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Guard Shack with a Bathroom

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Dress it up or go basic. What do you need?

Instant Water Heater
Ceiling Light
Exhaust Fan
GFCI GFI Receptacles
Light switch
ADA Compliant grab bars, required space for wheelchair turning radius.

Guard Shack With Bathroom

More options for a guard shack with a bathroom

Recessed Electrical Receptacles Under The Counter
Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror
Shut Off Switch for your Heater
Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Led Lighting
Paper Towel Dispenser.
Soap Dispenser

Guard shack with a bathroom. Applications, ADA Requirements, Gender Requirements if any, and options.

A guard shack with a bathroom is an invaluable asset for many businesses, providing added security and privacy for those who work in or regularly access the building. Whether placed at the entrance of a property or outside a high-traffic area of the building, such as a loading dock, having a guard on duty is an effective deterrent against unauthorized access, intruders, or other potentially unlawful entry. Depending on the size, scope, and purpose of the property, a guard shack with a bathroom can also provide a secure area for recording and tracking various forms of visitor activity.

A guard shack with a bathroom should conform to The American Disabilities Act (ADA) design requirements, which dictate the minimum specifications of the facility, such as wheelchair ramps, adjustable-height fixtures, lever-style hardware, and adequate doorway clearances.

Depending on the property, a guard house may also have gender-specific restrooms, with separate facilities for men or women.

When choosing a guard shack with a restroom for a property, options should be considered with respect to size, shape, function, and amenities.

Many companies prefer to purchase pre-built structures, although custom designs may also be created for specific applications. These guard shacks may be used for a variety of purposes, including the storage of security equipment, checkpointing personnel or equipment entering or leaving the premises, or providing facilities for site personnel taking breaks or meals. Depending on the model, guard shacks may also have fire extinguishers, panic buttons, shelves, alarms, and other features.

A guard shack with a bathroom can provide a secure, private area for site personnel, and ensure that all ADA requirements are met.

With a variety of sizes, shapes, and features available, companies can find a model that not only provides the desired level of security and protection, but also offers comfort and privacy to those using the facility.