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This pipettor is saving the day, one lab at a time.

The SuperPette gives your lab all the premium features you want from a high-end pipettor. Your lab pays 30-50% less than it would with premium pipettors from those notoriously expensive manufacturers. You get the best price if you trade in your old pipettors from any brand.

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Yes, it’s autoclavable, digital, ergonomic, ultralight, and accurate. It’s UV and chemical resistant. The display is centrally located, for ambidextrous use. It has all the superpowers you’d expect. Plus the SuperPette is:
• Compatible with universal pipette tips of up to 1000 mL, so you aren’t trapped by supply shortages for a proprietary tip, like the Rainin LTS.
• Shipped with a calibration tool, so your lab can save time and cost by maintaining the pipette in-house.
• The best value at scale: real-time, volume pricing is also available online on orders of 5+ and 10+ units.
The SuperPette is designed to offer your lab heroic savings on premium quality.

Order now and start using it this week!