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Vestil Dock Levelers

The loading dock is the first and last place your inventory will visit at your facility. 

Let’s take a look at the different moving parts that make a loading dock work safely and efficiently. Dock Levelers connect the dock to the trailer. They allow a fork truck to load or unload a trailer easily and safely. Trailer stabilizing jacks are required by OSHA, they provide an extra line of defense in case a trailers on board landing gear fails. 

Vestil Scissor Dock

When a loading dock isn’t available, our premium scissor dock allows a single person with a pallet truck to quickly and easily unload skids off of a truck or trailer. 

These are ideal for commercial settings where loading docks aren’t available. 

Vestil Yard Ramp

A steel or aluminum yard ramp allows a trailer to be loaded and unloaded with a fork truck from pretty much anywhere.

Steel and aluminum dock plates and dock boards allow warehouse employees to use their hand truck or pallet truck to board and transfer skids and pallets, dock boards are engineered and built to maximize safety while handling heavy fork trucks and loads. Steel and aluminum will risers elevate semi trailers for maximum service ability during loading and unloading operations? 

Improve your doc efficiency and safety with loading dock equipment made by vessel manufacturing. The loading dock is the lifeline to the outside world. It is an essential part of any industrial setting. Please visit our web site at best. To download our catalog and to view our other loading dock equipment that we carry. Because we’re Vestal manufacturing, and we’ve got it.

Read About Vestil Manufacturing New Product Announcements!!

Vestil Manufacturing Curved Guardrail Reflectors

Vestil Manufacturing New product Announcement! 4.1.22

Vestil Manufacturing Curved Guardrail Reflectors:

Add To New or Existing Guardrails
Provides an additional level of visibility to guardrails
• Curved design for increased visibility.
• HIP reflective tape.
• Perfect for temporary or permanent guardrails.
• Built-in steel hook provides a quick connection.
• Constructed of flexible material.
• Available in white or yellow.

Trailer Stabilizing Jacks

Vestil Manufacturing Trailer Stabilizing Jacks for Sale Online  >

When a semitrailer is uncoupled from a tractor and dropped at a shipping dock trailer. Stabilizing jacks may be necessary for additional support and safety, according to OSHA trailer. Stabilizing jacks manufactured by vessel are designed for safety and when used properly will prevent upending of semi-trailers during loading and unloading operations when they are not connected to a tractor. Vestil manufacturers over 20 different types of trailer stabilizing jacks. But today we’re only going to focus on three. 

First, this economy model is lightweight and easy to position under the trailer. 

This Jack provides a static holding capacity of £50,000. The second model features two large wheels to allow for moving the jack and positioning under the trailer. The two speed hand crank is used for height adjustment and a 24 inch wide lifting surface distributes the load. This model provides a lifting capacity of £50,000 and a static capacity of £100,000. The benefit of this last model is the oversized base that we call our Big Foot Jack. This oversized base is designed for use on softer surfaces, where jacks with a smaller footprint could sink under the weight of the trailer. Trailer stabilizing jacks from vessel manufacturing are one solution you should consider to meet your safety goals and objectives at the loading dock.

Tilt Pallet Jack

Vestil Manufacturing Tilt Master Pallet Jacks for Sale Online >

Portable filters should be an integral part of every ergonomics program where the task requires operators to manually access totes and containers. The tilt master allows operators to maintain a more comfortable upright body position while loading and unloading goods from the container. The full 90 degree fork rotation allows for easy work height access. This product is really two products in one, a container mover and a container tilt to manually move totes and containers by slightly tilting the forks, then pushing or tilt the forks up to 90 degrees with the push of a button to gain easy access to containers and totes. 

Two styles are available for use with different types of containers. 

The unit we have here features a fork over design. The forks nest over the outriggers. This style is also for use with open bottom totes and containers for closed bottom totes and containers. Vestil manufactures a straddle style unit that features forged steel forks and outriggers that straddle the container. Forks are tilted with a two button hand control. The handle folds down, allowing the operator to get as close to the container as possible. A foot operated floor lock is used to safely secure the tilt are in place while using the tilt master portable tilt or from vessel manufacturing should be considered for your ergonomic container handling needs.

Fully Powered Electric Pallet Truck

Vestil Manufacturing Fully Powered Electric Pallet Trucks for Sale Online >

The humble pallet truck is a universally recognized piece of equipment for transporting politicized goods throughout a facility. Sometimes this traditional design is not enough for the demands of a modern fulfillment facility. That is when a fully powered electric pallet truck is needed. This pallet truck comes equipped with an ergonomic handle that features intuitive positioning and forward and reverse throttle controls. 

