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Enasys Asset Tracking Software is software for asset tracking in “real time”. 800-326-4403

EDP a holding company that includes color flex and tri optics, which is our print division. They do file folder labels and labels for paper media. And Enasys is the software division that focuses on RFID and barcode asset tracking systems. The company focuses on real time asset tracking. Basically it’s a pretty simple problem that all factories and a lot of industries have.

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Basically, what you want to know is, where are my assets?

Every year in the US alone, there’s 50 billion dollars worth of assets lost. But what we found from our customers is equal, if not more, amount of money lost in searching for assets, assets that may not necessarily have left the facility or been stolen. They’ve just been misplaced. And you have somebody walking around searching for those items and slowing production. And it’s also interfering with the day to day work. So a couple of things that we’re looking at. We want to know the last known location of the asset. So the location of the asset will actually show up on the map.


A lot of customers have the last known location pumped into their business systems.

So that pretty simple piece of data. But it’s it’s a very critical piece, right? Because every every customer is constantly moving around their facilities. You have laptops, you have equipment, tools that are constantly on the go, and especially in the world of Covid, Everybody starting to or has suggested to work from home schedule. But many companies have fallen behind on who has what assets, who has what computer. And there’s a lot of a lot of opportunity for lost assets there and stolen assets as well. So the other thing that we’re looking at is the chain of custody. So why is responsible for the asset. 

So those are pretty critical tools that we use. 

We can set up the asset tracking system system in a number of different ways. So the most high end tracking is going to be the real time asset tracking that’s going to show up basically a full coverage of your facility, exactly where the asset are, watch the assets, move around on the map, or watch the people move around on the map with the assets and be able to track down exactly where they are.

Tracking On The Room Level

Then the next step down from there, which seems to be the majority of customers are tracking on their room level. So we’re able to create basically pinch points with antennas and see when an asset enters a room and when it leaves the room and who is around in that area so you can associate it.

Enasys Assett Tracking Benefits:

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
User Roles
RFID/ Barcodes
Handheld Scanners

The very basic install is with computers. So you can check in and check out to associate somebody with an asset, to do inventory. They go into a room and you can scan with RFID. It’s pretty cool technology. It’s been around for a while, but it’s effectively a barcode system that is wireless. So you’re able to walk into a room and take hand scanners, walk around in a circle every asset within 30 feet is picked up and scanned. So it really helps out with the speed that you’re able to scan rooms. 

A major hardware company tracking their TV screens and their retail outlet has to go up on the ladder to scan inventory. 

They have to have numerous safety approvals to climb up the ladder to scan the barcode. With RFID, we were able to walk around the facility on the ground, scan those assets and one, be more accurate because the employees that are typically doing that are even entry level employees. They’re going to cut corners, don’t want to climb up the ladder. But also save a lot of safety concerns as well as find a lot more assets, so it’s kind of interesting their dollar amount on their inventories was 50 percent of what they actually had within the facility. So these companies are going around doing inventories and the employees weren’t doing a good job of keeping track of those. 

We were able to prove that their asset account was completely off

So we were able to prove that their asset account was completely off. So that’s kind of our applications, really very right, because those hand scanning applications are pretty inexpensive. They can start at ten thousand, up to fifty thousand. Our pinch point door set for the RFID systems range anywhere from a hundred thousand on up from there. And full tracking is usually the real time that the tracking is usually three hundred thousand. But the nice thing is Enasy asset tracking software at those price points are still a low price.

Any assets that you have can be trackable.

One of the key studies that will go for a little bit later is with an aerospace manufacturer. And we didn’t really understand the value until we talked to the to this customer about tracking low value assets, because we always assume that our customers would be tracking high value assets that are worth more than the tags themselves. But they have these things called Travelers’ that go around with the product. It is basically just a word for the paper with information about the manufacturing pieces. That notebook is less than a dollar to create. It’s really inexpensive, but they were wasting five thousand dollars a day searching for this asset. 

So we did a full Real-Time install for that company, which we talk about further down this page . 

Their return on investment was with less than a year. So starting with really simple assets like file folders going up from there, you can be tracking tools, equipment, with a toaster, anything leaving the building and the fixed assets like desks, anything that has value because you’re able to track the depreciation schedule and track exactly where those are. And they get moved, of course, IP equipment, cell phones, computers and people as well. So it’s pretty much a small list of some of the assets that we’re able to cover, but we’re able to cover pretty much every asset out there.

There is a lot of interest in asset tracking from Medical Device Manufacturers. 

