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Vidir Wire Carousel

With over 25 years of history, Vidir is excited to share one of its longest-running solutions for organizing, storing, and dispensing; the Vidir Wire Carousel.

This unit’s slick compact design will be a perfect addition to any store or warehouse. Wire, cable, hose, and assorted spooled goods may be stored and retrieved with the push of a button. The carousel features 5 to 13 carriers with three-wire bays per carrier. Wire bays feature seven interchangeable positions per bay, providing a fully customizable interior that can manage a wide variety of spool sizes, both quickly and efficiently.

For even more flexibility, each wire bay can host a single spinner, which features up to 28 additional rotating positions, so that even the smallest spools are stored efficiently.

Vidir’s Wire Carrousel features an easy load system that allows a single operator to manage even the heaviest spools.

When precision dispensing is required, Vidir is able to offer two different solutions for counting, cutting, and re-rolling wire.

One, a suspended system that slides on a track attached to the front of the carousel. And two, a cart system that operates independently of the carousel, allowing it to be moved in and out of position as needed. Vidir Wire Storage Carousel continues to push the limits of ingenuity and excellence.

The Vidir Wire Carousel are a good choice for any business with any applications using wire. These are the same system you see at a Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Simple, reliable and a standard for storing reels of wire. Boasting a pretty simple design over 99 percent of the time they don’t get sent with any fancy electronics. Most customers just order a keypad with a push button on it that allows the operator to rotate up or down. That’s exactly how you see it in Home Depot or Lowe’s. You do have the opportunity to add light curtains to the front of it if you’re someone who is very safety oriented and have a bunch of protocols you need to meet for your business. Then we can add light curtains to a Wire Carousel. You can look at the safety record at Home Depot and Lowes to see just how safe they are. 

Another option you have on a wire carousel unit is adding rear controls. You can add the same control setup that you have on the front on the rear as well, allowing you to access this machine from front and back. Other options include a bunch of different power options. They can be sold with three phase and a few of them we can be in built a single phase as well. That’s kind of on a case by case basis. If you are looking for a single phase power, we can see what options we have for you.

Vidir Wire Carousel Merchandiser
Vidir Wire Carousel Merchandiser

Weight load for Vidir Wire Carousels are pretty much the same for most units that aren’t HD, thirteen thousand pounds and one thousand pounds per position.

Wire Carousel Options:

There’s a bunch of different options to help the consumer. In this case there’s a wire merchandiser. So that system in orange, above, will actually unwind the wire. So you’ll crank it, it’ll pull the wire out and it’ll measure the wire as you’re unwinding it. And then it’ll also go ahead and cut the wire as well. So you sort of get the product unwound to the length you need then cut the wire in one movement. So that’s used in retail, but also in facilities like Boeing. Boeing puts it on their wire carousels just so they know how much wire coming off of the wire spools. You’ll also see in the back of that, behind the orange thing, on the very right of the machine, there’s a carrier with a bunch of different colors that are green, red, blue. That’s a spinner spool. That option is for multiple smaller reels to get put in one bay.

Vidir Wire Carousel Spinner Spool
Vidir Wire Carousel Spinner Spool

So this Vidir Wire Carousels Carrier consists of three bays and the Spinner Spool option which allows you to make the Vidir Wire Carousel even more storage dense by putting a bunch of reels in only one bay. If your spools are nine inches or less and on reels, then please keep in mind the option to add the spinner spool.
These units come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, as do almost all of Vidir Carousels.

Vidir Wire Carousel Wire Cutter
Vidir Wire Carousel Wire Cutter

Here’s a few more pictures of Vider’s units installed.

This looks like a Home Depot or a hardware store. It shows how the wire mesh looks up top. The back will typically be closed sheet metal and you’ll have one side controls. Now and then you can of have the rear controls as well, but that’s how the will come standard. Just like that, you see at the top of this one, there’s some pretty big reels. We have two different models for this. We have a twenty four inch max reel model. That’s what you’ll see in the hardware stores and typically most of Vidir’s new units going out the door. there are also bigger units for up to 30 inch reels. That’s called a W f45 frame and that’ll handle some of the bigger reels. So it looks like this could be a W 45 right here on the right. There’s some large reel up top.

Vidir Wire Carousel Picture
Vidir Wire Carousel

Pricing will include the price in freight and installation.  We’ll take care of everything except for the hard wiring of the unit. We’ll unload our truck. We’ll take care of the lift equipment. If our customer has lift equipment, we need a forklift and a scissor lift, we can use that to lower the price of install.  Installation takes about two days per unit, two and a half worst case scenario. It can also be done as fast as one and a half. Much depends on if you can have the site ready and clear.

Outside of Home Depot and Lowe’s, what other types of companies are purchasing wire carousels?

You name it! From Boeing to Samsung and everything in between. Airplanes have wiring appliances have wiring, you name it, so many companies use wire carousels from Vidir. Anybody that has wiring. All the major auto manufacturer for their wiring harnesses, many boat manufacturers for their wiring harnesses.

Vidir Carousels also accommodate pneumatic hosing. In fact many types of hosing and tubing. We supplied one for a pet store holding tubing, any product stored on reels. So there’s a huge opportunity for any company that is involved with wire at all. Big companies like John Deere all the way to a little mom and pop shops that are just doing all kinds of little stuff. We supplied a vertical wire carousel to a company the other day that builds RC Cars. I mean, you name it, so many companies use wiring, and you have to store it somewhere. Wire carousels have probably one of the most variety of different customers that use wire carousels. So many companies use wire carousels. Lowe’s and Home Depot have really made this carousel take off. It’s nice to tell a customer these are the same work horses they see run safely everyday in Lowes and Home Depot.

A common question when someone starts looking at Wire Carousels is, how can I see one in person? Well the good news is you can see one almost any Lowe’s or Home Depot. And anyone can go. We can meet you there to tell you more about  the design, the idea, and you’ll see for yourself how simple the carousel really is, how it works, how it’s moving, how it’s loaded, how it’s unloaded and how it can benefit you to store your wire reels. And most likely that carousel at Home Depot is probably 5, 10, or 15 years old. So it gives you a good piece of mind on longevity since many Home Depot units are even 20 years old. That will make you feel good as well. Plus, when a customer like Home Depot is buying them for three thousand locations across the country, it also gives you a little bit of faith about the quality!

Many searchers who are not aware of the Vidir brand simply search for motorized wire carousels. With the population of machines in retail environments many companies that use wire to manufacturer products want to find out more information about motorized wire carousels but do not notice the name on the machines in the retail stores.  Please phone 800-326-4403 for information on motorized wire carousels.  The brand is Vidir! 

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