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Qualities You Can Appreciate

Founded on the principles of hard work, quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service, Material Handling USA has quickly grown into the role of America’s material handling superstore!

One Stop For ALL Warehouse Furniture

I am offering custom shelving design, manufacturing, and installation throughout North America.

Our design engineers will use their expertise and experience to maximize your space and create the most efficient and price-effective storage solution for your organization or warehouse.

Everything You Need

We specialize in providing the highest quality shelving solutions for any home or business, including pallet rack, mezzanine, modular building, rivet shelving, security cages, and much more.

Employees and customers are equally valuable. One cannot exist without the other. We are building and growing a team of individuals who are the critical link between our products and our customers. We will retain the employment of those who do not require management. The elimination of management time and positions allows us to offer our customers the most competitive pricing and the highest possible compensation to our employees. We are self-motivated team players. Our objective is to treat our customers as we want to be treated when we are the customer and develop strong relationships. Without customers, there is no income, and without the best employees, there are no customers. Our focus is on our core products and looking for additional products and services that complement our current offerings and existing customer base. Employees are encouraged to add their ideas to our business plan.

Lockers for Weed Growers Locker Room