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Modular Cleanroom

Modular Clean Rooms

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Finish Off Your Clean Room Project with these Clean Room Accessories!

Cleanroom Gowning Bench Solid

Clean Room Gowning Benches

Eagle Clean Room Gowning Bench
Metro Clean Room Gowning Bench
Nextel Clean Room Gowning Bench
Clean Room Gowning Rack

Clean Room Gowning Racks

This one pictured happens to be a Eagle Brand Freestanding  Clean Room Gowning Rack

Available in Freestanding or Wall Mount

Eagle Clean Room Gowning Rack
Metro Clean Room Gowning Rack
Nextel Clean Room Gowning Rack

Clean Room Table Metro

Clean Room Tables

This one pictured happens to be Metro Stainless Steel Worktable , 3-Sided Frame, 60″ Long Top, Keyboard Tray, Drawer, Flat Monitor Arm, Wire Shelf. Options: Black Phenolic or Stainless Steel Tops, Casters or Stationary Legs, 

But we have many Clean room Tables from many manufacturers: 

Just Phone 800-326-4403 for assistance. 

Eagle Clean Room Tables
Metro Clean Room Tables
Nextel Clean Room Tables

Cleanroom Work Stations

Clean Room Workstations

Clean Room Manufacturers

Panel Built Clean Rooms

Questions to Consider When Designing and Purchasing A Cleanroom

There are so many questions when designing and building a cleanroom but have lots of experience and can make the entire process so easy!

So what Class is the Cleanroom you require?

There are many classes from
ISO Class 8 ,ISO Class 7 (10,000); ISO Class 6 (1,000); ISO Class 5 (100); or ISO Class 4 (10). We can help you determine what class you require.

What are the dimensions you would like your cleanroom?

The Width, the Length,  and the inside ceiling height are valuable pieces of information.

Would you like a gown room? How about gowning benches or gowning racks?

Will any existing walls be utilized? That can reduce the price and needs to be considered in the layout.

Do you need anti-static or standard vinyl curtains?

Are there any overhead obstructions?

How many doors will you need?

Is a pass-through needed?

Are pre-wired outlets needed?

Would you prefer a clear span interior or are internal posts acceptable??

Would you prefer standard or energy efficient HEPA filters?

Are you interested in Static Neutralizing Equipment?

As we discuss your project there may be more questions but knowing the answers to these questions will really help to get started.

Clean Room Supplies:

Cleanroom Swabs
Cleanroom Wipers
Cleanroom Gloves
Flooring Mats
Cleaners and Disinfectants

Cleanroom Furniture

Cleanroom Static Control Products