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Mezzanine With a Slide Gate

This is a 1700 Square  Foot Mezzanine with Slide Gate

The mezzanine platform was built for a maker of vegan and organic nut butter for their almond filling and processing line.  The mezzanine was delivered and installed to their facility in Nunda, New York.

The mezzanine has a clear height of 10ft underneath and an overall deck height of 12ft.  The mezzanine has handrailing on the sides that do not butt up against an existing wall and a sliding gate for the easy loading/unloading of materials.

What warehouse applications would require a slide gate on a mezzanine?

Slide gates are commonly used in warehouse applications for a variety of purposes. These gates are designed to provide access control, safety, and other benefits to warehouses and industrial facilities. The following 1000 words will discuss the common warehouse applications for slide gates and the primary benefits they provide.

Warehouse pallet loading
Slide gates are very useful in warehouse pallet loading applications.

The slide gate allows a warehouse employee to access the pallet or other storage unit with the help of a manual lever. When the lever is lowered, the gate slides to the side, allowing access to a pallet without having to reach over other materials in the storage unit. This makes loading pallets easier and faster and reduces the risk of back strain or other injuries.

Conveyor systems
Slide gates are beneficial in conveyor systems as well.

The gate allows pallets, boxes, and other items to enter the conveyor without spilling contents onto the floor. This reduces the risk of product loss and also helps to speed up the production process. Additionally, the gate can be customized with a variety of features such as sensors and safety switches that can help to protect operators and prevent accidents.

Material handling
Slide gates can also be used for material handling purposes.

For example, the gate can be used to sort items based on size, shape, and weight. This makes the material handling process more efficient and eliminates the need for manual sorting. Additionally, the gate can be programmed with settings that allow for a gentle handling of items as they pass through. This reduces the risk of product damage.

Mezzanine safety
Slide gates are also used on mezzanines for safety purposes.

This ensures that workers and other personnel do not accidentally slip off the edge of the mezzanine. Several safety features can be incorporated into the gate, such as sensors and a wider gate opening. This helps to further prevent accidents and provides an additional layer of protection.

Environmental protection
Slide gates are also used to protect against environmental hazards.

For example, the gates can be used to keep out dust, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the warehouse. This helps to maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse and further prevent any potential damage to material or personnel.

Finally, slide gates can also be beneficial for energy-saving purposes.

The gate can be programmed with settings that reduce energy usage by only opening when necessary. This helps to reduce operational costs and results in a more efficient warehouse operation.

Slide gates are a beneficial and versatile tool for warehouse applications. They provide access control, safety, material handling, environmental protection, and energy-saving benefits. As such, they are a great choice for any warehouse that is looking to improve their operations and safety standards.