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Bring your bar stock storage up to date with a Vidir Vertical Lift. A Vidir Lift for Bar Stock brings your bar stock to you at working level on a cart so it can easily be moved to the fabrication area so you may move your bar stock products safely. 

Watch this video all the way through!!!!
You can see how traditional storage is so inefficient with floor space. Bar Stock can sprawl out for miles!
And how about the depiction of a fork lift pulling bar stock from up high. That was just the way it had to be but not anymore.
Your staff deserves the safety a Vidir Vertical Lift for Bar Stock Unit can bring to your plant.

Vidir Vertical Lift for Bar Stock is your Vertical Storage Solution.

Vidir vertical lift system for industrial goods is a high capacity automated storage system. The VLS increases material throughput, workplace efficiency, and safety.

The VLS features an elevator that climbs the front of the tower to deposit and retrieve cartridges. This allows for direct delivery to production machines, creating a continuous material flow while reducing material changeover times.

Traditional storage occupies a larger footprint, is less time effective, and presents the possibility of catastrophic failure. The VLS provides a controlled environment that can safely store and retrieve material while making use of overhead space.

The system can accommodate a wide variety of material types and dimensions, making it a go-to storage system for your specific needs and applications.

Carts can be integrated to load and unload the system with multiple cart paths available for site-specific requirements. Vidir Vertical Lift for Bar Stock is your vertical storage solution.

What is steel bar stock?

Steel bar stock refers to a type of steel product that is manufactured into long, solid and straight bars. It is typically used for a variety of construction and manufacturing applications, such as components for machines and devices, beams and other structural supports, hand tools and supports for foundations.

How much can bar stock weight?

The weight of bar stock will depend on its size and material, with standard steel bar stock ranging anywhere from 10-130 pounds per foot.

Is bar stock in standard lengths?

Yes, steel bar stock is generally cut into standard lengths, meaning that it is a ready-made solution for manufacturing needs. Generally, these standard lengths range from 3 feet to 24 feet.

Are there safe way to store bar stock?

Yes, there are safe ways to store bar stock. The most important factor is to make sure that the bar stock is stored in a cool and dry location and away from any sources of heat and moisture. Additionally, it is important to inspect the bar stock for any signs of damage or warping before use.

Is there shelving designed to store bar stock?

Yes, there are several shelving systems designed specifically for bar stock storage. These shelves provide easy organization and help to keep bar stock secure and safe. Many also have adjustable levels to accommodate different sizes and shapes of bar stock.

Is cantilever rack an option to store bar stock.

Yes, cantilever racks are also an option to store bar stock. They are large-scale storage racks that feature adjustable arms to customize the system and are capable of holding large amounts of bar stock. Cantilever racks are also ideal because they are easy to assemble and provide quick access and organization of bar stock.

How about a robotic system to store and retrieve bar stock?

Yes, there are automated systems that can store and retrieve bar stock. These systems feature robotics and automation technology to use bar stock efficiently. They are ideal for applications that require a high level of accuracy and speed, such as machine tooling operations.

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