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BASC Allstor Archival Shelving

BASC US made Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving

Basc USA is a manufacturer of high-quality storage solutions for a variety of applications. One of their most popular products is the Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving system, which offers a reliable and versatile storage option for businesses, warehouses, schools, and many other institutions.

The Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving system is designed to be easy to install and highly customizable to meet the specific needs of each user. 

The shelves are constructed from durable steel, which is coated with a powder finish to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable solution for storage.

One of the main benefits of the Boltless Rivet system is that it doesn’t require any special tools or skills to assemble. It comes with a snap-together design that allows for quick and easy installation without the need for nuts, bolts, or screws. This feature results in significant time and cost savings, making Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving one of the most affordable and convenient shelving systems on the market.

BASC Allstor Tire Shelving

The applications of the Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving system are numerous, ranging from home and small business storage to large warehouse and distribution centers. 

It can easily be configured to hold a wide range of materials, including heavy tools, supplies, equipment, and products. The shelving system is suitable for storing office files, products, and equipment as well.

One of the most popular applications of the Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving system is for industrial warehouse storage. 

The shelving system can hold pallets of products, making it ideal for businesses that require efficient storage solutions for their inventory. The system can be used for long-term storage, as well as for quick and easy access to products that are in high demand.

Another application of the Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving system is for schools, offices, and archives. 

The system can be used to store files, books, and other documents, making it easy for students, teachers, and professionals to access the materials they need. It can also be configured to hold equipment and supplies, making it an ideal storage solution for busy offices.

BASC is the well known manufacturer of US made Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving 

Made in and shipped from Detroit Michigan.
BASC  produces Allstor Brand Boltless Rivet shelving. You will  see the Allstor logo on pretty much everything BASC produces. 
If you’ve got floor plans or you’re trying to figure out how much shelf, how many shelves we can get in this space, we’re happy to do that for you. We will put together an auto drawing. BASC business all started in archival storage shelving for  paper records.
BASC Allstor Archival Shelving.
BASC has widespan shelving, which is an archival storage shelving. This is a wide span shelving for archival storage. So you can see that it holds multiple boxes, the multiple boxes high and then this is easy to select. It’s a single select one box for shelf, one box per position rather on a shelf. So it makes the boxes very easy to get to. These are records that people get to often. These would be records that you’ve got to keep around in an office, a storage facility for seven years so we can do either one and you can mix and match components if you need to. 
So for archival storage boxes, we’ve got specific width of shelving. Forty to fifty six and sixty nine for the bulk storage. These are set up specifically for bigger boxes of typical sizes. The typical box set is twelve and a half by 15 and a half by 10, ten and a half. And we figure the weight on that is about the average is 40 pounds. And then we do transfer boxes. They call them, they’re twenty five and then at the 70 pound box and the sixty nine inch shelf is kind of unique to us that you can put five boxes on it. We find that we can do quite a bit of space in that, and then the same thing holds true for easy. But we do a 30 40 too and we only go up to fifty six inches wide.

And then the bulk storage for BASC is the same thing.

It is a low profile where you can put “stuff” on it. You can really put anything that you want on it and you can see it in this picture. We figured it would be in boxes, big and small boxes on top. It’s just low profile. You see, there’s no side support. We don’t need to support the sides up to twenty four inches in depth. And the the shelf itself is concealed by this metal being that goes in here. We’ve got up to twenty six foot tall with up to 60 inches wide with the shelf capacity of five hundred pounds of shelf capacity is up to five hundred pounds with a very large inventory we have in stock. So with this product, we can get it out within the a lot of times within three days we can ship this shelving out.
And then this is a white band unit, the white band, and this we use this a lot in industrial industrial settings, machine shops. This can go anywhere. We see it all the time, just about anywhere. And this is depths up to nine to seventy two inches. And in combination with up to ninety six inches high, up to twenty six feet up to a two thousand pound capacity. And we also do wire deck, particleboard deck. And the real deep thing about this, you can do this with low or white band. It’s compatible with anybody’s mobile system. So if you use a spade or a mobile system with our mobile rail that we have and then we do a D.R.C., which gives us extra capacity.

And then the particleboard wired back and the iron clad.

And then we get into it’s not so much we do this every day, but still we still have a place. We still we’re still doing our restored legal and letter open filing systems and the art storage, this art storage shows a picture. I didn’t have one of one that we did recently, but we’re doing this now with this hardboard divider instead of the the rods. They have backstops, so you can’t just slide everything right off the bat and they also you see right there, there’s a backstop at that level. So when you push that file and you’re not going to push it right off the bat with me so hard.

