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Carton Flow Rack

The secret is a wheel-surface, shelving system that can be free-standing or incorporated into a Pallet Rack or pick module storage system. It is popular for its self-replenishment feature, as cartons advance down the pitched shelving wheel bed, delivering product to the pick face end of each shelf lane.

Carton Flow Rack

Benefits of Carton Flow Rack

Significantly improves picking rates

Excellent for both ‘full case’ and ‘broken case’ picking

Carton Flow Rack

A slight angle allows inventory to roll forward by gravity. 

Promotes “
first-in first-out” (F.I.F.O.) stock rotation, by its gravity advancing sloped shelf design and low friction, densely packed wheels.


Carton Flow Rack

Reliable rollers are a key component to run well.
Customizable storage lane widths

Optional complimentary adders include

Note: Carton Flow is also known as Case Flow, and Case Pick.

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Carton Flow Rack Brochures





12” & 16”


48”- 144” (stocking 90″ depth, which fits 96″ overall depth)


2” & 3” (stocking 3″)


35 lbs. per linear foot, up to 96″ without a middle beam support

Note: Additional Sizes and Colors Available Upon Request. Customize to Order.
Wheels are 1.75” diameter x 1” wide, spaced on 2.75” (left-to-right) centers.


Utilization of Cubic Storage Space

Speed of Access and Throughput

Stock Control Efficiency

Easy & Quick to Install

Carton Flow Rack

10 benefits/feature of carton flow rack

1. Increased Throughput: Ensures products are always at the pick face for more efficient product picking.
2. Increased Ergonomics: Allows items to be kept at a consistent height throughout the picking process for less worker strain.
3. Maximized Space: Features last-in-first-out inventory flow which utilizes space to store more products.
4. Improved Organization: Utilizes color coding and labeling to maintain product organization and accuracy.
5. Automated Fulfillment: Uses self-powered tracks to quickly move items to the pick face for faster product fulfillment.
6. Increased Safety: Includes safety featurs such as guards and brakes to minimize accidents.
7. Reduced Damage: Designed with gentle slopes and turns which minimize product damage.
8. Reduced Labor Costs: Reduces the need for manual product sorting, resulting in lower labor costs.
9. Maximum Capacity: Holds more products in its deep lanes for maximum capacity.
10. Easy Maintenance: Designed for quick and easy maintenance to ensure efficient product flow.

The main problems we solve

At Material Handling USA, we understand the challenges and frustrations of managing product inventory in a warehouse or retail store. That’s why we provide an innovative, efficient carton flow rack system to address all of your storage needs. Our products provide a wide range of advantages that help businesses stay organized, productive, and profitable.

One of the key benefits of our carton flow rack is increased throughput, as the system ensures that products are always available at the pick face for a more efficient picking process. Additionally, the rack features ergonomic design elements to minimize worker strain, resulting in increased safety and productivity. To help with organization, our racks utilize color coding and labeling to ensure accuracy, allowing workers to quickly locate and access items with ease.

Furthermore, our carton flow rack system also helps businesses save money on labor costs, as it reduces the need for manual sorting. The racks also maximize capacity, since they can hold more products in deep lanes. And the system is designed for easy maintenance to keep product flow efficient and uninterrupted.

At Material Handling USA, our carton flow rack system is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve product management. Whether you’re dealing with warehouse issues or just looking to maximize space, our system can help you stay organized, productive, and profitable.

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