Vidir Tire Carousel


The next product is super easy to sell. It basically sells itself. Tires are a huge issue and storying they’re a pain to move around. Some of them can get pretty heavy. They’re usually pretty pricey and there’s no good way to store them without putting them on a car. So if you walk into it’s beyond just car dealerships definitely do sell a lot to car dealerships. But think think about municipalities. Think about anywhere servicing trucks could be a bus terminal, a municipality for their police cars or fire trucks. We do these for Rider and Penske Trucking. We do them for Swift Trucking and trucking. We do them for a lot of car dealerships. So anybody that has a bunch of tires, we do them for Toyota, for their forklift tires anyway. Think of a lot of vehicles sitting around. We do them for American Airlines. We’ve sold them for them for their service centers and the airports. And Charlotte, anywhere you can think of a lot of fleet vehicles or a lot of tires sitting around, all those tires are stored somewhere and they’re a pain to get down.


So where normally a customer would get climb up a ladder to pick these tires, that’s sort of dying with all these ocean regulations and they’re having to get a little bit more automated with how they retrieve the tires.


So this entire carousel comes in super simple design, just like a road that’s carousel except for a tire instead of an actual road. Good. So we have a few different sizes on these.


The first model start. Twenty inch, twenty eight inch max tire. So that’s for a passenger car tire. Then we have a thirty two inch max diameter model. So that would be most car dealerships would get a thirty two municipalities for police cars, the cruisers would get a thirty two inch model that light trucks and SUVs and then you can also have to store the car tires on that as well.


And then we have full blown tractor trailer tire which is forty four inch max diameter.


I would say that’s what we do for the trucking companies, fire trucks, swift, main trucking pensky, rider, all those guys get the forty four bus terminals, DC bus terminals. They’ve got a bunch of them with the forty four inch.


So anything with that large tire that we call that an eight to fifty four for the forty four inch tires, and that’s a really easy Carasso, so because those tires are a lot of times are five to six hundred dollars apiece and they’re heavy on our cars so we can store the rim on the tire. So the actual the tire can be mounted to a room and still put on the carousel and that’s sometimes is up to one hundred and fifty pounds. So to have an employee picking up one hundred fifty pounds is a lot of weight with the worst care. So we have a little ramp, they just roll the tire right up into the carrier, it drops on the carousel and now it is stored, rotating around and it’s a pretty slick design for those guys.


So here’s a few of these are these are in trucking facility. Those are big tires. Some of them you can see are stored on arem. Another option for this carousel, it’s pretty popular as a security gate. You can see it on the second unit there has been installed in the 30 second unit and the third unit down there both have security gates because these tires are so expensive, they have a tendency to walk off, especially in trucking service centers that are open 24/7, high changing employee high turnover rate. They tend to walk off. So a lot of times customers will put that security gate on, keep them all locked, secured, and then as they’re needed, they’ll get pulled from the twenty eight inch max diameter and the thirty two, those are both a thousand pounds per carrier, the fifty four with the big tires for the tractor trailers in the wheel on tires.


That’s a two thousand pounds per position.


So kind of possibilities with this all over like this is in a car dealership here on the mezzanine up there, another car dealership down here.


You can fit a ton of tires on them, anywhere from one hundred and fifty to three hundred, depending on how big of a size you get to a ton of variables for this one, the length of a carousel with almost 80 feet wide for the carrier, the height they got twenty five feet tall, the depth changes a little bit as the tire size changes. So if you can just give me a rough estimate of how many times they have on hand what’s their biggest tire and I can surprising them amount good budget price is twenty five to thirty thousand dollars for a tire care. So the only tricky thing I will say about tire carousels running in the tire carousels is a lot of times a fire safety officer is going to ask questions about code.


So we don’t do any fire suppression systems in the factory, but a lot of times we’ll work with the customer to get sprinklers set up above it, normally that’s sufficient.


We keep them open so they’re not fully enclosed. So water can run down through the system without an issue if there was a fire. But other than that, they’re pretty they’re pretty easy to sell. Tires are a pain in the butt and this system makes it really easy.

See, if I get another picture, there’s another picture of that same service center. So you can see some of these tires are on a wheel. So they’re really heavy. They’re big tires to be pushing around.