Also included is the emergency belly safety switch. 

The front of the handle comes equipped with an integrated PIN code, LCD display and speed adjustment button. The unit can only be operated via password verification. There are multiple ways to unlock the pallet truck for use. The display shows the battery life operating hour counter and onboard diagnostics via error codes. A turtle icon reveals itself when pressing the speed adjustment button. The pallet truck comes with a 24 volt lithium ion battery that can be removed and charged separately from the pallet truck. Additional batteries are available for purchase. This fully powered electric pallet truck is the perfect upgrade from the standard manual design.

Nestable Step Stool

Vestil Manufacturing Nestable Poly Step Stools for Sale Online >

This is the polyethylene nestable step stool family. Steps of the same size are capable of being stacked, which allows for better organization and consolidation of space in a work area. All of the steps have a weight capacity of £500. This product family includes the one, two and three step options. Further accessories for the steps include the handrail option, which is available for all of the steps. 

However, the handrail on the single step comes with a single handrail, whereas the two and three step handrail options come with dual handrails for each side of the steps. 

The handrail gives users a steel rail with baked in powder coated toughness to stabilize themselves as they walk up and down the steps. The portable option, which is available for all poly nesting steps, requires the handrail. The portable option allows for easy maneuverability with attached casters. The back rail option, which is available for the two and three step poly nesting steps, requires the handrail option. The back rail gives users three sides of steel rail to stabilize themselves while on the steps. The handrail, portable and back rail options can all be used in unison for the two and three step poly nesting options.

Lift and Tilt Scissor Tables

Vestil Manufacturing Lift and Tilt Scissor Tables for Sale Online>

Lift and tilt scissor tables are designed to place loads in a more comfortable and ergonomically correct position for the operator. This product is a combination of two standard products. A scissor lift table on the bottom and a tilt table on the top. Both which are also available separately from vessel. Once a container is loaded onto the platform, the operator uses the four button hand control to adjust the lift and tilt table to the most comfortable and ergonomically correct position for their body. 

The separate lift and tilt functions are independently adjustable to achieve maximum comfort for each operator. 

The scissor lift portion of this product includes a standard four sided electric pinch point tool guard to protect operators during the lowering cycle. The platform will automatically stop if the tour guide is compressed during descent. Pinch points are protected on the tilt portion of the product by an optional accordion skirt. The lift and tilt scissor table offers a great solution for your ergonomic container handling needs.

Rough Terrain Electric Power Truck

Vestil Manufacturing Rough Terrain Pallet Truck for Sale Online >

The new rough terrain electric power truck from Vestal Manufacturing provides operators with a means to easily move pallet sized goods over dirt, gravel and similar uneven terrain. This unique pallet truck features a straddle design allowing for use with both open bottom and closed bottom pallets to adjustable width. Forged steel forks are included for use, with different pallet sizes weighing up to £3,000. The ergonomic handle includes a variable speed fingertip throttle to control forward and reverse movement. 

Fork raise and lower buttons are located in the handle. 

The unit will also automatically stop while moving if the operator releases the handle. An emergency switch is included in the handle that only operates when the unit is moving in the reverse direction. The unit will stop, then quickly change direction when the switch is bumped. The handle also includes a horn to alert people in the area of your presence. A high lift version of the Rough Terrain pallet truck is also available for those who need access to pallets on semi-trailers. The high lift version features a lifting height of 62 inches. Whether it’s in the warehouse or out in the yard, the new rough terrain electric power truck from vestal manufacturing makes a great ergonomic solution for your outdoor pallet handling needs.

Narrow Mast Electric Stacker

Vestil Manufacturing Narrow Mast Stackers For Sale Online>

Narrow mast electric stackers allow for quick and easy pallet handling. The narrow mass design provides the operator with a greater field of vision when traveling down warehouse aisles for safety. This fully powered electric stacker features both power drive and power lift functions, allowing the operator to move pallets without stress or strain on the body, which could lead to operator injury and fatigue. 

The stacker features adjustable width forged steel forks. 

The straddle design allows for use with both open and closed bottom pallets, skids, totes and containers weighing up to £3,000. Forward and reverse movement is controlled with a variable speed fingertip throttle located in the ergonomic handle. The handle also includes integrated buttons to raise and lower the forks as an added safety benefit. The unit will automatically stop while moving if the operator releases the handle. An emergency switch is included in the handle that only operates when the unit is moving in the reverse direction. The unit will stop, then quickly change direction when the switch is bumped. The handle also includes a horn to alert people in the area of your presence. The narrow mast electric stacker from vessel manufacturing is a smart choice for your warehouse pallet handling needs.

