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Jail Lockers

In a jail, you would typically find a range of Lockers designed specifically for securely storing individual items and personal possessions. These lockers are usually constructed from steel, and feature metal keys or combination locks. Additionally, many jails include tamper-proof locks or RFID-enabled locks to help prevent unauthorized access and tampering. Some jails may also include lockers equipped with CCTV security cameras for added security.

Jail Lockers

Jail Lockers – Evidence Lockers

Evidence lockers provide secure and reliable storage solutions for a variety of evidence materials. They come with a range of security features that prevent theft, vandalism and unauthorized access, while also ensuring the safety of the evidence materials. Additionally, maintaining a chain of custody is important when using an evidence locker in order to ensure that all interactions with the evidence are documented.

Gun Lockers – Jail Lockers

Gun lockers in a jail are typically used by correctional officers to store and secure firearms when they are not in use. This helps ensure the weapons are not accessible to inmates, which would create a potential security risk.

Jail Lockers

Inmate Storage Lockers – Jail Lockers

Inmate storage lockers are used to store personal items that an inmate has been permitted to keep in their cell or other areas of the prison. This can include clothing, toiletries, and other material possessions.



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Jail Lockers

Jails typically need lockers within the following departments:

1. Visiting Area
2. Intake
3. Security
4. Housing Units
5. Cellblocks
6. Control Room
7. Armory
8. Medical
9. Kitchen
10. Recreation
11. Maintenance
12. Laundry
13. Canteen
14. Supply and Logistics

What types of things would you find in an evidence locker and what kind of security is needed for Jail Lockers?

Evidence lockers are used by law enforcement and other security services to store and secure evidence collected during investigations and criminal proceedings. These lockers come in a variety of sizes and are designed to store a wide range of items, including evidence materials such as documents, videos, photographs, digital media, weapons and other confiscated items.

To ensure that evidence is securely stored, evidence jail lockers are designed with a variety of security features in Jail Lockers. 

These include heavy duty steel construction, tamper-proof locks, reinforced doors, and combination locks. Additionally, some evidence lockers may also feature climate control, such as temperature and humidity control, to ensure that evidence is not damaged by extreme temperatures.

The security features of evidence lockers are designed to protect evidence from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Additionally, many evidence lockers also include features such as RFID tracking systems, biometric access systems, and CCTV surveillance cameras. Furthermore, for added security, many evidence lockers are also reinforced with fireproofing materials and features such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms.

When using an evidence locker, it is important to maintain a chain of custody, which involves documenting all interactions with the evidence, who accessed the locker, and when the locker was opened Jail Lockers.

Additionally, some lockers may also require that users sign in and out when entering and exiting the locker, and that they scan their ID cards and/or type in their ID numbers.