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Eagle AdjusTable Work Surface Systems

 Eagle AdjusTable Cleanroom Work Surface Systems 800-326-4403

 AdjusTable work surface systems.

Available with cantilevered overhead systems


Wire over shelf system

Eagle Cleanroom Tables

Eagle Cleanroom Tables –

Solid Cleanroom Tables

Perforated Cleanroom Tables

14 gauge worksurface. Perforations are 3/4″ on 1″ centers. #4 brushed finish or electropolished. 1 5/8″ tubular base with C- or H-frame. Uni-lok gusset system. Stainless bullet feet adjustable to 1″!!! Whew That’s a mouthful! =)

Eagle Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Eagle Cleanroom Gowning Benches

Gowning Benches 
Solid  Cleanroom Dressing Bench 
Wire Cleanroom Gowning bench

** Both sold with or without  an undershelf

Eagle Cleanroom Gowning Racks

Eagle Cleanroom Gowning Racks

Eagle Cleanroom Gowning Shoe Racks

Cleanroom Gowning Shoe Racks

Eagle Cleanroom Shoe Racks  have 62% laminar flow through by using chrome plated or stainless steel wire shelves. 1/4″-diameter rods create partitions for shoe storage.
Foot plates are included.
Eagle Cleanroom Workstations

Cleanroom Workstations

Eagle Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

Eagle Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

Eagle Vertical Storage Cabinets
All stainless steel type 430 enclosed cabinet.
Three adjustable shelves on 4″ centers, 24″-deep by 36″- or 48″-long.
Available with slanted top for laminar flow.

Eagle Brand Cleanroom Products

Eagle is a manufacturer and supplier of cleanroom equipment and supplies. Cleanrooms are highly controlled environments that are used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, electronics, and medical devices, where even small levels of particles, microbes, or contaminants can harm the manufacturing process or products.

Eagle Products offers a wide range of cleanroom products that are designed to provide a clean and sterile environment.

These products include cleanroom garments, cleanroom apparel, cleanroom gloves and finger cots, and cleanroom wipes and mops.

Eagle Clean Room Products’ cleanroom garments are made from a range of materials including polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene. These garments are available in different styles such as coveralls, lab coats, and smocks, and are designed to fit comfortably while limiting the release of particles.

Their cleanroom gloves and finger cots are designed to minimize the risk of particles and contaminants that can cause damage or contamination to products.

They offer a range of cleanroom gloves including sterile, powder-free, and nitrile gloves.

Eagle Cleanroom Products also provides a variety of cleanroom wipes and mops.

These products are made from materials designed to remove particles and contaminants from surfaces and equipment within the cleanroom environment.

Their cleanroom apparel products are designed to protect workers from exposure to hazardous or unwanted materials in the cleanroom. These products include anti-static lab coats, protective hoods, and aprons with different levels of protection based on specific industry requirements.

In addition to cleanroom products, Eagle Clean Room Products also offers cleanroom services such as cleanroom monitoring and certification, installation and maintenance of cleanroom equipment, and training on cleanroom practices and protocols.

Overall, Eagle Clean Room Products provides a range of high-quality cleanroom products and services that meet industry standards and requirements. Their focus on customer satisfaction and customization, combined with their expertise in cleanroom solutions, makes them a trusted partner for businesses in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and electronics industries, among others.