They’re tracking everything from travelers on up to million dollar machinery, tools and everything in between. Enasys Asset Tracking Software is used by one company  that is crazy about tracking rulers, which you wouldn’t really expect as it is a low value asset. But rulers need to be calibrated and it’s a lengthy process to do so when you’re a medical manufacturing. And if one of those systems disappears, it’s incredibly disruptive to the manufacturing line health care industry, whether it’s checking hospitals and assets through there or tracking inventory, aerospace, manufacturing and aerospace in general with high value assets as well as low value assets like the travelers, 

any sort of manufacturing with tracking tools, tracking travelers and tracking high value equipment, education that can be used for I.T. assets and education equipment, library books, anything, anything that has monetary value. 

A lot of government, whether it’s tracking assets through a facility or just associating chain of custody of those assets and warehouse, whether it’s tracking equipment in the warehouse or also tracking products or just some of the industries that we can cover. But realistically, this system covers all industries, right? Every company has assets that they need to track.

And these problems are on a different scale for each company. But there are problems that are major concerns, especially when you’re tracking equipment with security concerns and the potential of getting hacked there. There’s a lot of a lot of concern in those areas. So one of the medical device companies that we’re working with is doing the pinpoint tracking. So this project is a one point one million dollar project. They’re tracking of other sites. 

They’re tracking women

And that leaves the building what room it’s in. And they have major issues with their production line constantly changing and asset will be put into storage and they don’t know exactly where that asset is. So there’s many examples where they’ve lost machinery and find where that is months later down the road or know what building attack, but they’re also crazy about tracking rulers. We thought it completely insane to track rulers. But when you look at the process that they’re actually going through, it’s it all makes sense. Right? It’s a lengthy process to get one of these rulers into the room and to use it on the manufacturing floor with this customer.

Enasys Asset Tracking Software set up as middleware, meaning it is connected to a clients business systems. Enasys is pumping in the active information from the business systems and pumping back the last known location. Enasys is implemented at NASA. NASA has been a legacy customer. They actually purchased the very initial version of the software about 10 years ago. They were so happy with that system that they’re completely updating all of their facilities, using the latest Enesys software. So in the one point three million dollar project, they’re really concerned about what assets leave the building and if a person is trained or allowed to check out those assets. So it’s a combination of checking out assets, associating that chain of custody and also moving throughout the building. 

So the installs on this are actually a lot simpler because they’re mostly tracking in the doorway level and specific doorways throughout. 

But there is some advanced features to give email alerts to the asset manager. Should somebody check out that they’re not supposed to or if an asset leaves the building that’s not supposed to as well. The software also always for tracking the depreciation schedule based off of location, NASA can’t seem to find a simple system for depreciation. Every building has their own depreciation schedule. So as the asset moves to a different facility, that depreciation schedules shift the cost of the asset shift and that’s reported their business system.

Another recent project, it’s a major helicopter manufacturer and parts manufacturer. This project was a single building. It’s a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar project. And all they’re tracking is paper notebooks throughout the facility. So the they’re tracking it on a 30 foot grid throughout the building. So you can see exactly where those assets show up within the building. But what’s really interesting about this project is the value of those assets is incredibly low. 

But the value that they’re getting from the software is clearly saving human time so that that’s where they’re seeing their return on investment and they’re not getting delays in production. 

They have more resources that they can allocate towards production and not spending a lot of time looking for these notebooks as they travel to the facility. Those notebooks, well, they’re inexpensive. They’re actually required for their regulations to track on a paper basis. So it’s critical to be able to deliver their products. The software itself also has some nice competitive advantages as well as the way that we’re installing systems. 

So two out of the three case studies above, Enasys went against Debrah, which has huge brand behind it, and we were able to beat them out on both of those deals. The reason we were able to do that is because of our system install. So we’ve developed a way to significantly reduce the cost of RFID systems as they’re being installed, allowing for more granular details.

When it comes to tracking for most of the other companies out there,

using a single reader for antennas were able to put 30 to antenna reader and create a spider web of of antennas out there that really reduces the cost of these installs. So while we’re still in the million dollar range, the project for our competitions are at least double, if not more. And then also makes the deals a lot quicker to close each one of these deals takes a bit of engineering to figure out the systems. So we help and we handhold with each deal and provide that engineering. 

The software itself is designed for the cloud and it’s also works quite a cross of platforms. 

It works on Android and work on iOS. So it gives a lot of flexibility to the customers if they already have phones in house or computers and how it’s going to work with their system. So some of the features that we talked about, check in, check out is a really good sort of entry level feature that associates a person in a place using the hand scanner. The real time location system is going to be the map showing where the assets are in the facility and let you track the last known location.

