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Check out this video of Ridg U Rak Pallet Rack with a Seismic Base. 

You can see how the inventory on the pallet rack started falling of normally anchored pallet rack and then was able to withstand the earthquake with the Ridg U Rak Seismic Base!!

Imagine your warehouse club is filled with shoppers on a busy Saturday morning, and suddenly the ground begins to shake the 16 foot high racks on either side of you begin to sweat.

The noise is overwhelming!

You’re in the middle of an earthquake.

Will products start falling? Will the racks collapse?

Ridg U Rak Pallet Rack With Seismic Base

Today, Ridgeback, a leading manufacturer of Storage Rack Systems, introduces the most important innovation the industry has seen in the past 30 years. The Ridg-U-Rak patent pending based isolation storage system. As the earthquake simulations intensified, the fixed base rack systems became extremely dangerous. At two hundred percent shown in the video with a fixed base, the rack nearly shed its entire load.

Shown in comparison with the fixed base structure using the identical rack loads, an earthquake simulation, the base isolated system performed flawlessly, holding all product in position.

The Ridge U Rack Base Isolation System does not obstruct daily operations in any way. It does not impede stocking or restocking racks and can be moved during store reconfiguring. This system is a one time investment that requires no additional daily operating expense.

Whether your concerns are for product loss, operating efficiencies or reduced risk during a major earthquake, no other storage rack can offer the proven performance of Ridge U Rack Base Isolation System.

Reduce your risk by installing Base Isolated Rack, Only from Ridg U Rack. Phone 800-326-4403


Ridg U Rak Pallet Rack with a Seismic Base