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Storeganizer’s Pick 360, The Hive,  is an AMR, Autonomous Mobile Robot,  picking enabler solution. It’s a very emerging market segment mainly driven by two main factors. First of all, it’s all driven by e-commerce, which had a tremendous growth during Covid 19. It has been greatly accelerated by the increase of e- commerce consumer buying. The normal rush during holiday seasons for e commerce now is happening every day in all seasons. And due to that peak, it has created a lot more interest in warehouses where we can locate the AMR.

Another trend is the shortage that is occurring in the labor markets, mainly in logistic hotspots near bigger community bigger cities where large economic markets and demand is located is really driving automation in the warehouse. The high level of activity creates such a wage pressure on warehouse staff that there is not always enough staff. Hence more interest in the Storeganizer 360 product which helps warehouse staff meet the demands in those areas with use of AMR’s.

Storeganizer Pick 360 The Hive

What’s the difference between AGV’s and AMR’s?  

What is what is expected the next few years?  
 wrecking enablers to have actually get out more out of it marketing. What different categories are actually over there in the market to enable more and get out more of your AMR’s. And then of course, we will go over the technical details and features of the pick 360. 

Amazon drives so much of what is happening at 3PL’s and DC’s today and due to the fact that Amazon already works with AMR’s it shows how important this AMR automation is for the distribution market.  

DC’s, 3PL’s and all warehouses  are looking for higher efficiency to reduce labor costs and to have a smooth working order picking system tied to the transportation of the goods. And it’s an expensive market today and projected to be worth something around 30 billion dollars in 2026. That means that in six years we generally have a doubling of the market.  

We have a four different segments of the market for Storeganizer 

1) Goods To Person

The emerging method is Goods to Person means the robot picks up the the shelf with the product and brings the shelf to the older picker. The older picker is standing on a conveyor line or transportation system picks out and hands over the product. 

2) Person To Goods

The more traditional method of order picking is Person To Goods. This means that the order picker follows the truck or the truck follows the order picker and the staff does the order picking.

