect you to know it, I mean, I know you know, Shelby, I know you know how to do, you know, whether it’s a mobile system or large industrial shelving in a warehouse. But labs have a lot more particulars to it, for example. So so and what most people don’t understand, the equipment that sits on the bench or the lab bench, the cabinets, you know, a general, a GC or a spectrometer could cost a few hundred thousand dollars. The whole lab itself, the case worker tops everything, could only cost like thirty thousand dollars. So that’s what most people don’t understand when they put that piece of equipment on the bench.
That seems fairly expensive, like putting a little modular. It’s going to be 70 or 100 hundred thousand.
But I know exactly. I mean, it really is. If you go on my drawings, I could give you ideas of how much some of the things cost, but it’s just that the equipment that sits on the bench itself is worth so much more than the bench. That’s why when I get to see the lab where the let’s say the bench is twenty four inches deep, but the piece of equipment that’s sitting on is 30 inches deep. So six hours is hanging off the countertop and that piece of equipment is worth about five hundred thousand dollars. It’s a joke to me. It’s just as ridiculous, but that’s really what you’ll see at times. OK. Very you guys are
University, I’m looking at what looks like stainless steel countertops, cabinets below, cabinets above and sinks. That’s all modular type of stuff you put together, because I have to find those for my Navy modulars all the time when we’re doing break rooms.
That’s exactly what we do. I mean, right now we’re working on a mercy ship. We’re doing a job for Coca-Cola. That’s all stainless steel. But I mean, I keep using Ben and Jim’s company, but I’ve done everything with Ben seriously from a merchant ship, which is a ship that goes to foreign countries to help sick people. But Coca-Cola, which is obviously a fortune. Five hundred university work. We’ve done wastewater treatment plants, we’ve done pharmaceutical, we’ve done every spectrum. We’ve done a job with those guys so far. And that’s why I’m saying it. If you ask those two simple questions, do they make anything or do they test anything? Normally they don’t have a lab in their. So.
Barker response to everyone that’s got a really big brain. And you don’t know yet. Are we talking about the members that are coming down to Puerto Rico? He’s going to ask you what they’re going to say, what they have to pass on. You get your heads up. All right, guys.
It’s funny you say that, Terry, because are so busy now, we don’t have time when people call us just direct. Normally, they want to work with the direct. We are now starting to say we can’t do it. We don’t have time. You know, when Ben has me on five calls a week, I really have time to eat lunch. So so that’s why I don’t have time to even talk to people direct anymore. So that’s why it’s great that Ben can pick it up after that. But, you know, seriously, you know, I think I’ve been upfront with your people, Terry, about it. You know, the people who give me work, I want to give them leads because I get about, I’d say six days a week easy, six to ten weeks a week. So but we just don’t have time to do them all. But I want to make sure they’re it to somebody who’s actually going to participate and work on it. So. All right. But but yeah, but yeah, anybody who talks to me, I’d be happy to put them on my list to start. And that’s a way to get started. Then that’s how I’ll do it.
Washington and Southern California came out the other day.