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What is a tenant storage locker and why would you have them?

Tenant storage lockers are secure storage units designed for tenants living in apartments, condominiums or other multifamily housing. These lockers provide an individual storage space for residents to store their belongings outside of their living spaces.

There are several reasons why landlords or property managers would want to offer tenant storage lockers. One of the main reasons is to provide residents with additional storage space. Apartments or condos often have limited storage options, and residents may find themselves struggling to find enough space for all of their belongings.

Tenant Storage Lockers

Storage lockers can also serve as a selling point for the property, as they provide an attractive amenity for potential tenants. 

Having convenient and secure storage options can set a property apart from competitors and help to attract renters. Another benefit of tenant storage lockers is that they can help with property management. When residents have access to secure storage, they’re less likely to leave belongings in common areas or other shared spaces. This can help to reduce clutter and improve overall cleanliness and organization of the property.

In addition to providing storage space, tenant storage lockers can also enhance security for residents. These lockers typically require a key or combination to access, and they’re often made of durable materials that are difficult to break into. This added layer of security can give residents peace of mind about the safety of their belongings.


Moreover, tenant storage lockers can provide a place for residents to store seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, winter clothing, or summer sporting equipment. 

This can be especially useful for residents living in smaller apartments that don’t have a lot of closet or storage space. A final benefit of tenant storage lockers is that they can be a cost-effective solution for both landlords and tenants. Many storage unit facilities can be expensive, and not all residents are able or willing to pay for that extra expense. Tenant storage lockers can be a more affordable option, as they’re typically included in the cost of rent.

When offering tenant storage lockers, it’s important to choose a locker provider that offers high-quality units that meet the specific needs of both the landlord and tenants. The size and design of the lockers should be carefully considered to ensure that they’re large enough to accommodate residents’ belongings while still fitting in the space provided. Additionally, lockers should be constructed of durable materials that will withstand wear and tear over time.

While tenant lockers can provide many benefits, there are also some potential downsides to consider.

One potential issue is that lockers can take up valuable communal space in the building or property. As such, landlords or property managers need to ensure that there is adequate space available to accommodate the addition of storage lockers.

Another risk is that residents may misuse the lockers or use them for prohibited materials such as flammable materials. It’s important to monitor locker usage to ensure that residents are following the rules and not using the lockers for anything hazardous or illegal.

Safe Storage For Personal Items

In conclusion, lockers are a versatile solution that offer several benefits to both landlords and residents. 

When implemented carefully and thoughtfully, they can provide a convenient and secure storage option that can add value to the property and enhance the living experience for tenants.

What is new in 2023 for the tenant storage lockers

In 2023, the tenant storage locker industry is being reshaped by technological advances and customer demand for improved security and convenience. Here are some of the key changes taking place:

1. Biometric Access Control:

More and more storage locker companies are adopting biometric access control to ensure that only authorized people can access the storage units. Biometric technology uses physical characteristics such as fingerprints or facial recognition to grant access.

2. Smart Locks:

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and added security features. With a smart lock, tenants can use their smartphones to unlock their storage units and monitor who has accessed their locker.

3. Climate Control:

Many storage locker companies are offering climate-controlled units to protect items from extreme temperatures and humidity. This feature is especially important for tenants storing sensitive items like artwork or electronics.

4. Increased Online Presence:

In response to changing customer preferences, the storage locker industry is ramping up its online presence, with many companies offering easy online reservations and payment options.

5. Expansion into New Markets:

As urbanization continues to grow, many storage locker companies are expanding into new and underserved markets, such as multi-family residential buildings and office complexes.

Overall, the tenant storage locker industry is evolving to meet the changing needs of customers.

With new technology and expanded offerings, storage locker companies are poised for continued growth in 2023 and beyond.