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Call it what you want mobile shelving helps you maximize the use of your space. Couldn’t even begin to think of all the things mobile track shelving is called but here are a few. Mobile shelving, rolling shelving, sliding shelving, track shelving. Then every manufacturer names it. Aislesaver, MobileTrak3 and ArtStor. Then there are many varieties such as manual, mechanical assist, and electric. These are just the tip of the iceberg of different names for essentially the same product. 
If you want serious help navigating this world of mobile track shelving please get ahold of us. We have been designing, selling and getting this installed for more than 25 years. The idea is to maximize the usage of the space you have available. lets not leave anything on the table! 
You’ll find it everywhere but there are some places it would be unlikely not to see mobile track shelving in use. A few are mid to large law firms, hospitals, military of ever type, court records, state agencies, federal agencies, and law enforcement especially evidence and forensic storage.