Then we have the amount of arm that means that it’s more the industrial application and then we will have the sortation robots as force of fourth segment means that as well, development from the goods to person. To the sortation value chain. Means the sortation is consolidating the order to one package to send out to the customer. Now we have a look at their growth generally and to looking at the data for the big 360 important markets that are the person to goods markets as well as the goods to person market. And if we see in these two segments, we can say that something around 75 to 80 percent of the market will. Play in these two segments. The mountain to arms due to the fact that it is more industrial applications, is quite low as well as the sortation. When we have a look at the key players last year, 2020 or sorry, in 2020 nine that were something around 78 players on the market that we’re working on and developed a solutions and HGV solutions. And we see here the actual market are already 200 companies, so we see that the focus on HGV and a solution are growing very loudly. So the expectation is that in the coming years. We would come up to 650 companies that are shaping the future of our traumatization in warehouses, they see so high potential on the market that they will put all the power into that solution. That means it means also that they will be a highly competitive market generally. And there we see our solution. Really good place and. So that’s the reason why we are also going out now with the hundred 360 to be also a kind of early adopter on the mark. Now the people ask, what is the big difference between HGV and I am ah, well, HGV is an automatic guide and vehicle means it follows really distinguish predefined lines means that can be optical lines, means lines painted on the floor or reflected. And that also puts it on the floor where they do it. We are laser and mirrors that, but the HGV knows where it is positioned in the warehouse and it follows really predefined lines. Also the software makes it and when obstacles in the way the adream stops, it doesn’t take time to pass around or something like that. It waits until it gets to the order to drive further on or when the obstacle is taken away out of the way. It means it’s a little bit more than. System. And so so there you see, that is not the smartest solution instead of the imada. It’s very easy to install you put it into the warehouse and drives around and automatically it spans all the surroundings and directly sees how headways have to go and. Chooses them. Also the shortest way and the fastest way. And if you put an obstacle in front and stops and then tries to go around the obstacle, or if you close, for example, the aisle, then it sees it as close and searches the right way or fastness next option to get to its point. So that is the more smarter solution generally. So autonomous, autonomous mobile robots are arguably one of the most exciting technologies in the robot market. Well, we are in a development phase just at the moment and we tried to get out the best now out of the mouth. Nowadays, technology later on, it will be the new normal in everywhere else. So that was my short market over you and I will never speak to Dimitri. Yes, good morning, good afternoon from my end as well, warm welcome to to the audience. My name is Dimitri and I’m responsible for the organizer for the European and Asian Market Development. So now that Richard has touched the growing potential for the emerging applications, I will talk a little bit more on the enablers that are essential for this market and the innovative solution that organizer has has come up with. So with these enablers, we can define multiple categories in these goods to man operations. We all know the conventional methods of these of these specific rucking being simple cotton or plastic boxes that are inserted into the racks. We will learn later on that these these have various limitations, limitations. And so organizations come up with a solution that can counter these limitations. So we opted for a fabric insert method that can be launched in the in the big 360. And that is why we are very happy to present to you today the results of our of our engineering and our development. So we are happy to introduce the Big 360 EMR solution, or EMR enabler, as we call it. So let me go to some of the details and features together with you. The solution comes as a fully equipped wreck or as a fabric inserts only to be fitted in the existing racks. So both options are possible. The racks can be welded or completely modular. So we have no, let’s say, restriction on that part of your not restricted to fixed rate dimensions. So we are very flexible in the design of the solution and we can tailor make this to the customer’s needs. Also, as far as the architecture goes out of the pockets, we can easily combine different sizes into the same rack. So the industrial fabric we use has got multiple advantages, we call it the tiger plus plus fabric, and we have opted for this type of fabric as a standard for a few reasons. So we were guided by the most beneficial and technical investment ratio. So this is a lightweight material ensures that we can save on the weight of the structure itself, resulting in a higher loading capacity perec. So we do not need extra shelving to put in boxes, plastic or cardboard or we need we don’t need extra add ons to the structure itself. So this is beneficial for the loading capacity, capacity of the rack, of course. And per column we can go up to 63 kilograms of loading for us while choosing this fabric. We looked at all parameters that were important for the market. And we also asked people in this specific market market, what is important to you while developing such an application? And they pointed out that durability, load, capacity and weight were important. And of course, since we are all in a competitive market also, the investment has played a huge role. And as you can see on the graph below, we have chosen the best of both worlds. Let’s say we have taken into account three major parameters that slowed capacity, strength and investment, of course. Furthermore, the big 360 is very easy to integrate in a matter of minutes can it can be fully operational and can be picked from from all sides of the self supporting stability avoids having lengthy constructions as individuals, shelfs Indrek, which again helps to increase the loading capacity as a whole. Another important advantage is that it can be easily interchanged. That means you can easily switch the inserts or the the fabric inserts when the market changes or your business needs changes. Finally, we, of course, helped to optimize the financial gains, which is also important for our customers to make their, let’s say, their business cases stick. So let’s look at the unlimited design possibilities, the big upside of our big 360 is that we can have a practically unlimited number of designs. This is an experience that we have put to our advantage as organizers originates also from the container group, the container group, which started up as a company that was specialized in returnable packaging for the automotive industry. And over the years, we have created thousands and thousands of very dedicated, engineered solutions. So if you want to tailor made or tailor made application and you specified your needs, we can build it for you. So this is our core business. This is what we do. Yes, some key takeaways for you, as we have pointed out, that the market is growing very, very fast and we are just at the beginning of this exponential curve. So we want to be part of that greater evolution. So our common goal is, of course, to further improve the utilization, which is very important in the logistics world for picking operations. And we believe that our solution being the Big 360, can make an important contribution to this to this market in perspective of durability, lightweight, stable, cost effective and flexible solutions that meet the market needs. So the big 360, you can say, is the new kid in town, but we are convinced that there is room for a new kid in town and we can help our customers with the sometimes challenging logistics problems they are facing. And we hope to contribute to solution in the future for our customers as well. Great. 

 for guiding us through the Armah HGV markets and of course, the Pick 360 to I. 

