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TES 60 Series EV Charging Station

This Is A Nice Unit to Start EV Charging for 3PL Staff

This is a single “pump” unit. 

TES 70 & 70+ SERIES EV Charging Station

This unit is a double "pump" Unit

This unit can be placed between two parking spots allowing charging for two vehicles at the same time.

TES 80 & 80+ SERIES EV Charging Station

This EV Charing Station is a bit more fast charging

This unit can deliver faster charging. 

EV Charging Station For 3PL

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Leasing options

Leasing allows you to pay as you go. 

Powered Carts ROI

Government Incentives

We keep learning about new initiatives for EV Charing Stations all the time. Read more >


Storganizer For 3Pls Save Time Picking Fast Movers

To often all the fast movers are in one place or on storage equipment that does not allow the fastest or the most accuracy in picking. Storganizer is a great help, but needs to be placed in a layout that allows your staff to work freely and not all be waiting at the same unit. We can help you layout your space for maximum storage and allow for for the fastest and most accurate pick times.

Powered Carts ROI

Powered Carts Save Time Picking Fast Movers

Powered carts keep your workers on task and double their output— proven to dramatically increase productivity in businesses like yours.

Bin Shelving

3PL Bin Shelving

Discover the benefits of bin shelving for efficient storage and retrieval of auto parts. Keep your parts department organized, reduce search time, and improve productivity. Explore our range of bin shelving options to find the perfect fit for your business.

Pallet Rack For A 3PL

Take your storage capacity to new heights with our pallet racking systems. Optimize your warehouse space and store auto parts efficiently, allowing easy access and efficient inventory management. Enhance your operations with our durable and versatile pallet racking solutions.

Take charge of your 3PL picking efficiency today. Contact us and let our expert team guide you to the best picking solutions. Elevate your 3PLto new heights and witness the remarkable difference it can make. Act now and seize the opportunity to revolutionize your organization, pick speed and pick accuracy!

Total solutions to improve Picking Speed and Accuracy in a 3Pl also often include:

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Bar Code Scanners For 3PL's Save Time Picking Fast Movers

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Bar Code Scanner Storage For 3PL

Bar Code Scanner Storage For A 3PL

No more lost bar code scanners. Pick the size of opening for your bar code scanners. Your staff will check out a bar code scanner and check it back in when they are done. If it does not get checked back in you will know who had it and can make them accountable.

Mezzanine For a 3PL

Mezzanines For A 3PL's

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Security Cages With Boltless Shelving For Storage

Security Cages For 3PL's

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How EV Charging Stations Can Boost Employee Retention in a 3PL Company

In the modern business landscape, finding and retaining talented employees is crucial for the success of any organization.

This is particularly true in the logistics and transportation industry, where competition for skilled workers is fierce. One effective strategy that 3PL (third-party logistics) companies can adopt to attract and retain staff is to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. By embracing sustainability and offering EV charging infrastructure, 3PL companies can not only enhance their corporate image but also improve employee satisfaction and retention rates. This article explores the various ways EV charging stations can benefit a 3PL company’s efforts in finding and retaining top-tier talent.

Demonstrating a Commitment to Sustainability With EV Charging for 3PL Staff:

Installing EV charging stations in the workplace showcases a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. In today’s world, many job seekers prioritize working for organizations that align with their values, especially when it comes to eco-consciousness. By offering EV charging stations, 3PL companies send a clear message that they are actively embracing clean energy and reducing their carbon footprint. This commitment can attract environmentally conscious employees who are more likely to stay with a company that shares their values.

EV Charging for 3PL Staff Shows Enhanced Employee Convenience and Work-Life Balance:

For many employees, particularly those with electric vehicles, access to charging infrastructure at the workplace is a significant convenience. Commuting to work can be stressful, and employees often worry about finding a charging station or having enough battery range to get home. By providing EV charging stations, 3PL companies alleviate this concern and enable their employees to conveniently charge their vehicles during work hours. This provision not only saves employees time and effort but also enhances their work-life balance, leading to increased job satisfaction and a higher likelihood of remaining with the company long-term.

EV Charging for 3PL Staff provide Cost Savings for Employees:

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits. However, EV owners often face the challenge of locating charging stations and bearing the cost of charging their vehicles. By offering EV charging stations free of charge or at a subsidized rate, 3PL companies can significantly reduce the financial burden on their employees. This employee benefit not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to its workforce but also helps employees save money on fuel expenses. Such cost savings can contribute to overall job satisfaction and employee retention.

Employee Wellness and Productivity:

Providing EV charging stations can positively impact employee wellness, which, in turn, enhances productivity and job satisfaction. When employees have access to convenient charging infrastructure, they can arrive at work feeling relaxed and confident about their transportation needs. Reduced anxiety about EV range and charging availability allows employees to focus more on their work responsibilities, leading to improved productivity. Moreover, promoting the use of electric vehicles also aligns with employees’ health and well-being, as electric vehicles contribute to reduced air pollution and improved air quality.

Competitive Advantage in Recruitment:

In a competitive job market, offering EV charging stations gives 3PL companies a unique advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. Job seekers who are environmentally conscious and own electric vehicles will be more likely to consider companies that provide EV charging infrastructure. By highlighting this employee benefit in recruitment efforts, 3PL companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract candidates who value sustainability and long-term career opportunities.

EV charging stations can play a pivotal role in helping 3PL companies find and retain staff in an increasingly competitive labor market.

By offering charging infrastructure, 3PL companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, enhance employee convenience and work-life balance, provide cost savings, improve employee wellness and productivity, and gain a competitive edge in recruitment efforts. By investing in EV charging stations, 3PL companies can position themselves as employers of choice, attracting and retaining the skilled workforce necessary to thrive