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Guard Shack Rated for Hurricane

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You may be a Golf Club or a Military Installation, if you are in a hurricane zone you want to look at a Guard Shack that is rated for a hurricane. 

Protect your staff and with everything to worry about after a hurricane be sure your perimeter security is still in place to protect you.

We have built lots and lots of guard shacks designed to withstand hurricane force winds! 

Guard Shack for Hurricane Winds

Hurricane Rated Guard Shacks are great for places with heavy wind loads like in Florida.

They can withstand up to 180mph.

Looters and all kinds of people show up after a disaster to see what they might be able to help themselves to and one thing you always need is perimeter security. Don’t let those guys onto your your facility. Keeps those you want in and safe and those who do not have your interest at hand OUT!

Hurricanes come every year and it sure seems like every year there are more and more hurricanes in the news. So, if your tryin to reason with hurricane season and you want to install a security guard shack we can help you design it and get it installed this season!

Guard Shack Made From Stainless Steel

Guard Shacks for Hurricane Ratings are available in stainless steel!

Q: So you would use stainless steel for most hurricane guard shacks?

A: Usually, but we have also sold stainless steel guard shacks because of their durability and I think they look better personally.

Many standard units or design it to your exact specifications. You know what you want, we know how to build them, ship them fast. And custom design is easy!  Call 800–326-4403 Now and find out!

What states and cities in America are most prone to hurricanes?

Most of the states on the East Coast and Gulf Coast are prone to hurricanes. This includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and parts of New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. Cities along the coast including Miami and New Orleans are also particularly prone to hurricanes.