The first question that we have from someone is what is the cost comparison of the big 360 to other solutions that are currently in place? 

The Pick 360 solution is very competitive to existing solutions due to the fact that we have a will only need a lightweight structure with no extra shelving, that it’s durable and it’s interchangeable. I think that it can pass the test to any existing solution which might be less durable. To give you an example,  Amazon has started with this kind of application years ago, of course, for their own operations and not free for for all on the market, as we know that Amazon is a very competitive and let’s say financially driven company. So if they start with it, you can you can bet on it and you can bet your your money on it that it is that it has a competitive advantage compared to the rest of the solutions. 

what is a typical cost per Pick 360, i? Well, typical customer pick 360, , depends on the  architecture, , there is a high variation of possible shapes and sizes, and it’s really dependable on on, first of all, the number of of locations. But typically, you can see that the higher the the number of locations this is, the lower the cost per location will be. But it’s going to be dedicated to to the application of gay rights. 

Another question  is did any EMR provider already adopted the big 360 solution? 

Yes, we are talking and working together with the American provider of Amara’s  So, yes, we are working together with. EMR providers. Ok, maybe interesting, I may maybe interested. Interesting to mention as well, the idea of coming up with the Pick 360 did not originate exclusively from us. It was while talking with a very big American third party logistics provider who who eventually raised the question to us. Do you have, let’s say, a solution for for this for this application? And we started talking and we mutually developed, let’s say, a solution for for their applications. And of course, they also got us into contact with some EMR manufacturers, which unfortunately we at this point cannot elaborate on. Ok, thank you, Demitry, for this extra info. Also want to point out from my side is that we don’t depend on any specific robot or MRN, so our solution is compatible with different brands, different robots in place there. So we don’t depend on one or two of those solutions. We can be broadly used. Um, another one another question is, can they be can they be leased? So can the can the solution be financial or operational be leased. I will take that one for me, I think. Yes, this is possible we can check this case by case. We can, of course, discuss this on a project level. So, yeah, we can definitely do that. Other questions, what about acceleration forces in light of being a flexible structure? I think you have to take into account, of course, the insert is a slight and lightweight and flexible, but the wreck itself gives it enough is ruggedized enough to cope with these forces? We attach our textile inserts to that structure. So let’s say that the the forces that may apply for acceleration are absorbed by by the ruggedized structure. So we don’t have any problem with that.

 there are already similar products on the market. Can you compete with those solutions? Yes, our solution is competitive enough to compete with with any with any existing solution on the market. Also, we have the experience, the knowledge and the capacity to produce also at a large scale. And that scalability will give us in the future an even more competitive competitive advantage. So I would say start ordering now. The more capacity we can we can use the the larger the scale, the faster the prices will come down. 

Another question which is raw, then, is for what type of products you would recommend this this Pick 360 solution? Well, I can take that one, because the market says in the end what kind of products you use, mainly if you see the Amazon solution, it’s the average product that just nowadays picked by hand and everything. When you use order making that is the application for the anma. And I think we have the flexibility to look at a case by case project and adapt our solutions to the market and the customer needs. So I think the the the opportunities are limitless, as are our capabilities of adapting the solution. You have seen that we have multiple materials. We have chosen one specific material, which was the best of both worlds, but nothing stops us to further develop for specific applications, dedicated solutions. Ok, I also received a question about product design, what stops products of selling out, and I just wanted to come back to this slide. I said there are a limited design possibilities. One of the options that we can put in is actually kind of front stops, which are made in different heights. So we can always put those in in a different pocket sizes, which prevents that goods can fill out. We can also have them with a slope to the back. We can have them from covers, transparent. This covers so that dust and dirt are kept out of the of the locations. So in essence, the design possibilities, let’s say, are limited due to the fact that we can lean back on the huge track record with our another company there. And then we have these engineering and production capabilities in-house. Already short of our demitry, if you want to add something extra on that one concerning the design possibilities. Well, how are you said everything is possible, so when you come with a special application, we can always listen to you and find together a solution? I think not only from Stopera, the traditional traditional things we already have integrated within, for example, then the organizer or on the 29th, we can also do something totally new from scratch. So we are always listening to us. Customer. Ok, another question from John is, can you have launched big faces on one side and small ones on the other side? Yes, that’s absolutely possible. We have no restrictions from an architectural point of view of pockets, we can combine all kinds of different, let’s say, designs in one rack. So that is absolutely no problem. This is exactly what we do and this is exactly what we have a lot of experience in with. Compare because you can imagine if you are looking at it at a car supply car manufacturing supply chain, there is a multitude of of different parts, different sizes, different weights. So this is where our experience is. And it’s exactly that knowledge and design experience that we are using to to make this these custom made victory 60s as well. 

