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Just What is Wire Shelving?

It is a type of storage shelving that uses wire-form grids to hold items. It is made of metal and is strong, light-weight, and economical. It is used in many different places, including commercial, industrial, and residential storage. Wire shelving can be used in a variety of ways, including as storage in a home, shelves in a business setting, or even as a room organizer.

Wire Shelving For Medical Applications.

A great choice for medical and laboratory environments because of its strength and durability, while still remaining cost-effective. The structure of wire allows for easy and efficient cleaning, organization, and access to supplies. It is ideal for healthcare professionals because of improved safety, flexibility, and is easy to customize and reconfigure. Another benefit for medical applications is that it tends to be corrosion-resistant, so it is great for facilities where wet and humid conditions are present.

For Educational Applications.

Popular for educational settings like classrooms and libraries. It is a great storage solution for books, supplies, and other materials. It provides easy and quick access to the materials which can help to improve the efficiency and learning experience of students. Additionally, the wire is extremely durable and has the capability to hold heavy materials. It is also cost-effective, which helps schools and universities save money on furniture.


A great option for Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection. It is essential to protect sensitive electrical devices and components from damage due to electrostatic discharge. Using specially designed ESD-safe shelving can help to reduce potential hazards by providing a safe and effective solution to store and organize products and materials. ESD-safe wire shelving is coated with a special polymer material that is designed to mitigate the potential dangers posed by ESD. This type of shelving is perfect for businesses and industries that need to store sensitive equipment and materials.

Wire Shelving For Food Service

Wire is a great option for food service businesses since it can be extremely durable and long lasting. The open wire design also allows for easy and effective cleaning, making it a great choice for restaurant and food service environments. Additionally, it provides good air circulation which can reduce the risk of contamination and reduce the possibility of bacterial growth. It is also cost-efficient, so it can help restaurants and other food service businesses save money on furniture.

Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

Stainless steel wire is very popular as it is both durable and attractive. It is a great choice for storing food, cleaning supplies, and other items. Stainless steel shelving does not rust, corrode, or stain, and it is very easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for food service applications. It is also a good choice for climates that experience extreme temperatures and moisture, due to its strength and resistance to wear and tear in these environments. Stainless steel shelving can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a very versatile storage solution.

1. Increased Organization – Provides strong, light-weight grids for convenient storage and organization of items.
2. Hygienic Ease – Corrosion-resistant and enables quick and easy cleaning for healthcare professionals.
3. Dependable Access – Offers easy access to stored materials and supplies, great for educational applications.
4. ESD Safety – Specialized ESD-safe wire shelving can mitigate potential hazards while securely storing sensitive items.
5. Prevents Contamination – Open wire design of wire shelving allows air to circulate, increasing food safety within restaurants.
6. Cost-Effective – Economical and provides a cost-effective solution for businesses to save on furniture.
7. Durable – Stainless steel is very durable and resistant to wear and tear, perfect for tough conditions.
8. Versatile – Stainless steel wire shelving can be used for both indoors and outdoors storage needs due to its strength.
9. Built-in Aesthetics – Stainless steel wire shelving provides an attractive appearance that adds a modern look to any room.
10. Attracts Attention – Customizable designs and colors that can help draw customers’ attention.

Mobile Wire Shelving

That is an ideal solution for customers that need to move their stored items often. It can provide an efficient, flexible, and safe method for transporting items from one location to another. Mobile wire shelving is easy to assemble and requires little space, making it suitable for businesses with limited areas. It is also made of strong and durable stainless steel, which makes it perfect for environments that require extreme durability. Additionally, the shelves are adjustable and can be mounted in any orientation, allowing customers to customize their storage system according to their needs.

In Summary 

The growing demand for efficient storage solutions can cause organizations to become overwhelmed. With wire, customers no longer have to worry about the storage and organization of their items. Wire provides strong, lightweight grids that can hold a large amount of items, making it ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Its corrosion-resistant nature and capability for quick and easy cleaning makes it a great choice for medical and laboratory environments. It also offers easy access to stored materials, making it perfect for educational settings like classrooms and libraries. Furthermore, the open wire design of wire shelving can reduce the risk of contamination in food service businesses, while its cost-efficiency helps customers save money on furniture. Additionally, stainless steel shelving is an attractive and durable solution that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor storage needs. With its customizable features and colors, it can also draw attention to any room.

Wire shelving, customers can benefit from a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing storage and organization solution. They no longer have to worry about the security and accessibility of their items. With wire shelving, customers can enjoy the features of a strong, light-weight, and economical storage system that is perfect for all types of environments.