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Tennsco Z Line Shelving Starter UnitTennsco Z-Line Boltless Shelving w/ Perforated Steel Industrial Shelves- 36″W x 18″D x 84″H- Starter

Tennsco Z-Line Boltless Shelving Parts List

Starter units use four EUR uprights and six DRS end supports. Adder units use two ZTP uprights and three DRS end supports. Particle board shelves are supported on front and rear only by low profile shelf supports. 36 inch deep shelves are supported on all four sides.

Tennsco Z-Line Boltless Shelving Capacities for 2023

Tennsco is dedicated to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our quality management system. Tennsco’s products are confirmed by a ridged quality control program which utilizes the most up to date methods and testing. Please note Tennsco’s new recommended capacities for our LRA-96 support beams listed in the chart below.

Tennsco Z Line Shelf Heavy Duty Supports Capacity ChartTennsco Z Line Shelf Heavy Duty Supports Capacity Chart

Tennsco Z line Shelving ImageTennsco Z line Shelving

Tennsco Z-Line Boltless Shelving

Tennsco Z-Line Boltless Shelving is a type of storage shelving system that is designed to be assembled without the use of bolts or other types of fasteners. It is made up of a series of steel or metal components that can be easily snapped or locked together, allowing for quick and easy installation. This type of shelving is often used in warehouses, storage rooms, and other industrial settings where a strong and durable storage solution is needed.

Applications for Tennsco Z-Line Boltless Shelving and benefits

Tennsco Z-Line Boltless Shelving is a versatile and durable storage solution that is used in a wide range of applications across various industries. This type of shelving is ideal for businesses that require a cost-effective and efficient storage solution. Here are some of the applications and benefits of using Tennsco Z-Line Shelving:

1. Warehouse Storage: The most common application of Tennsco Z-Line shelving is in warehouse storage. It is ideal for storing heavy or bulky items such as boxes, files, and equipment. The sturdy design of the shelving makes it capable of handling significant weight loads, and its boltless design allows for quick assembly and easy reconfiguration as needed.

2. Office Storage: Tennsco Z-Line shelving is also used in office settings for storing files, books, and other supplies. Unlike traditional metal filing cabinets, this shelving provides additional flexibility in terms of storage configurations and can be easily adjusted to accommodate changing storage needs.

3. Retail Display: Tennsco Z-Line shelving is also suitable for retail environments where product displays need to be aesthetically pleasing, yet sturdy. These shelves can be used to display products of varying sizes and weights, giving businesses an efficient way to showcase their products while maintaining a clean and professional look.

4. Industrial Storage: Tennsco Z-Line shelving is perfect for industrial applications, where there is a need for heavy-duty and durable storage solutions. The shelving is capable of handling substantial weight loads and can endure harsh environments.

Benefits of Tennsco Boltless Z-Line Shelving:

1. Easy Assembly: Tennsco Z-Line Shelving is designed with a boltless construction, which allows for fast and easy assembly. This means businesses can install and reconfigure their shelving without needing to hire a professional.

2. Customization: The modular design of the shelving allows for customized storage solutions that meet specific needs. Tennsco Z-Line shelving is available in multiple sizes and configurations that can be adjusted as businesses grow and their storage needs change.

3. Durable and Sturdy: Tennsco Z-Line shelving is made of strong steel or metal components, which can easily support heavy loads, making it an ideal solution for environments where durability is critical.

4. Space-Saving: Tennsco Z-Line shelving is designed to save space, making it an efficient storage solution for smaller spaces or areas where maximizing floor space is a priority. These shelves can be installed high vertically, maximizing the floor space without compromising the storage capacity.

Overall, Tennsco Z-Line shelving is a cost-effective, efficient, and versatile storage solution suited for a wide range of applications. Businesses that invest in this type of shelving can benefit from easy assembly, customization, durability, and space-saving features that ultimately reduce operational costs and improve productivity.