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Guard Shack Mounted on Trailer

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We design the size of the Guard Shack mounted on a Trailor and the size of the trailer with you so it just what you need. 

It can be nice to have one Guard Shack that be relocated to fit many purposes. These days you never really know where you might suddenly need perimeter security and it could be nice to have some mobile Guard Shack Units so you can respond as needed.

Guard Shack Mounted on Trailer Law Enforcement

“Quick Ship” Guard Shacks Mounted on a Trailor in these sizes:

4′ x 4′
4′ x 6′
6′ x 6′
6′ x 8′
8′ x 8′

We also have “Stock Guard Shacks” that are pre-built and stored in our facility that we can ship out within the week for a guard shack mounted on a trailer. These will run you around 7-8k, not including the freight or trailer. 

Who would use a guard shack on a Trailor?

A guard shack is a small structure typically used for security purposes, providing shelter and surveillance for personnel responsible for monitoring and controlling access to a specific area. While guard shacks are commonly associated with industrial complexes, construction sites, and gated communities, they can also serve a vital function when deployed in conjunction with trailers. In this article, we will explore the various scenarios and individuals who would utilize a guard shack on a trailer.

Construction Sites use a guard shack on a trailor:

Construction sites often involve valuable equipment, tools, and materials that need to be protected from theft and unauthorized access. A guard shack installed on a trailer can be positioned at the entrance or within the site, serving as a control point where security personnel can monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles, verify credentials, and maintain a log of personnel on-site. It ensures that only authorized individuals gain access, minimizing the risk of theft, vandalism, and accidents.

Event Management uses a guard shack on a Trailor:

Guard shacks on trailers find utility in managing large events such as concerts, festivals, and sports gatherings. By strategically placing guard shacks throughout the event grounds, organizers can effectively monitor entrances, ticket sales, crowd control, and emergency response coordination. Security personnel stationed in these guard shacks can swiftly address any issues that may arise, ensuring the safety and well-being of attendees.

Storage Facilities:

Storage facilities often house valuable belongings such as furniture, electronics, and personal possessions. Placing a guard shack on a trailer at the entrance of the facility helps establish a controlled access point. Authorized personnel stationed in the guard shack can verify visitors, monitor surveillance cameras, and regulate the flow of individuals entering and exiting the premises. This not only deters theft and vandalism but also provides customers with peace of mind knowing their belongings are being protected.

Temporary Work Sites:

In situations where work is conducted in remote or temporary locations, such as road construction, drilling operations, or maintenance projects, a guard shack on a trailer can be an invaluable asset. These mobile guard shacks can be easily transported to different sites, providing security personnel with a centralized location to oversee operations, manage equipment, and control access to the work area. It ensures the safety of workers, prevents unauthorized entry, and promotes efficient workflow.

Film and Television Productions use a guard shack on a Trailor:

The entertainment industry often requires controlled access to filming locations. Guard shacks on trailers can be utilized to manage the entry and exit of crew members, actors, and vehicles. By setting up guard shacks at various points around the filming site, security personnel can ensure only authorized personnel gain entry, protecting the set from trespassers and maintaining confidentiality of the production.

Military Installations use a guard shack on a Trailor:

Guard shacks on trailers play a crucial role in military installations, providing a secure checkpoint for controlling access to sensitive areas. These mobile structures can be relocated as per operational requirements, helping to manage the flow of personnel, verify identification, and protect military assets. The guard shacks facilitate perimeter security, allowing military personnel to maintain a constant vigilance over their surroundings.

In conclusion, guard shacks on trailers serve a variety of industries and purposes.

Whether it’s construction sites, event management, storage facilities, temporary work sites, film and television productions, or military installations, these structures provide a secure and controlled environment for monitoring access, protecting valuable assets, and ensuring the safety of individuals within a given area. Their mobility and versatility make them an effective solution for enhancing security in diverse settings.