It’s really an inventory of your assets.

The inventory often gets confused with product inventory, but this is a little bit different. It’s really an inventory of your assets. You’re able to perform this on with whatever interval you want. It can be automated if you have a real time system or can be manual with the hand scanners as well. Our software is incredibly flexible. We track everything from notebooks on up to million dollar assets. So the items that the and the data fields that they want to track, each customer want to track is fully customizable within our software as well as the layout. So that gives flexibility to allow you to track file folders, to track rulers, to track multi-million dollar machinery, to track cars, basically to track whatever you want. And each one of those templates is adjustable and variable. 

So you can have multiple templates within the software to one customer to track rulers as well as file folders within the software. 

The software also has flexibility in the pricing. Our basic system starts out at sixty dollars, but you typically sixty dollars a month, but you typically see deals that are million dollar project come through, but it give that flexibility for the entry level customer to come in with a hand scanner and get on board it.

So we do work with the Military! YES! Quite a lot! 

We have a number of military bases that we’re working with for tracking weapons, as well as some pretty stringent regulations on that as well on the assessment we’re tracking with them as well. So we do have experience and have been in facilities for government and military. 

 Police evidence – That seems like a great application for Asset Tracking!

Yeah, definitely! The chain of custody there is really important, depending on the police officer you talk to, if they’re taking the evidence or not, you got to find the right person that doesn’t want to take it. But there is a great application for that. And you can either have automated systems in there or just a simple an application for police evidence.

And we’re happy to provide military references.

What would be the top five applications:

Manufacturing. If you’re in manufacturing, that’s a huge, huge sector for us and then
any sort of I.T. tracking 
warehousing applications 

a case study in a warehouse where you were actually scanning using drones in the warehouse, in the rack systems.

That would be a large distribution center application. 

a couple of applications there, what what what we’re trying to solve there is kind of automated inventory systems. So whether it’s tracking pallets or tracking the products on the shelves themselves, it’s very difficult to get up on the ladder, scan barcodes. So with RFID, we’re able to be offset the ways that your own application is the cool way of doing that and a quick way of collecting inventory so somebody doesn’t have to be up on the ladder. There’s no OSHA regulations there. We’re also working on some applications that don’t involve drones, but automated essentially robots that go around and scan each one of those facilities. 

So we’ve come up with some creative ideas on how we can make track systems throughout the facility. 

So it’s a very automated way of doing it and doesn’t have the drones flying around the facility for people that are so concerned about those applications. What about once the asset leaves the facility, somebody puts it in their trunk by accident, they put the tools in there and then they go home. Does it just tell you that the assets gone or cannot locate and go ahead? Tom forgot to take this out and it’s sitting in his garage.

Yep. So you can track chain of custody within the software.

There’s a couple different ways to do that. If everybody following the system correctly and checking out the asset that associate that person with that asset and you can set up alerts on it and that that’s been out for more than X amount of days flagged the fact that or send the email to the asset manager. Also, if you have an automated system, you’re able to associate a person to that asset if they forget to check it out. So if you have a scanner at the door, you’ll know who left the door at that, who left the building with that asset and be able to associate that. So that helps to kind of adapt or accidentally not using the system properly, helps automate that.

Ok, so if someone is trying to walk off with that tool, let’s say it’s a stranger in the warehouse, it’s kind of just not going to know that stranger. It couldn’t, like, drive it all the way to that person’s house or something.

Yeah, you basically you wouldn’t be attracting me on the out like where it is on the outside of the building, but you’d be able to track that had left the building and how long it’s been gone and who took that out. If it’s an employee, if it’s a stranger visiting the warehouse, you wouldn’t know.

Moving companies are a good application.

There is equipment, even like the the tie downs that they’re using are frequently lost to the value of those adds up pretty quickly. So we’ve seen companies tracking down on the check and checkout level. It’s a real low price application for them because it’s just an entertainer. And then they check it out of the facility and then they know who’s lost the Kosoff and who’s responsible. The interesting thing with those types of applications is when the employee knows that they’re responsible for the asset, they typically don’t get lost. But when the employee just takes the asset and knows there’s no way to track it back, they don’t really care for it. 

We offer monthly, yearly and one time payments depending on what you need.

Are there fees to upgrade software as you make changes?

They are based off the number of assets and the number of users. And then we have one time fee as well. That’s an option that is based on similar plans.