BASC also does tire tracks. This is a really popular thing in car, truck and ATV dealerships.

Utah, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, all the auto and truck dealerships are mandating that they store more tires on their showroom floor. And not only the showroom floor, but in their service centers, and this really works well for them, so they can store their tires on it and have it available for the showroom.  It’s a real good place to look for this kind of stuff that we traditionally weren’t in the, again, the tire racks or are compatible on a mobile system. 
We use a TDR, which is like a D-R, but it’s just it’s kind of bent a little bit further than a traditional D.R. So they’re angled to match those tires. So when the tire goes into it, it has a nice place to cradle. We do those in single and global entry. So you can also do this with carts with white span or GoPro, you can see this is a local cart here and a wide spanker. Here we have a special caster bracket that we show up in here, which is has many different uses when you get into the cars. We have the X type of car here, a white man and a local cart. So really. 

There’s a lot of different places that you can use if you do garment racks. 

That you see here, this is just a typical garment rack, a lot of times this will be used in conjunction with somebody that might have a uniform or any type of a uniform distribution or program that they have within their facility. Use this even did this in a couple. This was in Dunhams, went into, I think, five or six Dunnam stores, sporting goods stores for all their hanging in their back room. So it’s a pretty unique so it’s pretty unique situation that you can do for there and some other configurations. We have your packing stations, workbenches and worktable. This is all standard stuff that it has been configured in a different way, particleboard, toss part of the word shelf underneath the shelf. This shows the same workstation without the upper this top section here. So very easy to build, very easy to do and really unique. are in a facility, this is a good way to get some workstations that are very, very economical with Price Point.
BASC offer the full catwalk system. We do all the drawings for you, from the initial lay out free. You just tell us how much room we’ve got and we’ll put it all together for you. 
And obviously, we can go up to twenty six foot high. We have that’s all done with wideband, but it can be done in local as well. These are the walking catwalk system. So for picking operation, somebody that’s doing quite a few things need some more space. It has to go up. This is a very, very good option. 

Depending on the product, we can get it out of its stock three or four days, if not stock at three or four weeks.

Everything comes with assembly instructions, every one of our orders, so this happens to be wide span assembly instructions, but this is kind of layout for everything. So if they had guards on it, this is the site. You put the site together and then the step two would be the front and back. They go together. And then three or four is just how what what style of shelf did they have? And then obviously putting up the shelf that got itself.  a couple photos and I wanted to show you of different uses for the product. This is a liquor store in Michigan it could be Ohio or anywhere.  This is a particular liquor store that used all BASC Allstor Shelving. And they use a really ladder. We also supply ladders. 

Here’s one with a different type of rolling ladder. 

But still it’s the same shelf. It’s all low profile, tons of liquor storage. And then this is a local unit with Melanie, Allstor clad shelf and would top, obviously this would top, we all do and this is a great melody. We only do white all through clad. But if you wanted to get your own wood, it can be cut.

This is a high the catwalk system that we did in the High Bay Ridge system. 

So this one’s a catwalk where they’re selecting and picking from this. This has got to man up stock selector and drive by wire in the in the floor for that stock selector.

And then it’s just another picture of the whole Allstore in the office environment. 

The BASC Allstor product is relatively inexpensive. It’s high quality, built here in the United States and there’s plenty of opportunities for it. 
Once businesses buy Allstor they kind of tend to have babies because they . You put something in one place and they’re like, hey, we need something else. You need something else. And this can be configured in a way. It’s not just one thing. And that’s why I kind of show that all the other stuff, the tire racks in the garment racks and the work benches, people don’t usually think of that kind of stuff when they’re looking at fast. And if you’ve got somebody that’s looking for economical workbench, you can’t really be us. And then. Another way to sell it is if you just do this deal from us and then you source the wood from somewhere there or let your end consumer source the wood. They’ll save a ton of money, you know, if I keep your would on shipping wood all the way across the country and that tends to get expensive.

Shipping from basically Detroit, Michigan.

So it’s a good hub. The ship from I got a ton of places are a ton of options. A lot of great companies come in here and it keeps our freight costs low. I think a little bit lower because we get a lot of freight companies for the automotive in. So there’s a lot of LTL carriers and that’s what we do.

In conclusion, the Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving system is a versatile and reliable storage solution that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Its snap-together design, durable steel construction, and powder finish make it a cost-effective and convenient option for businesses, schools, and organizations of all sizes. Whether you need to store products, equipment, files, or supplies, the Allstor Boltless Rivet Shelving system is a smart and efficient storage solution.