Mobile Shelving For Lab Instruments at Community College

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Mobile Shelving For Lab Instruments at Community College

When Salt Lake Community College was looking for Laboratory Shelving to store their lab instruments they phoned us for design assistance to choose the best shelving and shelving system for the application. 

The Solution:

Mobile Shelving For Lab Instruments at Community College

The Salt Lake Community College Lab Program is outstanding! It prepares students for a great careers from  advancing science to hand on helping man kind. We are very proud to be a great partner allowing for the education required to pursue these noble jobs. 

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Mobile Shelving For Lab Instruments at Community College

The solution was Metro Wire Shelving on Mobile bases. Wire Shelving is always  popular in labs for the easy to see your lab instruments and just how easy it is to keep clean.

Another benefit for the college lab was how much it can store. Mobile Shelving is no stranger to the laboratory. Laboratory Space is expensive and at a premium. It is not a storage room but it does need to have many instruments available to get the job done. So mobile shelving is a great type of shelving to use in a laboratory. In fact lab shelving has taken us into so many labs it spawned out sister company Labs USA. With these two companies we have gained great expertise and understanding which allows us to identify just what type of shelving will best suit the application in a lab.

Mobile Shelving For Lab Instruments at Community College

A community college typically has a wide range of scientific instruments which need to be stored on shelving.

These would likely include items such as microscopes, glassware and other laboratory apparatus, apparatuses for conducting experiments, centrifuges, balances and scales, Bunsen burners, and lab supplies such as beakers, test tubes, petri dishes, slides, and pipettes. Other items may include lab apparel such as lab coats and goggles, chemicals, and general lab equipment such as computer workstations, computers, and calculators. Other lab materials may include books, reference materials, and teaching materials. Depending on the area of specialization, a community college may also have specialized lab instruments such as spectrometers, particle accelerators, and more. It’s important that all of this lab equipment is stored safely, so proper shelving will be essential for any community college.

Why would a lab at a community college choose Metro Shelving on wheels?

A lab at a community college may choose metro shelving on wheels for its versatility and convenience. The mobility provided by the wheels makes it easy to reorganize the space as needed for different experiments, and the adjustable shelving can be used to store a wide range of equipment and supplies. In addition, the storage unit can be easily moved between locations if needed.