Dock Levelers

Vestil Manufacturing Dock Levelers For Sale Online>

Dock levelers, are designed to safely bridge the gap between loading docks and semi trailers so dock workers can safely engage in loading and unloading operations. Two basic styles of doc levelers are available from vessel manufacturing, edge mounted dock levelers and pit mounted dock levelers edge mounted dock levelers are permanently attached to the edge of the loading dock. 

These dock levelers are designed for medium use applications. 

Since they’re permanently attached to the dock, they’re always on call and ready for immediate use. Most popular is the mechanical style, requiring a simple pull than push motion to operate. Pit mounted dock levelers are the ideal solution for the most demanding high use applications. Operation is very easy with typically the push of a button. The dock leveler will automatically raise, then lower the lip safely onto the floor of the trailer. Is your current dock leveler in need of replacement? Since we manufacture dock levelers, we have the ability to custom make replacements to fit virtually any customer need.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Vestil Manufacturing Stainless Steel Pallet Truck For Sale Online>

Stainless steel pallet trucks are commonly used in food processing, pharmaceutical and similar hygienic environments. Standard carbon steel pallet trucks will simply not hold up to the harsh cleaning and wash down requirements typically found in these environments. 

The benefits of the unique stainless steel pallet truck are the open frame and fork design, which allows for easily cleaning all surfaces. 

The entire Pallet Truck truck is manufactured from the highest quality grade 304 stainless steel materials for long term use in the toughest environments. Bearings are also sealed for waterproof protection. The pallet truck is easily movable, with white nylon wheels and rollers handling loads weighing up to £4,500. This premium stainless steel Powell truck will exceed your expectations as the best built unit available on the market today.

Dock Draft Pads and Draft Matts

Vestil Manufacturing Draft Pads and Draft Mats For Sale

Dock seals and shelters block outside, whether around the two vertical sides and the top of door openings, leaving the bottom of door openings exposed to the outside elements. Draft pads and draft mats from vessel manufacturing are supplemental accessories used to block outside, whether at the bottom corners of dock door openings solving this exposure problem. 

Draught pads are manufactured from vinyl materials and then filled with compressible foam. 

The bottom of each pad is weighted to help create a seal and keep out the weather. Two handles are attached to the top for easy positioning. Draft mats are a slim version of draught pads. They’re basically a weighted mat designed to prevent draughts from entering the building. Handholds are included at each end for easy positioning. Ensure all of your door openings are protected by dock seals and shelters from vessel manufacturing to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for your employees at the loading docks.

Dock Boards and Dock Plates

Vestil Manufacturing Dockboards and Dockplates

Doc boards, also referred to as doc plates are an economical solution for bridging the gap between the loading dock and the semi-trailer. Two locking legs are included to safely secure the product and place between the dock and the trailer. The locking legs also comply with OSHA when the product is properly installed. The difference between dock boards and dock plates is in the sid curbs. Dock boards feature side curbs while dock plates do not. Dock boards also carry a higher weight capacity than dock plates because of the side curves. 

Vestil manufactures ten different styles of dock boards and dock plates, covering hundreds of different sizes and weight capacities. 

First is our aluminum dock plate. This product is manufactured from aluminum tread plate for a lighter overall product weight. Next is our aluminum dock board with steel side curves. This product design features two steel safety curves bolted to aluminum tread plate. The kerbs are powder coated yellow for visibility. Vessel dock boards feature a unique design which allows the front edge of the plate to sit higher on one side for Easy Fork Truck access. The third style is our brand new fiberglass dock plate. This product is manufactured from yellow fiberglass, which provides a product weight even less than aluminum tread plate. If you’re looking for a solution to gain access to semi-trailers at your loading docks, then vessel manufacturing has a product to meet your needs.


Dock Seal

Vestil Manufacturing Dock Seals >

Dock seals and shelters are designed to maintain building temperatures while preventing inclement weather from entering the loading dock area. This reduces the potential of employee injury from slippery walking surfaces by maintaining dry floors. Vestil Manufacturing produces a full line of doc seals and shelters to fit virtually any door opening. All seals and shelters are manufactured from high quality black nylon, reinforced vinyl materials that are cut with precision and accuracy using computer controlled, high powered table cutters. Materials are bonded together for strength and durability using modern RF welders.

