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Increase your storage capacity by reducing your aisles
High-Density Mobile Storage Solutions

Our mobile high-density storage will increase your storage capacity by reducing your aisles. Installing movable shelving units can increase your storage capacity up to 50% over conventional shelving systems. Each unit can be customized for storing small to large/bulky items.

Don’t Waste valuable space -go mobile!

Our mobile high-density storage units are for in a wide variety of environments…. clean rooms, temperature-controlled or dirty/dusty areas, to name a few. Systems are available in a wide range of configurations to meet your needs.

High-Density Mobile Storage Solutions
High-Density Mobile Storage Solutions
High-Density Mobile Storage Solutions

We can help you increase your storage capability, efficiency, and workplace safety. Our solutions offer design freedom and versatility so we can meet your exact requirement.

We share with you the best practices and emerging solutions!

Having outgrown their old space, the State District Court of American Fork, Utah, intended to build a new courthouse. Capitalizing on storage and anticipating future growth was foremost in the design plan. The staff at American Fork State District Court knew that saving space was essential in the new building.

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Mobile High Density Storage

Mobile high-density storage is a state-of-the-art storage system that allows maximizing the use of space in a facility while providing easy access to stored items. In this system, storage units are mounted on tracks that can be moved on the floor to open up aisles.

The concept of mobile high-density storage stems from the need for more efficient storage solutions while minimizing the space occupied.

It is commonly used in settings like government offices, warehouses, hospitals, and libraries. The system promotes organization and an effective workplace, enabling businesses to utilize their storage areas more effectively.

The mobile high-density storage system can be customized to meet the users’ specific requirements.

The units are built to fit the size, shape, and nature of the items to be stored. This flexibility allows the users to maximize the use of their floor space while catering to the needs of their facility.

The system is designed to provide proper security for stored items.

Lock systems can be incorporated into the design of the mobile storage units to keep stored items secure. The system is also easy to install into an existing facility since minimal space changes are required, and the system does not need any construction.

One of the significant benefits of mobile high-density storage is its ability to save space.

With traditional storage solutions, up to half of the available space is taken up by aisles. This results in potentially wasted floor-space. However, mobile high-density storage allocates that space to storage, resulting in significantly more efficient use of space. Maximizing the use of space in a facility can also allow you to reduce energy consumption, equipment costs and improve workplace safety, and increase productivity.

Mobile high-density storage also promotes organization and accessibility.

The system enables the user to organize stored items more effectively by allocating appropriate spaces. The system allows multiple units to roll and create aisle access, allowing for easier retrieval and a more organized storage area.

The mobility of the high-density storage system also provides the users with the flexibility to reconfigure their storage area quickly.

The system is often equipped with an electric control that assists the storage units’ mobility, allowing you to slide the shelving sections back and forth to create and move aisles. The modular design of the high-density storage system also means that sections can easily be added or removed, making future reconfigurations painless.

In conclusion, mobile high-density storage offers a highly efficient, secure, and well-organized method of storing items while maximizing the space available.

This versatile, customized, and flexible system offers numerous advantages, including increased productivity, workplace safety, and reduction of energy usage. As a result, it is highly beneficial in various settings and is a valuable investment in any facility seeking to improve storage and organization.