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Sloping pallet rack decking

Sloping pallet rack decking is a type of wire mesh or solid decking that is specially designed to sit on a pallet rack in a sloping position. This type of decking is used for inventory that needs to be loaded or unloaded by gravity. It’s typically used for cartons, boxes, or other packaged products that can flow from the back to the front of the shelf, allowing for easy picking.

Sloping pallet rack decking typically has an angle of about 3 to 7 degrees, and it can be made from either wire mesh or solid decking materials. The angle causes gravity to move products toward the front of the shelf, where they can be accessed easily by workers.

Sloping pallet rack decking is ideal for warehouses that need to move products quickly and efficiently. It not only helps to improve productivity and pick rates but also makes the warehouse safer by reducing the need for workers to strain themselves to reach products from the back of the shelf.

Pallet Rack Wire Deck

A metal grid or mesh panel designed to be placed on the beams of a pallet rack system to provide a surface for storing palletized goods. It helps to increase the stability of the pallets and prevent items from falling through the gaps between the beams. Wire decks can also improve fire safety by allowing water from sprinklers and light to pass through to lower levels.

Benefits of using a pallet rack wire deck are:

1. Increased safety:

Wire Decks provide a stable base for palletized products, reducing the chances of items falling through the shelves and injuring employees.

2. Fire safety:

The wire mesh design allows for increased airflow and visibility, making it easier for smoke and sprinklers to penetrate through the layers of the rack, minimizing the risk of fire.

3. Longevity:

Made from durable materials, such as steel or wire mesh which can withstand heavy loads and usage for a long period of time.

4. Improved storage flexibility:

Wire decks enhance the versatility of the pallet rack system by allowing for the storage of smaller items or odd-sized loads that would typically not fit between rack beams.

5. Easy maintenance:

Wire decks are easy to install, clean, and maintain. They do not require specialized cleaning, and they can be removed and repositioned easily.

Manufacturers of pallet rack decking

There are many manufacturers of pallet rack decking. Some of the well-known and reputable ones include:

1. WireCrafters –

They manufacture welded wire rack decking panels.

2. Nashville Wire Products-

They offer both welded wire decking and woven wire decking.

3. ITC Manufacturing –

They offer a variety of decking materials, including galvanized steel, powder-coated steel, and wire mesh.

4. J&L Wire Cloth –

They specialize in manufacturing wire mesh decking.

5. Hallowell –

They offer both welded wire and woven wire decking options.

6. Husky Rack and Wire –

They manufacture both standard and custom wire rack decking options for both pallet rack and bulk storage rack systems.

7. Steel King Industries –

They manufacture welded wire decks for pallet racking systems.

These are just a few of the many manufacturers that provide pallet rack decking options.

Alternatives to wire deck

Some alternatives to wire decking for pallet rack systems include:

1. Particleboard Decking: It is a relatively inexpensive alternative that provides a solid base for pallets to rest on. They are made from compressed wood particles that are strong enough to support loads.

2. Steel Panels: These offer a more solid surface than wire decking and are ideal for storing small or oddly shaped items.

3. Plywood or MDF Panels: These laminated wood panels can be used as an alternative to particleboard, providing a smooth surface for pallets to rest on.

4. Solid Steel Grating: These are made from welded steel and provide a more rigid and durable alternative to wire decking.

5. Wire Mesh Sides: Wire mesh sides can be used to enclose the sides of the pallet rack system. While they do not provide a surface for pallets to be stored, they can increase safety by preventing products from falling.

It’s important to consider the type of products being stored and the specific needs of the warehouse when choosing an alternative to wire decking.

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