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Cleanrooms are classified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) based on the number of air contaminants. ISO has established nine classifications, ranging from Class 1 (one particle for every 0.5 cubic micrometers of space) to Class 100,000. Panel Built is experienced in creating cleanroom environments and can assist with every aspect of the project, from understanding the terminology to designing and installing the appropriate cleanroom components. Panel Built’s wall system can build Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 cleanrooms, and can customize the wall system to meet higher level classification requirements. Request a quote today.

Features of Modular Cleanrooms in Utah include designs that comply with ISO standards:

Hidden in-wall air chases, double-wall chases, positive internal pressure, ducting for Fan Filter Unit (FFU), and a filtered air-return louver. Wall facings can include vinyl-covered gypsum and non-porous FRP.

Options for cleanrooms include:

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters, single package air-conditioning, “Sticky Mats” to trap dirt and grime, air curtains, and anterooms (entrance air-lock)

Port a King Modular Clean Rooms

Modular Cleanrooms in Utah Options

– The cleanroom may have an air pass through a window or door.
– Ante-rooms and gowning rooms can be included for additional contamination control.
– The option of including High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) or Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters is available.
– Positive or negative air pressure can be used in creating the cleanroom environment.
– A hidden return air chase system can be implemented to aid in making the cleanroom more efficient.
– Air curtains and high speed roll-up doors can be chosen to optimize movement in and out of the cleanroom.
– Sticky mats can be used in the entryway to minimize contaminants.
– The flooring material can be selected based on the cleanroom environment and desired level of clean.
– Fully electric cleanrooms are an option.
– Various windows and doors can be chosen to ensure the cleanroom meets specific industry requirements.

Who would use a modular cleanroom in Utah?

  • Industrial 
  • Manufacturing
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Negative Pressure
  •  Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy/Compounding
  • Electronics
  • Labs and Testing Facilities
  • Military
  •  Aerospace
  • Optics
  • Food Testing
  • University Labs
  • Semiconductor
Modular Cleanroom with Overhead Doors

Customize Your Clen Room in Utah 

One size does fit all in cleanrooms. Tell us what you need and we will design and build it to specification. overhead doors, sure! Overhead ventilation? Sure!