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Track Style Mobile Shelving For Sale.  Can be Operated In three Primary Ways – and then there is shelving that becomes mobile by placing individual sections on wheels .
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Electric Mobile ShelvingElectric Mobile Shelving

Mechanical Assist Mobile ShelvingMechanical Assist Mobile Shelving

Manual Mobile ShelvingManual Mobile Shelving

Shelving Sections On Wheels To Make Them MobileShelving Sections On Wheels To Make Them Mobile

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Mobile Shelving for Tires

Mobile Shelving has taken two distinct directions in the Library Market. One For bookstacks and one for mobile book carts allowing for quick and easy reconfiguration of libraries to fit todays times.

Library Mobile Shelving

Library Mobile Shelving

Mobile Library Bookstack ShelvingMobile Shelving For Library Bookstacks

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Everything you need to know about Mobile Shelving Specifications and every Specific Part From The Mobile Shelving Track to the Handles and Gear Ratios That Make Mechanical Mobile Shelving Roll.

Mobile Shelving Track Systems

Mobile Shelving Specifications

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Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

High Density Mobile Shelving

Sometimes called “rolling shelving”

Mobile shelving is typically made from steel or aluminum. Wheels are attached to the bottom of each shelf to roll along the track to compact it so only one aisle is open at a time. By removing the need for extra aisle space, it fills up about 50% less space compared to traditional stationary shelving.

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Mobile Shelving

High Density Mobile Shelving


  • Increase Storage by 50%
  • Cost-Saving Storage
  • Modern and Stylish
  • Increase Productivity

Three Types of Mobile Shelving Carriage Drive Methods Are Available:

  • Manual – a handle on the end of each shelving unit is used to roll carriages back and forth
  • Mechanical – a geared chain is used to move heavier loads with relative ease (like mountain bike gears)
  • Electric – the user pushes a button to move the carriages as needed (Fully Automatic)

Space Saving Mobile Shelving

High density mobile shelving has been used by many varieties of businesses, such as public libraries, athletic departments, lawyer offices, computer technology firms, healthcare facilities, law enforcement agencies, and more. Not only can files and records be stored, but equipment of different shapes and sizes fit with just a few simple shelf adjustments.


Mobile ShelvingThis includes, but is not limited to:
  • Athletic Gear and Equipment
  • Medical Supplies
  • Computer Hardware
  • Weapons
  • Retail Inventory
  • Books
  • Clothing or Jackets
  • Just to name a few…

Decrease Storage Costs and Allow for More Storage

When compared to other shelving, such as lateral or vertical filing cabinets, mobile shelving can decrease storage costs by allowing for more storage or freeing up more floor space.

Wide Variety of Storage Solutions

Material Handling USA represents a large selection of high-density shelving manufacturers, allowing us to bring you the most superior products and value to meet your needs. Material Handling USA has been supplying customers with more value, more options, and better quality for their money.

Highly Trained Specialists Located

Our highly-trained specialists & designers will take the measurements of your space and assure you get the maximum storage capacity and the best possible fit.

Past Customer Projects with Mobile Shelving:

Mobile Shelving For Lab Instruments at Community College

Mobile Storage Systems

Mobile storage systems roll on a track to compress together and eliminate aisle space, which increases usable floor space. These unique mobile storage systems let you store 3 times more into your existing area.

  • Eliminates multiple aisles with movable shelving and reduce required floor space
  • Mobile Shelving stores every imaginable item in space-efficient moving carriages
  • Store Files and Binders, Office Supplies, Athletic Equipment, Garments, Weapons, Pharmaceuticals, and more…
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

More Products:

Mobile Shelving Vendors:

Borroughs Aisle Saver

Borroughs Aisle Saver Shelving

The Burroughs Corporation. Space Saving Solutions and Shelving and storage. For over 70 years, Burrows continues its tradition by providing today’s business corporations, institutions and industries with the space saving, efficiency and cost effective performance of aisle saver. Aisle Saver as a space saving file and storage system that effectively increases storage capacity by 50%, protecting valuable operational space and eliminating the need for costly facility expansion. I’ll Savor is an aesthetically pleasing and durable system that can be configured to meet a wide range of needs and applications for offices, libraries, museums and the heavy duty demands of manufacturing and industrial operations. I’ll savour offers a wide variety of options to meet specific needs for efficiency, ease of use and convenience, as well as operational requirements and cost control. I’ll savour synergy series. Electrical systems offer the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. Solid state electronics, LCD Master Controller, plug and play, installation and programming and light carpet technology that is set the industry standard for safety over 15 years with reliable performance protection and security.

