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Guard Shack on GSA Contract

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Yeah! Lots of military bases and government installations have purchased Guard shacks! With the help of the GSA Contract and small business Administration, there are guard shacks all over the USA and around the world. Guard Shacks are easy, and fun, to design just the way you need them.

Guard Shacks are easy to buy on GSA Contract.

Guard Shacks are easy to deliver.


Guard Shacks on GSA Contract easy to install.

Who buys Guard Shacks on GSA Contract?

These folks you can see Listed below! Plus more and more every day

Andersen AFB, Guam

ANG Klamath Falls, OR

Anniston Army Depot, AL

Arnold AFB, TN

Beale AFB, CA

Camp Edwards, MA

Camp Lejune, NC

Charleston AFB, SC

Charleston Naval Shipyard, SC

Charleston Naval Weapons Station, SC

Coast Guard, Jupiter, FL

Coast Guard, Navato, CA

Coast Guard Staten Island, NY

Delaware ANG, DE

Department of National Defense, BC

Dobbins AFB, GA

Eglin AFB, FL



Florida Air National Guard, FL

Fort Benning, GA

Fort Bragg, NC

Fort Buchanan, PR

Fort Gordon, GA

Fort McCoy, WI

Fort Stewart, GA

Fort Worth Naval Air Station, TX

Georgia National Guard, GA

Hurlburt Field, FL Iowa Air National Guard, IA

Kelley AFB, TX

Langley AFB, VA

Letter Kenny Army Depot, PA

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Marine Corps Air Station, SC

Marine Corps Logistic Base, GA

McEntire AFB, SC

Minot AFB, ND

Naval Aviation Depot, FL

Naval Battalion Center, MS

Naval Surface Weapons Center, MD

Naval Weapons Station, CA

Nellis AFB, NV

New Jersey ANG

Norfolk Naval Station, VA

Ohio Air National Guard. OH

Pennsylvania ANG

Pope AFB, NC

Randolph AFB, TX

Richmond ANG, VA

Spawar, SC

Springfield, ANG, IL

United States Border Patrol

U.S. Air Force Reserve, PA

U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, CU

Warner Robins AFB, GA

Guard Shacks on GSA Contract

Guard shacks, also known as guard booths, are structures that are used to guard and monitor access to a given area. Guard shacks can often be seen at entrances to office buildings, military bases, prisons, and other secured or restricted locations. Guard shacks are built to be secure and resistant to forced entry and typically house one or more security personnel. In federal, state, or other governmental applications, guard shacks are often specified and installed under contracts with the General Services Administration (GSA).

Guard Shacks GSA contract are standardized and/or pre-negotiated contracts between the GSA and manufacturers that simplify the purchasing process of certain complicated items, such as guard shacks.

GSA’s contracts can help government entities save money on purchasing and installation costs, as well as provide certain performance guarantees and assistance with design. Furthermore, the pricing of GSA contracts is already established, which can provide an efficient and cost-effective means of acquiring guard shacks for government facilities.

When purchasing guard shacks on GSA contract, the client (which is either a government agency or prime contractor) will specify the measurements, dimensions, security features, and other necessary components that the guard booth must have. 

The contract will then specify pricing, delivery commitments, and any additional services such as design and installation assistance. GSA contracts are typically updated yearly to reflect changes in market conditions, thus ensuring that clients are able to purchase guard booths at the most competitive prices.