 do you see a difference between difference between the regions? Do you see a continental or country level? Do you see some differences over there? Yes, that one I can take because there is really also evil, evil evaluation about that means that nowadays, just at the moment, the situation is so that you have Allemande Edgerly solution, mostly in the Americas or in the Asian region. And the Europeans are just at the moment, just about 11 percent. That means that I’m not just very traditional, so then when the innovations come from outside Europe means that Europeans are adapting. It takes a while, but when they are up something. Then you will have a very big night also here in Europe. So that are just at the moment, the situation’s under the market share between West Asia, Europe and the states. Ok, right before we say finally goodbye, I just want to give you some highlights about, of course, the other products we have in our portfolio, too, because today we talked about the Big three 60, which is the new kid in town, as I mentioned before. But of course, I want to show, of course, some share some good news about the typical and traditional store as a solution. As you can see, just behind me, the last month was a quite a lot of things that that went around. We received a new order from the supply chain in Finland, together with our local partner over that. Lustick Also, we received the new order, the second actually second order we have in Malaysia. This time it’s for Lam Research. Who is going to build a new factory and a new warehouse? This project, this is taken and taken care of by our local partner in Thailand, Dellis Ltd. Systems, also in Asia Pacific. Worthwhile to share is that market knowledge had a couple of orders together and they the total of 60 or 60 based more locally, at least for us Europeans or Belgians, it’s a project we have done for hospital logistics. In Belgium, hospital logistics is taking care for supply chain to warehouses in retirement houses in Belgium and the Netherlands due to the fact that the population is becoming older and older. And of course, due to covid that hospitals wants to outsource more and more the logistics and the stock keeping. So Hospital Logistics decided to build a new warehouse and in a new warehouse, Turkey base will be installed with which store organizer? And it’s when life since yesterday. So that’s quite obvious. The Bee Hive, also to give you an update on that one, people who were not there in our previous webinar, just a small summary. What do we try to achieve with the picking life, with the picking? Have we tried to create a closed loop between warehouses and retail stores so we can actually see that the picking is a retail store driven solution while we try to overcome messy back rooms? And sometimes I needed pick locations in there in those stores. As mentioned before, e-commerce took a tremendous growth the last year. It was even accelerated due to due to covid. So what we see more and more is that warehouses are shipping e-Commerce packages to stores where they can be picked up. And it’s like a BOPE. So you pick it up in the store, you order the line with your store or you pick it up at Kirp. What we see most of the time is that it’s creating a lot of complexity because on one hand you have ballots that you need to send out and single items you need to send out with pick you have we try to make it as one consolidated closed loop solution because it actually fits in one footprint. So it makes the logistics handling much easier than than before. And also quite nice to mention concerning the decaying houses that we have. Our first customer who went live since a couple of weeks, which is Boza. Boza is an outdoor headphone producer. They use it for to supply from their European distribution center some retail stores in Europe. So quite nice developments over there. If you are interested to know more about the beginning of that, of course, feel free to contact us, to know more about the technical aspects and details over there.