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Security Cage Avoid Theft

Protect Your Warehouse or Facility With A Security Cage To Avoid Theft and Pilferage

It is important to consider how to protect your warehouse and facility. Check out these two scenarios and use a security cage to avoid theft.


It’s 1:30 am, and the alarm in your warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT has been triggered, and the police have been dispatched. With a police ETA set at 10 minutes, the perpetrators manipulate and steal your valuables in less than 3-minutes giving them plenty of time to get away. Not only are you lost stolen products, but your reputation also takes a nose-dive when your clients find out about your vulnerability.

SCENARIO #2- Security Cage to Avoid Theft

Same as scenario 1, BUT—in this instance, your facility utilizes security cages to protect highly valuable products.

The moment the perpetrators break into your Salt Lake City, UT warehouse they are caught off guard by the presence of triple crimped security cage. The criminals attempt to cut through the partitions; however, they have zero luck. The police arrive to capture and arrest all the criminals. Justice has been served, and you have happy clients.


With today’s fast-paced life and demand for goods shipping from around the world, companies using bonded warehouses have a higher need for inventory and facility security. Security cages provide secured storage options to meet these government and insurance requirements.


With over 20-years of experience in this industry, we understand the needs of your facility. Security cages, wire mesh partitions, inventory, and driver cages are designed to meet these specific security requirements for bonded warehouses.


  • Considered to be the industry-standard design and a trusted source for securing all storage needs.
  • The standard gray components are stocked in 7’, 8’, and 10’ heights.
  • Cost friendly and affordable.
  • Can be shipped as quickly as 2 business days, making it perfect for those who need to accommodate newly signed tenants.
  • Aesthetically pleasing because it’s a finished product on both the inside and outside of the cage.

CONCLUSION – Security Cages Help To Avoid Theft and Pilferage

No matter the requirements, we have the options to design an efficient and affordable solution to provide the security your facility demands. Be the company in Scenario #2 and let us build you a price, stock, and shipping plan. Security cages are amazing! And don’t forget the losses from pilferage. These are the cases when your staff needs a tape measure, places it on their belt and takes it home by mistake.  Well it could be a tape measure or something more valuable but you get the idea. Guard units can have a problem with pilferage with leatherman knives. You put it on your person and forget to bring it back at the end of duty and they get expensive. I know of one guard unit who used a cage to be sure they got checked out and checked in. Need asset tracking? check this out. >

Security Cage To Avoid Theft: Receiving cage
Security Cage To Avoid Theft: Receiving Cage
Security Cage To Avoid Theft
Security Cage To Avoid Theft
Security Cage To Avoid Theft