We have the red flash means that there’s obstruction in the aisle nearest the open carriage. You need to try to reset that. If it would not, the operator knows. Looking at particular aisle, as you can see here, we do have an obstruction which can be removed from there. Just press the reset button and the system is ready to operate.

The aisle saver electrical system is the first choice of businesses and operations that demand a file and storage system that works seamlessly with their needs. The Aisle Saver Synergy Series Mechanical Assist System offers maximum convenience and space saving efficiency in an easy to use economical design. The system’s ergonomic handle and a powerful 6 to 1 drive ratio can move £6,000 of storage with just a pound of pressure. A safety lock system protects operators and users. Key operated lock options are available for added security. A variety of powder coat finishes complements any facility color theme. Lateral file systems are the ideal solution for perimeter wall installations and applications, and no matter which aisle saver system you choose, you can depend on the quality and durability of their design and construction aisle. Saver track systems are designed to carry maximum loads of £1,000 per linear carriage foot. Carriages can be configured to meet practically any need with a wide range of widths and lengths. All wheels and axles featured sealed, lifetime lubricated bearings.

And the really nice thing about this is that the shell feels very light. This is like butter. It’s just so easy to use.

Systems offer easy access for adjustments or service without unloading stored materials, and all metal surfaces are powder coated to resist corrosion.

The guys who’ve been here been here for years and they all take pride in their work and they all give a great 100% effort every day. So that’s why you should buy those products. Just like home cooking, you know, everybody they put a lot of hard work and effort into their product.

I’ll Savor is a completely customizable storage and filing system that can be tailored to a facility’s specific needs and demands for performance and efficiency. Wilson Stack shelving systems are the preferred choice of leading libraries, institutions and offices, with a wide range of shelving options and components to meet practically any filing demand. Record Master provides a durable shelving and storage solution for medical offices, health care facilities with high capacity or heavy duty storage requirements. Box edge plus systems are ideal for the general storage of large, heavy or bulky parts. High density drawers provide unlimited portioning and divider combinations to design a system that can improve space efficiency as well as organizational productivity. Rivet span is an economical, strong and simple storage system designed to meet a wide range of load requirements. Museum and laboratory cabinets are designed to protect valuable specimens and artifacts. These fully sealed cabinets expand storage capacity while guarding sensitive and fragile collections for heavy duty, industrial manufacturing and warehousing applications. Burrows offers the aisle saver HD ten £10,000 capacity heavy duty mobile storage system. It’s a mechanical assist, compact warehouse storage system to provide a cost effective and more efficient alternative to traditional pallet racking. No matter which aisle saver, system or option you select, burrows professionals are prepared to work with you to create the most efficient and cost effective storage system possible. Burrows Proprietary design software creates 3D visualization of your aisle saver installation, allowing you to see the final installation and allowing you to make precise modifications to meet your exact specifications.

Configure gives us the ability not only to do a virtual walkthrough, but to see the system before it’s even built. We can render, we can change the color of the panels, the floor, the ceiling, the walls. And so you can get a pretty good idea of exactly what your system is going to look like.

Aisle Saver also offers a wide range of color options, fixture finishes and panels to match your facility’s specific design.

We build equipment that stores everything from Martha Washington’s wedding veil to cans of ten w 30 motor oil from museum storage to artifact storage to paper files to automotive parts storage to you name it. We build products that store products that the world needs.

I also favor a space saving file and storage system designed for offices, industries, institutions, manufacturing facilities, warehouses. Anywhere, there’s a need for a more effective storage solution capable of increasing storage capacity by 50%. Save space. Make space with today’s leading modular storage solution. I’ll savor only from Burroughs.