I think we all know that all of us are losing things, you’re moving a moving company example is really good. Those guys lose those straps and blankets all the time. Getting a customer to look in the eye and say, yeah, we’re losing a lot of stuff that. You know, you’re going to get a mixed response. I think everybody’s losing things. And we know it. I don’t have to talk to a moving company to know they’re losing their blankets and their straps every day. A lot of those can be kind of posed as examples, right, so letting them know instead of asking them what they’re losing, moving companies are typically losing those jobs or typically leaving blanket. We have a system that’s able to track those and then create a chain of custody for for your employee. So you can see exactly who who took the dropped out if they got lost, give you alerts and create a level of responsibility with the employees. 

A real good idea would be, yeah, to start with a question that just says, how are you tracking your assets now? 

It’s a product that almost everybody needs, it’s a matter of exposing them to it and then selling them on the value of the price. There can’t be there can’t be a company in the world that doesn’t need this product.

So we do have Asset Tracking Case Studies for Medical Device Manufactures and users 

Yes, for a small item where we use numerous different tags, so the smallest RFID tags starts with the size of the tip of the pen and it goes up from there. So when you’re tracking really small items, depending on how the item is used, you can either use one of those very small ties and attach it it to the asset.

Or you can use something called a hangtime, which is the larger tag that attached and just hung off of the asset. So you can get a little bit larger read ranges with the larger hash tag if it doesn’t interfere with how that asset is used.

If you do have any other questions,

feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll get back to you very quickly.  So are our software set up with the unlimited hierarchy’s with with locations and many other many other items as well. So you can track a building, you can track then a room in a building, you can track individual rack and on the shelf and bases as detailed as you want to get and for the down from that and. And that can be on the carousel system as well, so there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to tracking the location and how those locations are set up within within the software. And then the systems installed, we can have the antenna set up on every individual shelf, so you can automatically track that or you can track that with a hand scanner as well for the entry level systems. Sometimes we’re doing the tagging, a lot of the enterprise customers prefer us to do the tagging, but it’s as simple as putting stickers on the assets. So for the lower price project, we don’t want to pay the consulting rates for attaching tags. They’re able to do that associated very simply in the software.


Let us take you through the NSA’s data center tape tracking and security solution. 

The solution is comprised of NSA software and middleware and RFID fixed reader portal and tape transport cases. This solution is made to track data tapes accurately, automatically, securely and wirelessly as they move between locations in and out of a vault or inadvertently, as in theft or accidental storage of tapes. NSA staff can moves three hundred and twenty data tapes through his data tape portal. The structure is comprised of a fixed reader with eight antennas strategically affixed within the portal to ensure complete coverage of movement within the portal area. The tapes are assigned to a transport case. 

The transport case has ruggedized plastic doors to enable the UHF RFID signal to permeate and read through the transport case doors. 

The transport case shown is able to hold up to three hundred and twenty tapes. The tape labels on each tape are bar code labels with an RFID inlay. The tapes are inserted into the case with the labels pointing outward, one hundred and sixty tapes are loaded on each side of the transport case as shown. The transport cases then moved through the special portal, as one can see from the side display, all three hundred and twenty tape labels, a read. In fact, all labels are read upon each movement through the portal every time.

In the case where someone has accidentally carried an extra tape through the system,

The system empowered with ENNIS’S software will log an alert using system business rules to record the infraction. The transport case has manageable containers for easy stacking of the tapes within the case, and this software is used to assign the tapes to the container to be transported since 40 tapes were removed from the cart. The new accurate count of two hundred and eighty tapes is recorded. The solution is not tuned for just transport case movement, but we’ll track movement in smaller containers even if the containers are stacked one on top of the other. Asset security is also maintained for assets placed in hidden or on a person within a briefcase or within a handbag. That concludes our tour of the Genesis tape tracking portal solution, please contact us at 800-326-4403 for further information on this product.

Each year, billions of dollars worth of assets are misplaced due to poor tracking systems and human error.

Enasy software enables efficiency by automating the tracking of assets, inventory and manufacturing processes. Each year, billions of dollars worth of assets are misplaced due to poor tracking systems and human error. Enasy Asset Tracking Software automates the process of asset tracking using RFID and bar codes to allow accountability with check in and check out asset inventory user permissions. Enasy’s Software digitizes the manufacturing process tracking with its manufacturing execution system, which has custom alerts for each station with detailed time, quantity, location, customizable alerts, all while giving insight of the entire process to management. Enasy advance tracking system aides the tracking of assets and manufacturing process, helping you stay compliant with regulations and increasing accountability, all the while staying in a completely automated process using radio frequency ID tags. Provide complete solutions. Software, RFID tags and hardware. Contact us today to find out more about Asset Tracking Software at 800-326-4403.