Pail Hand Truck

Vestil Manufacturing Pail Hand Truck

A five gallon pale hand truck. This unique product will work with five gallon pails, plastic pails and standard boxes. Why don’t we get into it and I’ll show you the details. The pale hand truck features a fold down five gallon pale device that will interact smooth and neat with your standard five gallon pail. You come in with the five gallon pail, arms down. Notice the plate on the bottom of this is up. You simply push it up into the bottom pail. Put your foot on the axle. Grab the stack of pails. And then pull back and lift at the same time. 

When you want to use the hand truck as the standard hand truck, simply raise the five gallon mechanism and then kick down the nose plate. 

Now the hand truck will operate like a standard hand truck. This particular cart or hand truck is manufactured by vestal manufacturing here in northeast Indiana. The unit is manufactured from steel and it features a heavy duty powder coat, blue finish. It features an adjustable upright backstop. The height of this can be adjusted using the four bolts located on the front of the cart. The pale tea hand truck features solid rubber shock absorbing wheels. These wheels feature a unique design because there’s no air inside to leak out, so they’ll never go flat.

The shock absorbing design comes into play when you’re moving the hand truck down a flight of stairs and the hand truck is empty. 

If the hand truck featured a standard pneumatic wheel and you are going down an empty flight of stairs quickly, the hand truck would have a tendency to bounce down the stairs, kind of like a basketball. Whereas the shock absorbing wheels will absorb the impact. So with each step, it’s going to resist the bouncing and make it easier and safer to go down that flight of stairs. All right, folks, whether you have it, the pail, 85 gallon pail hand truck from vessel manufacturing. Not only is this product manufactured here in Indiana, but we also have the ability to do custom designs and custom colors through our powder coat finishing system. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Packaging Equipment

Vestil Manufacturing Packaging Equipment >

Vessel manufacturing packaging equipment makes your shipping processes much more efficient and convenient. Our stretch wrap machine is great for any shipment that needs plastic or stretch wrapped. It has a ramp for easy pallet truck. Use a stretch wrap dispenser with a friction brake assembly and a foot pedal operated carousel. 

Vestil also offers a number of strapping accessories. Including our strapping kart, which allows you to easily move and dispense your strapping. Vessel’s semi-automatic pallet strapping machine allows you to easily strap boxes or other product to pallets. This product rides on casters for great maneuverability and portability. Bustos high speed strapping machine allows you to strap boxes or products in seconds with total control of the strapping tension. This unit rides on casters too, for great maneuverability and portability.

Maintenance Equipment

Vestil Manufacturing Facility Maintenance Equipment >

Based on manufacturing’s facility maintenance products can add the finishing touches to your work area. Our industrial car increases efficiency for when you need to carry several awkward shaped boxes or products across your facility. Vestas mirrors provide added safety and peace of mind. They are best used at four truck intersections. Our speed bumps can be cured to a number of different surfaces and allows you to slow down traffic in a critical area. Based on manufacturing spray paint rig allows you to ergonomically spray lines on the ground. Our warning siren is easy to use and folds away to a convenient size.

Jib and Gantry Cranes

Vestil Manufacturing Jibs and Gantry Cranes >

Let Material Handling USA take care of your heavy lifting for you with our jibs and gantry cranes. Material Handling USA sells many overhead lifting tools. Gantry cranes come in many different sizes and are portable. They pair nicely with one of our hoists and trolleys. Our power lift jib can be mounted to the floor or to a truck bed as several different extensions and folds down to a minimal size. The hitch is great for anyone moving large objects in or out of their truck bed. The hitch crane does not require any beforehand modifications. Engine crane hoist works well in a number of mechanical settings, everything from setting an engine back into its original position or pulling one out. It can handle the job.

Storage Solutions

Vestil Manufacturing Storage Solutions >

Do you have organization problems? Material Handling USA has your storage solutions. We offer many storage solutions, such as pallet racking. Cantilever racking. Standard sheet racks. And fork extension racks.

Protective Barriers

Vestil Manufacturing Protective Barriers >

Material Handling USA offers many kinds of protective barriers to keep your equipment from getting damaged and you and your coworkers from getting injured. Rack guards and rail systems are great for keeping your inventory protected against accidental fork truck mishaps. Rail systems come in many different sizes to fit your needs perfectly. Building column protectors and steel bollards work great in a loading dock setting. They ensure that critical infrastructure isn’t compromised in high traffic work areas. Corner guards and expanding gates are often utilized where two different work areas meet.

Casters and Wheels

Vestil Manufacturers Caster and Wheels >

Keep your workspace rolling with casters and wheels. Material Handling USA offers casters and wheels for almost any situation. We have one to fit your needs perfectly. Everything from hard rubber, pneumatic, polyethylene, and much, much more. All of our casters have swivel rigid brake and total brake options.

