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Shop Penco Products Hamilton NC Shelving For Sale Online

Penco Products innovations for shelving, lockers, and pallet rack in 2023. These include:

-Shock-resistant pallet rack shelving with a new rail system designed to protect against seismic activity, wind loading, and roof collapses.
– Adjustable locker systems with up to 8 adjustable levels of customization.
– Nonpenetrating floor anchors for shelving which are pre-installed and secure to the ground without penetrating or damaging the floor.
– Integrated lock tracking system for both static and mobile lockers.
– High quality steel pallet rack posts that are five times stronger than standard posts.
– Smart locker shelving system with an integrated RFID technology to track usage, provide access control, and usage analytics.
– In-rack fire-suppression systems with suppression nozzles for optimal fire protection.
– Ultra-strong storage bins for both lockers and shelving that are available in various sizes and colors.

Penco Products, headquartered in Hamilton, North Carolina, is a global supplier of storage, material handling, and other industrial products.

Founded in 1946, the company’s purpose is to improve quality of life by providing reliable and dependable products. Penco understands the power of innovative thinking and strives to be an industry leader in providing practical, yet lasting solutions to the changing needs of customers.

Penco products include storage solutions such as shelving, shelving accessories, lockers, and specialty storage for retail, healthcare, office, and educational establishments.

The company also has a wide range of material handling products from shop equipment to loading dock equipment. Additionally, Penco has recently introduced a line of eco-friendly alternatives that include recycled materials, water-based roof coatings, and energy-efficient lights.

Penco’s commitment to quality goes far beyond providing great products.

Their team of experienced personnel strives to ensure customers receive the best product for the job and are provided with dependable and timely service and delivery. Penco’s customer service team is available to support customers with any questions regarding products, installations, repairs, and more.

A testament to the company’s commitment to quality and service, Penco has been awarded top ranking in the J. D. Power & Associates 2017 Commercial and Industrial Warehouse Shelving and System Satisfaction Study.

The study evaluated five performance factors including materials quality and variety, operational features and functions, facility location and layout, order delivery speed, and customer service. Penco was rated second highest for overall satisfaction in this report.

Located in Hamilton, North Carolina, Penco Products, Penco Products Hamilton NC, looks forward to continuing to serve its customers with innovative and quality products and services.

The company is an active part of the Hamilton community, participating in several annual events and fund raisers, and providing scholarships to local schools and universities. Penco’s commitment to excellence shines through in the quality of their products and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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