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Mobile shelving for Northrup Grumman

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Northrup Grumman put the mobile system in their machine shop to store taps and dies. They keep their taps and dies in drawers, and they put those drawers on the mobile to save space. The machine shop makes them money when running machines so space for machines makes them money. Storing the tools and dies in less space allows for more machines.
Mobile shelving for Northrup Grumman

The Mobile Shelving at Northrup Grumman is pretty common. Not even sure how many systems they have but it is lots. In fact lots and lots. We have moved many of them as Northrup Grumman’s needs change and departments move around to accommodate the workflow. Northrup Grumman also uses lots of wire shelving. Cant recall any of it on mobile bases but it could be a great solution for many areas heavy in wire shelving.

Mobile shelving for Northrup Grumman

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Mobile shelving for Northrup Grumman

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Which departments at Northrup Grumman use mobile shelving and what do they store on it?

Northrup Grumman is a global aerospace and defense technology company that specializes in various segments, including autonomous systems, defense electronics, space systems, and missile defense. As a multinational corporation, Northrup Grumman maintains multiple departments that require efficient storage solutions to ensure optimal organization and streamlined operations. One of the storage solutions that could benefit Northrup Grumman’s departments is mobile shelving.

Mobile shelving comprises a series of shelving units that can move along tracks on the floor. Compared to traditional fixed shelving, mobile shelving offers more storage capacity and increased flexibility. In a company like Northrup Grumman, departments that require frequent access to storage items can benefit from mobile shelving. Some of these departments include:

1. Engineering department

The engineering department of Northrup Grumman concentrates on designing and developing advanced technologies, such as aircraft engines and space systems. The department requires vast amounts of documentation, schematics, and other related materials. Mobile shelving can accommodate these materials, with each unit of the shelving being adjustable to specific heights to store different-sized documents. The engineering team can also use mobile shelving to store prototype parts, hardware, and other smaller-sized items that require easy access.

2. Prototyping department

Northrup Grumman’s prototyping department is tasked with making physical models of designs created by the engineering department. Since the prototyping department uses various materials, such as plastics, metals, and composites, the department requires ample storage space to keep them organized. Mobile shelving can store these materials in various sizes, including those that are long or bulky, making them more accessible to the prototyping team.

3. Manufacturing department

The manufacturing department is the division responsible for producing the final product after design and prototyping. The department carries out tasks like cutting, machining, and welding to create end products, which could be massive in size. The department requires ample storage to store these parts before and after the manufacturing process. Mobile shelving would increase the storage capacity required for storing vital tools, equipment, tools, and raw materials like sheet metal, tools, and machinery.

4. Quality Assurance department

The quality assurance department of Northrup Grumman ensures that products meet the quality standards set by the company. The department uses various tools and test equipment in the quality control process, involving measuring the physical and technical characteristics of the products. The department requires spacious storage to sort, store, and protect these instruments from being damaged. Mobile shelving is an excellent solution that enhances accuracy, efficiency, and safety in the quality control process by maintaining the integrity of the equipment.

5. Information Technology department

The Northrup Grumman Information Technology department manages company-wide computer systems, networks, and databases. The department maintains critical documents, software, and communication devices necessary to keep Northrup Grumman’s operations running smoothly. Mobile shelving can store these critical documents and hardware, protecting them from damage and theft while making them easily accessible and prioritizing their backup.

6. Finance department

The finance department is responsible for managing Northrup Grumman’s finances, including revenue, expenses, and tax matters. The department requires space to store accounting documents like receipts, invoices, financial statements, and checkbooks, which can be housed in mobile shelving units. This would provide ample space for storage and protection to sensitive financial data while optimizing the utilization of limited office space.

In conclusion, Northrup Grumman is a company that requires ample storage space across various departments, including engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, quality assurance, information technology, and finance. Mobile shelving can accommodate all of these departments requiring various sizes of storage. By implementing mobile shelving, Northrup Grumman can optimize its office space, increase productivity, and enhance accessibility and organization of various data and materials.