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Why would a librarian or architect use an Estey Library Shelving Brochure?

Librarians and architects can use library shelving brochures to help them understand the different types of shelving available, the size and capacity of shelving, the different materials used for construction, and the various options for customization. It can also be useful for researching the correct installation and laminar flow requirements for the shelving in order to ensure the shelving is properly installed and functioning.

What accessories can be found in an Estey library shelving brochure?

Library shelving brochures typically include information on a variety of accessories, such as shelf dividers, dividers with labels, shelves of various depths and widths, lighting fixtures, shelving accessories kits, and laminate finishes. They may also provide information on support posts and brackets, as well as floor and wall mounting options.

Do architects specify library shelving?

Yes, architects can specify library shelving. They may be responsible for selecting the size, shape and color of the shelving, in addition to specifying the type of material to be used in the construction. Additionally, the architect may specify the appropriate standards for installation and laminar flow requirements.

Estey shelving has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its durability, flexibility and customizability.

Estey products offer a variety of options in terms of sizes, shapes, colors and materials, as well as customizable accessories such as shelf dividers and lighting fixtures. Estey library shelving is also highly praised for its aesthetic appeal and value for money.