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Mobile Guard Booth

Mobile guard booths make a great addition to your security crew for your short term, long term, or permanent needs. Because of their rigid floor frame and tough materials, these booths can be picked up and moved from location to location for all your security needs. Our mobile guard booths can be custom-made for each customer. We can add extra space, surveillance, or bathrooms to your guard house. If you don’t have time to wait, we provide a “quick ship” option for our mobile guard booths, which can be designed, engineered, constructed, and shipped within 5 days of your order.

Past Project: Mobile Guard Booth for CSU

This Project at Charleston Southern University provides a great example of the versatility of our guard booth product line.  Director of Security on campus, John E. Wilson, found CSU was in need to boost their campus security.  They needed a work area for their campus security officers, but the space needed to be mobile in order to assist in events on opposite sides of the campus.  After collaborating on the design, the end result was a fully mobile, 4′ x 8’ trailer-mounted guardhouse. The building provides a comfortable work area for the security officer on site and comes in a color perfectly suiting the rest of their beautiful campus.

On the project, John E. Wilson stated, “I am very pleased with the building and our officers are extremely happy to have this new addition to our security program.  I will definitely order from Panel Built again for any other building needs.”

Highest Levels of Protection

Mobile Guard Booth

Ballistic or Non-Ballistic: 

 Special security features are offered to customize the building to your location requirements and to keep your employees comfortable as well as secure. All levels of UL and NIJ ballistic protection is available.

Mobile Guard Booths

Mobile guard booths are an effective and convenient form of security measure. They are designed to provide a secure area for personnel monitoring without the need for permanent installation. Mobile guard booths are often used at events, schools, and other locations, to provide a secure location to monitor surveillance and access points.

Mobile guard houses are typically constructed with steel, providing a durable and secure structure.

The exterior of the booth has a locking door, with windows on each side to allow for visibility. Some booths are also equipped with CCTV cameras, motion detectors, intercoms, and access control systems for added security. Inside the booth, personnel have control over the surveillance and access activities taking place outside the booth.

These booths are easily moved from one location to another, making them beneficial for temporary installations.

This allows for not just flexibility, but also adaptability in terms of deployment to different locations. Additionally, mobile guard booths require less installation and maintenance, as compared to permanent installations.

Mobile guard booths are customizable, allowing the user to modify their structure or features to fit their specific requirements.

This includes features such as a higher window or reinforced door, and added steel walls or panels. Depending on the level of security necessary, additional features such as automated access control systems, biometric scanners, or bulletproof glass can be added.

Another benefit of guard booths is the amount of time they can save.

By avoiding the need of installing a permanent booth, personnel time can be saved, as the booths can arrive pre-constructed and ready to use. This eliminates the need for labor to construct or maintain permanent structures, such as those usually found at airports or government buildings.

When selecting a mobile guard booth, selecting appropriate size is important.

The size should depend on the intended use and the number of personnel who will be utilizing the booth. Generally, the larger the booth, the more equipment can be included and the more personnel can be monitored. It is important to ensure the booth is large enough to suit the planned use, but also not so large that it becomes unwieldy to move. The booth should always fit the intended space.

Due to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of booths, they are a favorite security measure of many organizations.

They provide a convenient and secure space for personnel to monitor surveillance and access points, without the labor and expense of permanent installation. With additional features, such as automated access control systems, they can become an even more powerful tool to secure an area. Mobile guard booths can be easily transported from one location to another, making them an ideal choice for temporary installations.