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Crime Lab Shelving

Crime Labs can cover a lot of ground and need specialty shelving to store everything from computers/phones and tablets for forensics to guns and weapons for study. We have supplied Shelving and lab Equipment for many Crimes labs and would love to assist with design and quotes for your crime lab for free. Please Phone 800-326-4403 today.

Crime Lab Shelving

We have some serious expertise in Crime Lab Shelving and related products. Not only do we have the Utah State contract for Lab Shelving but we have GSA Contracts that many agencies can use to purchase shelving for their labs. In addition our sister company Labs USA has a full line of Lab Shelving and many other lab products. Come to the Experts! Phone Today 800-326-4403. 


Crime Lab Testing Disciplines and Services that require Lab Equipment and Shelving include: 

Biology Shelving and Lab Equipment for:

Rape Kits

Serological screening

DNA analysis (Autosomal STRs and Y-Chromosome STRs)

Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) input/management

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


Chemistry Shelving and Lab Equipment are needed for:

Controlled substances (including suspected clandestine labs)

Quantitative Measurement

Fire Debris

Paint, Fibers, and general trace and unknown substances

Latent Print Section


Physical Comparison

Individual Characteristic Database (ABIS)

Firearms Section

Function Evaluation of Evidence

Serial Number Restoration

Physical Comparison

Lab Equipment to Determine the Make or Model of a Product

NIBIN – Integrated Ballistic Information