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Pallet Rack Upright Guards

Do you go to the doctor?

If you do, the reason is to find things before they become a big problem. Same with pallet rack protection. You should get it before you have a problem. Keep product and inventory safe.

Pallet Rack End Guard

Why Would You Buy Pallet Rack Guards

  • Keep Employees Safe
  • Keep visitors and customers safe
  • When a fork truck bumps the rack upright you just need to replace the guard.
  • Its guard rails for pallet rack – would you remove all the guard rails we have on the highways? no. we are always adding more because they promote safety. 

When a fork truck bumps the pallet rack upright you might be surprised

  • If the entire rack falls down.
  • Something falls off and damages the product.
  • Something falls off and someone gets hurt.

  • The rack gets  bent and has to be emptied.

  • When uprights get bumped the beams get so jammed up they are difficult and time consuming to get off. By the time you get it fixed it has taken forever and cost so much.


Upright Guards can save time and money promote overall safety to your operation.

Safety Guards at the end and on the upright posts.

This is the right way to do it. It is like getting fries with your burger. Bad shelving humor! =)