Track And Secure All Research Hard Copies Throughout Drug Development

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Track And Secure All Research Hard Copies Throughout Drug Development

Track And Secure All Research Hard Copies Throughout Drug Development – Recently Enasys Provided a Large Pharmaceutical Organization RFID Document Tracking Hardware and Software 800-326-4403

This pharmaceutical Company specializes in the areas of oncology, metabolism, immunology, respiration illness and many pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors and veterinarians. As one of the top 20 large pharmaceutical organizations in the world, the corporation was looking for a way to ensure accountability of documentation within its complex drug development program. Each new drug under development requires full documentation on each process of drug development. This includes testing stages, qualification, quality control, and clinical trials

If one piece of the hardcopy documentation is misplaced, lost, or destroyed accidentally, the entire drug development process must be restarted. 

As you can imagine this can create substantial losses in time and money as well as great deal of frustration for researchers. The solution to tracking and securing the minute by minute location all research hard copies throughout drug development Enasy developed a system to track each individual file of paper record using RFID tags. The other half of the solution involved fitting 32 doorways within the facility with RFID portal readers. These RFID portals create a wireless handshake with each document or folder the passes through a portal This is allows an unprecedented level of tracking allowing department heads to automatically track the movement of critical assets throughout the drug development process. If you need to know where a document is right now, This RFID solution is your answer. Learn more by phoning 800-326-4403 today.

The Importance to Track And Secure All Research Hard Copies Throughout Drug Development

Racking and securing all research hard copies is an important step throughout the drug development process. Physical paperwork is still important for studies, even in an-ever digitalizing world. Secure storage solutions are needed to ensure sensitive information is safe from unauthorized access. Access controls, such as locks and key card systems, should be in place to limit access to a few authorized personnel. Record keeping should be meticulous, with hard copy forms being signed off upon receipt and associated with a unique barcode or number to avoid mix-ups. Regular inventory checks should also be performed to ensure that all the physical files are accounted for and up-to-date.

Securing all hard copies is also important to ensure that any drug development information is not tampered with or destroyed.

All physical copies must be kept in secure storerooms, ideally away from desks and workspace. Copies should be stored in acid-free sleeves or plastic folders and clearly labelled for identification. It is best to keep these documents on shelves with room for growth and organized by location, date or project. Additionally, any hard copies must be backed up electronically to make sure the information remains secure, even in the event of a disaster or theft.

A secure hard copy system helps laboratories, researchers and manufacturers stay compliant with the industry regulations.

Drug development requires high standards of data accuracy, which means hard copies must be safeguarded in the same way digital information is secured. Secure storage is a critical factor in maintaining the integrity of the drug research process. With a secure system in place, laboratories can develop safe and reliable medicine faster, ensuring the best possible health outcomes for all patients.