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Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Rack Uprights

What Are Pallet Rack Uprights?

You can see the upright in the images below. The uprights are in blue in the first pictures. The most common and traditional color is green.

Can You Cut Pallet Rack Uprights?

Do Pallet Racks Have To Be Anchored?

Yes pallet racks should be anchored for safety in all areas and for seismic regulations in certain states. Call us at 800-326-4403 for specific information on your rack in your area. 

How Much Does a Pallet Rack Upright Weight?

That depends on many factor including the height and depth. Other factors can be involved like lighter weight fast rack or even really heavy dust uprights.  In general pallet rack uprights range in weight from 55 lbs. to 240 lbs.


How To Identify What Manufacturer To Mach Your Pallet Rack Components To Existing Rack

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