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Lab For A University

Marian University is distinguished in its ability to prepare transformative leaders for service to the world. To maintain this reputation it was time to update their nursing sciences curriculum and micro lab. The reason is to motivate and enable their students and professors to excel. This action allows them to pursue their bold aspirations.

Lab Design For A University

The University called on our business Partner Modular Millwork to create a learning interior which accommodated the maximum headcount in the limited space, but more importantly… provided a professional, stimulating environment to foster creativity, collaboration and hands-on learning.

The University required the lab to emulate today’s interactive and innovative real-world of modern medical science and research. The result lets professors and students enjoy spontaneous instructional effectiveness inside the curated learning lab.

New Lab For A University

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Medical Science Lab

Research Lab Design

Things a lab for a university should consider

A university laboratory requires a number of considerations to ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency. Some of these considerations include the following:

1. Cost:

When setting up a university laboratory, the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment and supplies is critical. It is important to research the various options to ensure the most cost-effective solution for the particular needs of the laboratory.

2. Space:

A well-designed university laboratory will consider the size of the laboratory and its space requirements. This includes planning for adequate workspace, electrical outlets, and considering the size of the equipment and supplies needed.

3. Safety:

Safety is critical in any university laboratory. This includes outfitting the laboratory in accordance with applicable safety regulations, providing the appropriate safety equipment, and ensuring there are proper processes in place to protect students and employees.

4. Lighting:

A well-thought-out lighting system is essential in providing proper visibility and reducing fatigue. This includes providing sufficient lighting, both natural and artificial, to give everyone in the laboratory the best possible environment in which to work.

5. Ventilation:

Proper air circulation is paramount in a university laboratory. A proper ventilation system keeps the air fresh and maintains the temperature at a comfortable level. It also reduces dust and other airborne particles that can damage the equipment and distort results of experiments.

6. Technology:

Technology should be implemented for better accuracy in data collection and analysis. This includes having computers with the proper software, 3D printing technology, and any available tools or lab settings that will make data collection, analysis, and dissemination easier.

7. Organization:

Laboratories need to be organized to reduce confusion and clutter. This includes having the appropriate shelving, desk space, and other organizational tools that keep the lab neat and orderly. Taking the time to plan an effective organizational system can maximize productivity and accuracy.

These are just some of the things a university laboratory should consider when establishing their laboratory

Taking the time to properly plan and set up the laboratory will ensure a more productive, safe, and accurate laboratory environment. We can help you plan. 800-326-4403