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The loading dock is the first and last place your inventory will visit at your facility. Let’s take a look at the different moving parts that make a loading dock work safely and efficiently. Dock Levelers connect the dock to the trailer. They allow a fork truck to load or unload a trailer easily and safely. Trailer stabilizing jacks are required by OSHA, they provide an extra line of defense in case a trailers on board landing gear fails. When a loading dock isn’t available, our premium scissor dock allows a single person with a pallet truck to quickly and easily unload skids off of a truck or trailer. These are ideal for commercial settings where loading docks aren’t available. A steel or aluminum yard ramp allows a trailer to be loaded and unloaded with a fork truck from pretty much anywhere. Steel and aluminum dock plates and dock boards allow warehouse employees to use their hand truck or pallet truck to board and transfer skids and pallets, dock boards are engineered and built to maximize safety while handling heavy fork trucks and loads. Steel and aluminum will risers elevate semi trailers for maximum service ability during loading and unloading operations? Improve your doc efficiency and safety with loading dock equipment made by vessel manufacturing. The loading dock is the lifeline to the outside world. It is an essential part of any industrial setting. Please visit our web site at best. To download our catalog and to view our other loading dock equipment that we carry. Because we’re Vestal manufacturing, and we’ve got it.