Industrial Carts

Vestil Manufacturing Industrial Carts and Dollies >

Material Handling USA offers a wide variety of carts, dollies and other helpful products for moving almost any awkwardly shaped or heavy object that you may encounter in your line of work. Vestal manufacturing’s carts come in many different sizes and configurations. Our stock picker car is great for pulling items off warehouse shelves when orders come in. They come in several different sizes and heights. But spring loaded, stabilizing legs come standard. Our A-frame cart is great for electrical and plumbing purposes. 

This cart comes with arms that extend 12 inches. 

This allows you to use this cart for storage or the transporting of conduit extension cords, piping and more. We also carry simplistic plastic and aluminum cards. Plastic cards, work well in office settings for moving mail and other office materials, and it folds up easily to fit in your car trunk. Aluminum carts are simple, yet incredibly useful in almost any industrial setting. You can find dollies here at Vestal, too. 

They come in many different styles for different uses. 

Our palette Dolly is a great alternative to a palette truck. The Tilt style palette. Dolly allows you to spin the dolly on the center axle. We offer many other dollars for a diverse number of uses. Hand trucks are a staple at Vestil. We have hand trucks for the 9 to 5 businessmen or the appliances dollar and everything in between. Our Foldaway hand truck is great for carrying boxes of files or papers. It is lightweight and compact. It folds flat so it can fit in any vehicle. Vessel’s appliance hand truck is a unique style that makes moving or installing appliances a breeze. Its safety strap and retractable casters take all the way off of the laborer.

Industrial Ladders

Industrial Ladders >

Give your workers a step up with our industrial and commercial ladders and steps. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles of ladders. Our 11 step rolling ladder is capable of reaching the top of many warehouses. This large yet stable ladder is great for replacing lights or maintaining pipes and wiring around your ceiling. Our fiberglass and aluminum A-frame ladders are similarly useful. They have a simple construction, and certain models come with a platform on top for placing tools or other objects. Thus offers smaller ladders such as our stainless steel folding ladder with wheels. This particular model has three steps, and like all of our folding ladders, it collapses with an easy pull pin. 

The wheels will allow enhanced mobility in both the collapsed and functional state when the application calls for it.

 Small step stools will do the same job as ladders, but with a much lower profile. Here at Bustle, we sell many steps, including the rolling step stool. This store is supported by three casters on the bottom that are spring loaded. Stepping on the stool, retracts the casters and prevents it from rolling around. Our Workmate platforms come in many different lengths, widths and heights for any job or piece of machinery that you might need to reach. If you are looking to conserve space in your work area, look no further than our polyethylene nesting steps. These steps are capable of being stacked inside of each other, which keeps your business or work area nice and tidy. They also come in multiple sizes and have several accessories.

Forktruck Attachments

Fork Truck Attachments >

Fork Trucks are a universal icon of the industrial workspace. They are used to move all kinds of equipment and inventory. Sometimes their standard hardware just can’t quite get the job done. That’s where fork truck attachments come in. The most popular Fork Truck attachment is the hopper. The H style hopper is low profile and ideal for convenient loading. Dumping with the H style is quick and simple with a cable that can be pulled from the seat of the Fork truck. This hopper can return to its normal locked position once it is lowered to the ground. 

The DX style hopper is self dumping with a bumper release on the front of its fork pockets. 

This hopper automatically dumps when the bumper contacts the front of a dumpster and it will automatically spring back into its original locked position once it is finished. Dumping the DH style hopper can also be dumped with a cable if necessary. In addition to these two styles, many other specialty styles are available. All Hopper’s are made of carbon steel and finished with a tough baked in powder coat hooks, lifts, towing, accessories and booms are available to. These allow for heavy or awkward shaped objects to be carried with ease. Fork extensions and rams are great for dealing with material that is particularly long or wide.

Fork extensions can come in round or triangular shapes for moving large rolls of material, and they easily slide onto the existing forks on your fork truck. 

Rams are also useful for moving rolls of material, but they pick up the roles from the inner cores. Keeping your work area clean and safe is top priority for any business. That is why there are a variety of cleaning and safety products, scrapers, sweepers and more make cleanup at the end of the day, a breeze. Safety products such as the carriage, bumper led, pedestrian light and the fork leveler keep workers safe on the job. Work platforms are great for safely getting you to hard to reach spots in or around a facility using a fork truck. They have fork pockets and a safety lock that allow them to secure onto a fork truck. They all come with diamond plating on the floor for added traction, and they are finished with a blue and yellow powder coated toughness