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No Touch Shelf with sterile pack is transported to Sterile StorageInfection Control

No Touch System from Pegasus

Maintaining the integrity of the Central Sterile Department in a hospital requires that the process be as efficient as it is failsafe. That’s where the new No Touch System from Pegasus provides a great solution.

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Sterile Instrument Pack Storage Pegasus Medical

Sterile Instrument Pack Storage

As used surgical instruments pass through the process from the washing environment to the clean environment, where instruments are packed and labeled onto the sterile room, where autoclave wrapped packs are stored and ready for transport to the OR.

Human handing is typically a large part of the process, providing ample opportunity for tears to occur to the sterile wrap, potentially causing contamination of the surgical instruments. But with the innovative no-touch system sterilized blue wrap instrument packs can move from the cleanroom to the autoclave to the OR supply rooms without being touched by human hands, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

Using the No-Touch Process medical instruments that have been cleaned and disinfected are wrapped in blue sterilization wraps and labeled. They are then placed onto the Pegasus High-Quality Stainless Steel No Touch Shelves, or baskets, that are designed with built-in handles so that the technician never has to directly handle the blue wrap packs.

The system also includes an autoclaveable silicone nonskid mat, designed to minimize the movement of the packs on the shelf. These notate, shelves, and baskets with blue wrap packs are placed directly into the autoclave. Once sterilization is complete, the no-touch shelves and baskets are removed from the autoclave and placed into Pegasus Carts or trolleys for easy transport to the instrument storage room, all without ever directly touching the sterilized blue wrap packages.

When the instruments are needed the entire shelf or basket, along with the procedure pack, are taken from the rack and placed in the case cart and wheeled into the OR theater and assuring that the scrubbed and sterilized operating staff are the only ones to directly touch the sterilized instrument package at the time it is needed. Establish a higher standard of sterilization in your hospital with no-touch by Pegasus.

Pegasus Medical No Touch Step 1

Step 1
Clean Instrument Wrapping

Pegasus Medical No Touch Step 2

Step 2
Wrapped Instruments are placed on No-Touch Shelf and into Sterilizer (shelf is handled, pack is not touched)

Pegasus Medical No Touch Step 3

Step 1
No Touch Shelf (w/sterile pack) is transported to Sterile Storage (shelf is handled, pack is not touched)

Step 2
No Touch Shelf (w/sterile pack) is transported to OR to be Opened by Nurse

Sterile Container Storage RoomSterile Container Storage Room